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Just bought a mega drive!


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I find that in recent years I've completely overplayed the 'classics' that appear in all the compilation sets over the years...you know, your Sonics, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Ecco (FUCK THAT DOLPHIN), and so on. So what I really miss are the more obscure pieces of my former collection.

e.g. #1 Marko's Magic Football

The plot is amazing. "If the Colonel could spread enough slime around town, NORTH STERLINGTON WOULD BE HIS!!" North Sterlington is a shit hole, of course.

e.g. #2 Bubsy the Bobcat: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind


This is an awful video, because the player isn't getting himself killed enough. As the weakest character ever known in the history of video gaming (but with nine lives), it you don't kill Bubsy at least a handful of times then you're not doing it right.

It has another amazing plot too. Aliens! From outer space! Here to steal ALL YOUR BALLS OF WOOL! Go stop them, smart-alec t-shirt wearing cat!

(More in next post due to goddamn media link limits)

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e.g. #3 Rocket Knight Adventures

Okay, this one isn't really so obscure to me, because it's seriously my favourite game that doesn't have Sonic the Hedgehog in it and I play it all the frikkin' time.

But yeah. The plot is Star Wars (they're not even particularly shy about this) where the Evil Empire is a bunch of Pigs and you're the last of a fabled set of knights...who are possums. And, rather than have Jedi powers, have ROCKET PACKS. Did you ever see Kenobi bust out a rocket pack? In any case, there's an evil Vader Rocket Knight, a Princess who gets kidnapped, a Pig Star space station, an Evil Pig Emperor who turns out to have a thousand robot doubles... Et cetera. Et cetera.

e.g. #4 ToeJam and Earl: Panic on Funkotron


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e.g. #5 Cool Spot

Most shameless marketing ever: you play as the red spot from the 7UP logo. He has shades and shit, so is cool. He is a Cool Spot.

He shoots fizz bubbles, collects little red spots and saves other Cool Spots. None of this is really explained.

Oh yeah, and 1-UPs are of course portrayed as the 7UP logo but with a 1 instead of a 7. LOL.

EDIT: Oh, something else I just remembered too. The Bonus Stages took place inside a 7UP bottle, and in these you collected continues represented by giant letters. If you managed to get all the continues you could, these letters spelled out...UNCOLA. :lol:

There are no doubt more...

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Oh wow Bubsy. I also remember Cool Spot, and having no idea it was supposed to be advertising 7-Up. Also, this!

I used to have this on Master System! Loved it.

I'm gonna start looking for some of these on ebay, I've played Tojam and Earl before but not sure if it was that one you posted Stoke.

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I had James Pond 2 as well and never especially liked it. And I tried...lord knows I tried.

e.g. #6 Zool

Most skittish fucker to control ever. If it's easy to die as Bubsy, Zool is almost as easy just because you will spend every other minute sliding accidentally into enemies.

He's an alien...ninja...ant...thing. He crashes his ship. "THIS MUST BE THE WORK OF KROOL!" Only if Krool taught you how to fly, jackass. The sweet-themed world is subsequently replaced by a music instrument-themed world and so on. You know, one of those planets.

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e.g. #7 Quackshot!


So there are plenty of excellent Disney games on the Mega Drive. Hell, you can almost any of them and guarantee it'll be amazing. As well as the film-orientated ones like Aladdin or Lion King, or the multitude of more widely-known Mickey Mouse ones (Castle of Illusion, Mickey Mania, etc.), I must make special mention for Quackshot. It's Donald Duck, traveling the world, looking for treasure, shooting plungers at things. Why plungers? FOR SOME REASON, that's why.

Special mention also has to go to e.g. #8 World of Illusion, starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, just for being another somewhat obscure one with great gameplay.


I'll stop with the Disney now, or I'll be here all night. :shifty:

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I haven't mentioned Comix Zone because it's in half the compilations these days (for whatever reason) and therefore bores me. :shifty:

Pit Figther was a good game for the mega drive. What game does it have built in with it? Alex Kidd?

I still have mine in the games corner along with about ten others consoles.

The Mega Drive didn't have a built-in game...you're thinking of the Master System.

(Although I think that later versions of the Mega Drive might have had some games built in...not sure.)

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