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EWBA: NBA 2K12 Online Association (360)


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League Name: EWBA

Password: ewb1212

Maxx: Timberwolves

SDR: Blazers

Ruki: Jazz

DYSI: Nets

larziej: Kings

Rocksta: Warriors

So, we need to figure out a fair way to handle free agent signings.

Other than that, use the tread for complaining and trash talking.

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Free Agency signings during the season. Let's try and keep it realistic guys. Of course, something like a major injury will prompt a FA signing, but, don't sign Gilbert Arenas the first day of the season just because. Only saying this because he's the highest free agent in the game right now. I honestly don't have a problem with how many guys you sign during the season, as long as it's warranted and is a realistic signing.

Also with trades, when a trade is made, I believe we all have the power to veto the trade if we deem it unfair. But, if you're going to do that, come into the thread and say you vetoed it and why. Iv'e seen it get out of hand where guys just veto trades because they're spiteful theirs didn't go through.

Also, Kemba Walker will win rookie of the year! pervert.gif

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It sort of has to be first come, first serve due to the nature of how the association is set up. Obviously we have to wait until everyone is in the league, which won't be until Friday for Meacon.

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We could limit how many free agents you can sign.

Also, I can say with a lot of confidence, that the scenario you stated won't happen with the people we have.

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