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EWB WWE12 King Of The Ring [PS3]


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So I want to run a little tournament between members on WWE 12. I figure this way we might be able to enjoy some fun online play without worrying about cheaters and dickheads. This will be an 8 person tournament(7 open spots since I want in). If we get more than that wanting in we'll just do qualifying matches. If you want in all you have to do is post your PSN in here. As far as rules go there are only two.

1.Stick with the same character during the tournament

2.Don't be cheap.(If your opponent is cheap and trys to cheat just PM me about it and tell what they did. I'll get their side and think about what to do from there)

I would prefer everyone use an original CAW but that won't be mandatory

Edit:Since I do want in I'll post my PSN even though I'll be putting together the brackets. Dravenbk

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Well Eddie, by the looks of things you have time to get that sorted.

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If we restrict to CAWS that would be originals. I would be absolutely fine with CAWS of real guys if we restrict to superstars. Best way to think of it is real wrestlers and originals shouldn't be fighting each other.

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I'd love to be in but my internet router's being a shit and keeps cutting out.

Well its up to you,Eddie. If you're in then we have enough, if you're not then there is an open space.

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