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Double Fine Adventure


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Tim Schafer and Double Fine are making a point and click adventure game in the mold of Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango, currently titled 'Double Fine Adventure'. They're funding it through Kickstarter and giving backers various perks including the chance to play the beta on Steam, a video series documenting the making of the game and access to a private discussion forum where you'll be able to influence the creative process.

Link to the Kickstarter page, where you can donate and also with a video explaining the whole idea. They made their target within a day so now all the extra money is going into making the game better. I'm already a backer, it sounds like a really cool idea. What does everyone think?

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Yeah, this is pretty awesome. Wasn't the goal to get 400,000 within three weeks and he got like over a million in like a few days? I guess that is what happens when you're the guy behind Psychonauts.

They reached their goal in 8 houres and had over one million within 24 houres. The planned timespan was 31 days i belive. It´s the biggest projekt on kickstarter ever, they just had their first "one million" projekt a cupple of houres earlier, now this one should hit two million very soon.

Tim posted a video update last night. DRM Free, oice acting, mac, win, linux, ios android. :wub:

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