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Mojam has started!


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The guys over at Mojang have the weekend to design, test and release a game and for your donations - you can have it!

It started not too long ago and they're planning right now. They have decided to take votes on genre and theme, and then they take the highest and lowest from each tier, making this game...

An RTS shoot 'em up in Steampunk Ancient Egypt.

As of now they have no idea that an RTS shoot 'em up would basically be a tower defense game with user control.

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Yeah, "beat 'em up" gets the "'em up" suffix. A lot of UK games magazines used to add "'em up" to random genre descriptions back in the day - I still do it sometimes myself.

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I don´t fully get it, you have to build a railroad in a pyramid. I don´t know how to buy stuff at my camp and the amount of monsters seems a bit overwelming. But all in all it´s a very nice looking game for a weekends worth of work.

Is this already the finale build? Uncompiled, only as a jar?

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