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Srar watches The Wire!

Your Mom

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Snot is dead! And with that begins episode 1 of what should be a little bit of fun. Srar is watching The Wire!

I must be honest I know very little about this show outside of "Oh man it's good! So good! You'll love it."

So lets see if I'll love it. You can play along if you like. I noticed a lot of people when we were voting for best show

said they never saw it. Heres your chance! Only rule is if you get ahead of me post it in tags. I'll not have the show

spoiled for me in my own thread. Anyway it's time for a trial so here we go!

Episode 1 "The Target"

Anyway like I said Snot is dead and I'm honestly not sure if that had anything to do with this trial, but oh damn witness is taking

back her testimony. Shit is going down! This black fellow with the glasses looks ominous.

I like this woman detective who just helped on the drug bust but I couldnt understand her name.

Oh shit son! Barksdale is innocent of all charges! Detective main character doesn't seem happy about this. (sorry I'll learn names later)

Ominous black fellow is Stringer Bell. Look at me I am learning! Wow they are using typewriters in Narcotics. I'm not sure if this show is really dated or they are trying to make a point.

OH MY GOD! IS THAT BROYLES FROM FRINGE?!?!? Awesome! These detectives curse too much. I'm not like sensitive to cursing but this is ridiculous.

Fuck fuck fucking fuckity fuck! Seriously is it like this the whole series? Do cops really talk like this? These middle fingers

are for you McNulty! Oh his name is McNulty and he is getting fingers in his ass and eye apparently.

I hate to say it but this is kind of boring so far. This Barksdale guy seems like a loser. He will probably die before season's end.

Fuck you and your dots! :lol:

Yeah...so some guys bought drugs with fake money and we were introduced to Agent Fitzy brutha! Oh no dont run the scam strung out white guy! You will be caught! Barksdale may have learned a lesson. Dumb white guy lives!

2 McNulty and friend drinking scenes in like less than 10 minutes. Man this is not so good.

And we end the show with the last Barksdale witness dead and Barky looking kind of freaked out.

Man I dont know you guys. That wasnt very good. This thread might be pretty short. This probably wasnt very entertaining or anything but I think it kind of reflected my entertainment level with this episode. Anyway I have the first disc so I guarantee this goes at least 3 shows :)

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The Wire is a real slow burn.

Such a slow burn, that I ended up stopping mid Season 2. Just wasn't as enthused about carrying on.

Have it once again, and will be trying to watch through it from start to finish, but I'll see.

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Season 1 definitely takes a few episodes to really get invested in. The first couple episodes are really spent introducing the character, because there are so many of them. If you stick through the about Episode 5, it pays off. Trust me. The whole "this is it" after Episode 1 is not uncommon.

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Thread reminds me that I still haven't watched any of The Wire. I've seen two other David Simon projects - The Corner and Treme - and I adore both of those, so I've been assured that I'd probably like The Wire. I think this thread may wind up being the kick in the pants that gets me watching.

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Man I dont know you guys. That wasnt very good. This thread might be pretty short. This probably wasnt very entertaining or anything but I think it kind of reflected my entertainment level with this episode. Anyway I have the first disc so I guarantee this goes at least 3 shows :)

Srar! Keep going with it! I think we share somewhat similar tastes in TV shows and video games and the like, and I did not enjoy the first episode of The Wire at all. In fact, I wanted to give up on it all together. Then I watched the second episode and enjoyed it a lot more. By the third I was hooked. I am just about to watch the last episode of the first season.

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Basically, The Wire has two real hurdles for viewers to get over; the first episode of season one and the first episode or two of season two. If you can get past those you're usually hooked.

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Here we go again! I have a bit of free time so lets jump right in to episode 2!

Episode 2 "The Detail"

McNulty and friend start the show by going over whether or not Barky and his friends had anything to do with the witness

being killed. Friend doesn't seem to think so. We shall see!

This theme song is pretty catchy. Not sure it fits the atmosphere of the show so far though. Maybe I'm wrong.

The cop team has a new office and calling it a shit hole would be generous. They take every opportunity to curse it up.

I'm not sure I get why everyone hates McNulty. He seems to have pointed out an interesting case. Wow they are really desperate

for people. Some idiot just shot the wall.

:lol: Barky and friends had an interesting debate on if the guy who created McNuggets is getting paid for it. Good stuff.

Is her name Kima? She is pretty cool though. Her two bumbling friends are useless though. They are spying on the bad guys with

a sadly obselte camera. Uh oh it's McNulty and friend! And after a somewhat lengthy and useless conversation Barky is

again arrested while Bell and a bunch of others watch on.

Broyles from Fringe who is named Cedric I guess has been going around begging for good cops all episode. He finally got a good one!

Barks may have some depth after all. He felt really sad about that guy getting killed and actually started writing a letter

of apology until generic white lawyer came to bail him out.

:lol:!! They are trying to have an office meeting and construction guys are yelling back and forth.

The dumb ass detective crew is stirring up some shit. Oh shit! They punched a guy eating potato chips. Dont eye fuck these cops!

Dont you eye fuck them! OMG! IT'S RAINING TVS! And bottles! And gun shots! :o

McNulty's apartment is just awful. Phone with a cord! Get the newspaper! :lol: So very dated. Oh my god those 3 detectives from

last night got fucked up! Their car is burnt to a crisp! Potato chip kid is in the hospital and going to sue. Damn these guys suck.

Cedric thinks so too. He is all over their asses.

Damn McNulty stop going to see this judge. He is always getting you in trouble man. And now drunken McNulty tries to stop a car jacking

and falls on his ass which he finds hilarious. These are seriously the worst cops ever.

:o Potato chip kid is blind in one eye! I think that lawsuit just got a little worse.

Ok that episode was a little better. A lot of the characters aren't exactly likeable though. I'll try episode 3 either late tonight or tomorrow.

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I may join you in this. I've got season one recorded, and season two recording. I watched the first two episodes once and liked it, but had a shit load to watch at the time, so it fell by the wayside.

Where were you when we had the Great British watching of The Wire when it was on BBC2 the other year?!

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Ok I am up before everyone else so lets try and get this in while I have time.

Episode 3 "The Buys"

Show starts with Barky trying to teach his young crew to show a little respect for the customers. They think it's dumb.

Barky has some good ideas. No violence. No Five-0 coming down. Uh oh! Red hat on Barky!

I dont think I mentioned this before but this informant walks around pretending to sell hats. He puts a red hat on you if

you are a major player so the cops know who take a picture of. Anyway they already know Barky but snap a few photos anyway

and heres the catchy theme tune! Way down in the hole...Way down!! Oh sorry :P

Big meeting with all the police leader guys talking about the Potato chip kid and other such dumb ass maneuvers. Cedric tries

to get slick and use this to get rid of the idiot he didn't like anyway and...it works! Way to go Cedric!

Uh oh Cedric is getting held back. The big chiefs say help the idiot out with this and get a lot more resources. Cedric looks

hesitant but takes the deal.

Back in the investigation office McNulty tries to get the two lazy old guys to do some work and find a photo of the important

Barksdale. Barky's uncle I think? McNulty uses some reverse pychology action and the old guys are off on a fantabulous adventure!

Now Barky is trying to teach the young kids Chess. Naw yo we playin checkers! Barky finds this hilarious and gets to work

on the teaching. Oh I see Chess is a metaphor for the whole drug operation. Way to go The Wire. Good for you.

Even the team's wires suck. They need some FBI shit! They need Computers too. This is just sad.

The old guys got the picture! Way to go Team Old! Ok I spoke too soon. McNulty rightly points out this is a middle aged

White guy. You blew it Team Old :(

Avon Barksdale boxed before! This might be a lead on a picture!

Fitzy brutha! is going to help them out with some good wires and such. He is so nice.

McNulty says all non lesbian police women suck. Or something of the sort. I guess they are bonding. Hell I don't know whats going on.

Barky is up in the strip club seeing Bell. They have a conversation on the merits of good or bad heroin. Bell gave Barky some whore

money I guess and he uses it on the whore from the first episode. He is telling her things he probably shouldn't. Maybe she will end

up informing? All I know is I wouldnt be giving up secrets to get with her.

Bingo! They got a picture of Avon Barksdale! Detective Cidna shows off his Heroin junkie outfit and bubs or whatever his name

is gives some critiques.

They do a little survielence and find out nothing special. They are smart down there!

Apparently Cedric says the order from up top is to raid the place tomorrow. McNulty says that is fucked up! And leaves. He goes

somewhere else and is asking how to clone a beeper. Thats a thing? I don't even understand whats going on here. Oh apparently

this is the lady he cheated on his wife with. She is pissed she doesn't get good dates. This looks oh wait they're fucking nevermind.

Poor McNulty. Gives the woman what appeared to be a great orgasm and she still called him an asshole.

Oh damn! Stash house is getting robbed. Shotgun shot to the knee! This shit just got real people! Oh no idiot thief used the other guy's

name. Omar I think? I thought he was going to kill them all. Instead they speed off.

Ha! I just realized whats going to happen. They are going to raid the place and find nothing. Bad break cops! McNulty is not going

and Cedric is pissed! McNulty wont go and is being a real asshole about it. I take back what I said earlier. He totally

could have called in sick. Oh great detective bald white dumb ass is back!

Barky is getting talked down to and it was someone named Omar who robbed them and before this can go any further Police show up! You're going to look dumb guys :( Oh well at least you get to club the shit out of the uppity one that punched one of you. Thats something...I guess.

Oh look McNulty is getting drunk again and it's Fitzy brutha! he screws up the cool drive up thing. He says the guy running

McNulty's case is dirty though so he saved some face there anyway. And the episode ends with more McNulty Mcdrinking.

That was a pretty good episode. Story is moving forward. I'll send this DVD back to Netflix and with it being the Holiday weekend

probably get the next one Tuesday or Wednesday.

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I'm rewatching The Wire and I just finished episode three and I have to say as much as I loved my first go at the series (it was immediately my favorite series ever) now that I know how things go I'm catching so much more then I did the first time through. Such an excellent show.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok it's been a while but there has been a lot to do and little time for watching stuff like this. Anyway the transition from

Netflix to HBOGo begins here. Here we go with Episode 4!

Episode 4 "Old Cases"

We get another glimpse at how inept the good guys are as they struggle for the first few minutes to get a desk through a doorway.

Communication issues will kill these guys.

YA GOTTA KEEP THA DEVIL WAY DOWN IN DA HOLE. Way down in da hole. Way down in da hole. Way down in da hole. WAAAAAAAAAY!

McNulty and cool lady partner are trying to find an informant and some guy named Marvin might just be their man. Meanwhile

two old detective guys are looking to fuck over the system and retire. Uh oh looks like they pressed Marvin too hard. He isnt

playing ball.

We head off to the kid's jail and the old lolz I'm really the janitor trick works! Wow these cops are pathetic. Speaking of

the two idiot tough guy detectives got their own plan again. They are going down to strong arm the kid that punched the old

guy into retirement to talk. Too bad for them he was the one who pulled the fake janitor trick.

Whats a one legged pig town whore on check day? A scene just happened and honestly I have no idea what it was about. Different people named D and which one might be Barky or something maybe. Sorry. I couldnt follow it.

Omar consoles his boyfriend I guess? I dont know it seemed more than friendly. Anyway they plan to lay low for a while. Good

thing since there is now a bounty on Omar and friends. Word on the street is Omar is a "faggot". This causes his bounty to

double I guess.

Mcnulty and Bubbles :lol: go to watch little McNulty play a Soccer game and of course it turns into an arguement with his

ex. Hey little McNulty scored a goal!

Barky totally killed lots of people! Honest! He is a bad ass! Really you guys. For serious! Barky is also very stupid because

he is confessing some murder type things to little punks who are likely to get turned later.

The idiot detectives finally made it where they were meaning to go. No one was home but Grandma and she was actually pretty

nice about it and talked with the white idiot.

Two dudes sit in an office while one of them talks about jerking off his 4 and a half inch penis to some totally sweet nipples

until McNulty popped into his head and he went totally limp. I am not following this show anymore.

Must have gotten some product placement from Verizon. I am seeing their stuff all over and I think one of the detectives even

mentioned calling Verizon.

Ha! Payoff from earlier in the episode. The old guy told his friend to retire too by throwing himself down the stairs. He tried

it but chickened out at the last minute.

Wow in noticing the Verizon stuff I totally missed that they figured out Barky's pager number so they can clone it now.

McNulty and friend are going over the old crime scene and all they can seem to say is different variants on fuck. :o!!

It's the murder Barky described earlier in the episode! They got your ass now Barky!

McNulty has made a new friend in Lester. He is good police! He gives McNulty some good advice about how to be a rebel because Lester was the original rebel apparently.

DrunkNulty visits Kiva next to thank her for her help today too and then it's Lesbian sexy time to end the episode.

All in all not a bad episode. Things moved forward but I just wasn't that into it. I think thats says more about me today than the

quality of the episode though.

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