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The Mathematical Adventure Time Thread


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So, I just finished watching season four of Adventure Time last night, and I feel like this show needs more love than just an avatar. Watching "I Remember You" made me tear up, and "The Lich" had me confused and intruiged... spoilers ahoy...

I Remember You

I'd heard that Marceline and The Ice King knew each other before the present day, but seeing him as Simon, looking after little Marcy was so sweet. I love how The Ice King is somehow a villain, and yet at the same time I still really just want him to be happy. He's basically the perfect opposite to an anti-hero, but anti-villain sounds weird. Not to mention that Marcy is my favourite character, so the entire thing just made me feel all warm and fuzzy and yet shedding a tear.

The Lich


:( So intruiged to see where they go, and I loved that seeing Finn with his bionic arm was foreshadowed in an earlier episode when he was trying to take down The Farm.

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I Remember You:

This is what sold me on Adventure Time as anything more than a bit of silly fun. I already loved the show, but this cemented it for me. I knew nothing of the Ice King's backstory so, to me, this was probably even more tragic than if I knew how he had become the Ice King in the first place - because, for me, it wasn't just the tragedy of Marceline and Simon's broken friendship, but the revelation of just how tragic a character the Ice King is as a whole. Not knowing the backstory, the lyrics like "it wasn't me, it was the crown" and "this magic keeps me alive, but it's making me crazy" just hit me hard, it was fantastic.

Even just the line "...before the war" really got me, because it suddenly made me think about what this show is. It seems daft to look so deeply into it, but not being aware of the subtext that Adventure Time is taking place post-nuclear war, that was just such a great moment, and made me look into a lot more of the show's canon history.

Even Ice King's "room of memories" was amazing - from the photo of Earth with a chunk taken out of it, to the fact that his diary was still "wet with tears", suggesting that he goes through this whole process fairly often and just doesn't remember it.

I love it. It actually made me cry, which is insane for a cartoon like Adventure Time. When I'm DJing an event that's not particularly genre-specific, I've been known to play the demo version of "I Remember You" early in the night.

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I bought a disc (fiona and cake?) at walmart for my son but have never really gotten into this show. After this thread I might have to start watching it.

Is it on Netflix?

Yeah, but only the first one or two seasons. Season one is the "worst," but it's still good.

I fucking love "I Remember You." It's not the first (and hopefully not the last) Adventure Time episode to make me cry, but its the one that I keep finding myself going back to when I need something sad.

Skummy, did you ever see the Christmas episode from (I think) season two? That's where they first delved into the Ice King's backstory, as far as I can remember.

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Season 2 has commentary on all the episodes. They did it in Pendleton Ward's bedroom and no one seemed to remember that this was commentary for a children's show, so every episode has about 2 to 3 instances of Pen cutting the audio commentary and just playing some ukulele riffs.

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Last night we watched pretty much every episode that Lemongrab is in I've become obsessed with him in the last couple of days.

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I saw Simon and Marcy the other night.

I hadn't seen the episode before, but Hobina had, and I caught something she didn't - that there was bubblegum all over the place. Which I'm sure everyone else spotted but it only hit me right at the end of the episode. Also it was incredibly sweet and funny and sad. So much of those things.

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