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The Great Pokémon Challenge (Playthrough Game!)


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Hello there! So, I figured we haven't done a big EWB playthrough recently, so I thought I'd set one up for Pokémon and have a ruleset for it to boot. Because nothing is more fun than constricting your ability to play the game! ( <_<)

In this playthrough, I'm challenging you all to do the Mono-Type challenge. This limits you to only using a Pokemon with one specific typing - though dual-type Pokemon are allowed and probably encouraged. You can catch a Pokemon that later evolves in to another typing (so, as an example, Piplup could be used for a Steel type challenge).

If your starter does not evolve in to the type you're playing with, then you can use that (and only that) until you reach an area with a Pokemon of that type (or to be of that type), at which point you must catch that Pokemon and release the starter. You can also use legendaries of that type.

The twist for this playthrough is that I will randomly assign you the type for your challenge. Just tell me which game you're going to play it with in the thread, then I'll select one using a random number generator and tell you where you can first catch a Pokemon of that type. Remember to keep us all updated with your progress too. Ultimately, I'd like to see if we could have our own set of gym leaders, considering that's sort of where this challenge idea comes from.

Personally, I'm going to play through Blue. I was randomly assigned the Psychic type (jackpot!), which means I have to catch an Abra. So I get to play through the entire first Gym and Mt. Moon with my starter!

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Chikorita, Bellsprout, Hoppip, Paras, Oddish, and Sunkern will have to be my team...! I don't get any other grass types until way too late in the game. Oh boy...

Well, at least there's no Fire-type Gym Leader in Johto... and by the time you hit Kanto, you might be able to have gotten something capable of surviving a few hits from Blaine. I mean, you'll have to survive Falkner and Bugsy first, but they're probably nothing that a bit of grinding won't be able to breeze through.

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Well, at least normal allots me Snorlax and possibly Chansey, provided I can find/catch it in the Safari Zone. I also won't have to bother with stones for Eevee.

So yeah, I'm thinking by the time I'm ready to challenge the Elite Four I'll have:






Then maybe Ditto, Eevee, Taurous, or whatever the fuck else I come across for the last spot.

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