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Great British Bake Off


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Man with Beard might have saved himself.

I'm not sure about Young Ed Byrne. He wasn't the worst in the worst two challenges and he's had compliments for his flavours. That is usually enough to get someone through this early on.

Enwezor could be in trouble though.

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Mary's look of absolute disgust whenever "non-made fondant" was mentioned made me think he was going. Plus they made me laugh.

I want Jordan out ASAP, he's the kind of stereotypical IT guy that annoys me by just being himself. I like Martha, although not in any other way than her baking because I don't want to be arrested. I also like Kate because she looks like the older version of someone I know.

Nancy and Richard look really strong, Luis and Martha are probably just behind.

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Why are you starting new threads? Can't you just talk about this in the General Television Thread? [/maxx]

Bake Off transcends television.

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