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What Final Fantasy game to buy?

Guest MuRd0K

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Guest MuRd0K

So... I decided to buy a Final Fantasy videogame, since I enjoyed FFVIII quite a lot, and everybody else seems to be so high on FF.

What Final Fantasy game for PS/PS2 do you recommend?

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if ya wanna get older FF games you can get Final Fantasy Anthology which is FF V whch was never released in the US and FF VI, Final Fantasy Chronicles which is FF IV along with Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy origins which has Final Fantasy I and II<which also was never relased in the US>

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Guest bruins72

Is X the one that you need the online adapter for? Or is that one not even out yet? I can't remember the last FF game I played. I just remember it had that stupid water polo game in it.

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FF7's the best for storyline, characters and music, FF9 for completism and gameplay, FFX for graphics but not much else. FFA and FF6 for SNES-based greatness.

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You can find it EXTREMELY cheap if you know where to go.

I bought a PS2 game (can't remember what) and i got VII for free.

Given, it was used and only marked for like $3 anyways, but still, free is free.

And I may very well be the only person who's played FF VII and not finished it.

I intend to someday...just not today.

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What do people find so fucking great about VII?

I'll admit, its a good game, but its waaaaaaay too fucking easy, and the storyline isn't that great.

I think a lot of people just get off on the 'OMG AERIS DIES~!111!111!!!1111' thing...

I dunno, I found VII at least harder that VIII...and storylines I don't focus that much on, more on the gameplay, sidequests etc.

Oh yeah, the best FF. Nowadays I prefer 9 over 7, I just fancy it more. 7 is an awesome game too though, so it would be best for you to buy both. <_<

6 & 10 I haven't played...I'm gonna though! Anytime now... :(

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