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VR Presents: The Best Damn Diary Split


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Vince McMahon laid on his back, a small whisper of a word escaping his lips. He looked peaceful, his arms laid across his chest, but the rapid movement behind his closed eye lids conveyed another message. Deep inside his mind Vince stood in the center of his own ring, dressed in his customary suit, and looking as dapper as ever. Alongside him two younger versions of himself stood, similarly dressed. The arena was cold and dark aside from the light that hung above the ring, illuminating only it and them. Vince went to speak and found his voice caught in his own throat. He looked at the other two, a small look of concern overcoming him as he attempted to talk and could not, and saw the same thing on them.

Then the voice began to speak, not from around them but from within. All three Vince McMahons heard the scratchy sound within their own heads. A tiny voice, almost frail sounding but full of power nonetheless, spoke to them.

"Mabel become King Of The Ring in 1995. Shawn Michaels is injured and forced to retire from active competition in 1998. Stone Cold Steve Austin walks out of the company in 2002, effectively ending one of the most successful careers in wrestling with a whimper. Diesel has a year long WWF World Title Reign in 1994 and 1995, costing the company millions of dollars and almost crippling it. Owen Hart's Black Hart gimmick is crushed in 1998, sending him into a downward spiral in the World Wrsetling Federation that will culminate in his death when he redons the Blue Blazer costume and gimmick 17 months later. In 2002 the WWF will be split in two with the advent of the roster split, alienating fans and causing the already declining ratings to sink to new lows as those who have loved wrestling for years walk away. In 1995 Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, and Scott Hall gain so much power over you Vince McMahon that they will effectively run the company into the ground before they all leave you high and dry over the next few years. In 1998 Mick Foley will take falls from the top of a steel cage that will cause him to retire years before he ever should have, becoming yet one more Main Event Draw to leave a company that will lose them all in the years to come. In 2002 Hunter Hearst Helmsley will return from an injury, full of power and his own desire to be bigger than he ever deserved to be, with the resulting action killing many promising careers and plummeting ratings ever lower."

Vince looked at the faces of those next to him, his other selves, and saw the panic spread. These were facts, points of his own past he wished he could have changed, but for them some, if not all, were from a future yet to come. A future where the once mighty empire known as The World Wrestling Federation would hit all time lows and recieve negative exposure from all sides.

As if reading his own thoughts, the voice replied.

"A future that does not have to come. It all comes crashing down, it all comes to an end, and in the near future the empire is no more. Three years, three important times, three chances to rectify the mistakes of the past, present, and future. It can be averted. You have a chance now to do so, all of you. One of you must, for the absolute worst is yet to come. You can beat the government, you can beat your coporate adversaries, and you can beat the naysayers within your own company, but you can not beat me..."

The air crackled, steam rose from nothingness, and the form appeared before them.

"...I am The Angel Of Death, and I am coming for you. You have been warned. Do not fail me."

The three forms of Vince stared in shocked horror at what they saw before them. The figure of the creature, hideous to behold, and the future he showed them, boiling out of his own flesh. A dark future where it all ends. Then .....

In 1995 Vince McMahon awoke on the plane, a piercing scream erupting from his mouth...

In 1998 Vince McMahon jumped up from the bed he shared with his latest female companion, a piercing scream erupting from his mouth...

In 2002 Vince McMahon rolled out of his own bed, smacking his head on the floor as a piercing scream erupted from his mouth.

They all had the same thought.

"If it's true...dear god do I cause that?"

It had to be changed, it would be changed. All of them, every last one of them made this solemn vow to themselves.

"That will not happen to me, I will not allow it to happen to...us."

VR, JHS and TGC Present: The Best Damn Diary Split

100% Less LaFunk, 100% More Talent

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Looks interesting with the backstory an all, for sure has potential with considering who is writing it. I'll be reading, and please....PLEASE don't sign randy orton( or in the one doing '02's case DON'T JESUS PUSH ORTON PLEASE! ). But eh...your the writers, your the ones who gets to decide in the end. Though ya know...i have been lacking my daily amount of jack doan so the '98 is a must read. :P

Besides i'm sure that pic of sable in JHS' sigs will attract all the horny lil' 13 year old members who are seeking their daily amount of ....boobies?.....Yeah...

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Guest Vince Russo

So, what will LaFunk suffer first upon seeing this ? A seizure ? An embolism ? I'm taking bets people.

And I'm 'the one doing 2002', so no Jesus Push for Orton. Expect a very different 2002.

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All I've got to say is that I am in damn good company here. VR has written what many, including myself, consider to be one of the greatest WWE Diaries ever on any of these boards, and JHS indeed DOES live up to her hype. I can't possibly recommend her WCW 1993 enough for those who have not read it.

With that said, sit back, read, and enjoy what the three of us have in store for you. I can say that what little bits I have gleaned from the other two tells me that 1998 and 2002 will be good, if not great, in these versions of reality. Oh, and there's really nowhere left for 1995 to go but up.



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Guest Red Devil

I am very excited at the potential of this diary. All three writers are not only talented writers but are commited writers and have history of great diaries so this should be great. Since VR is taking '02 i've got a feeling Srar will be taking '95 leaving TGC with '98. This should be very good.

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Oh how I wish I would have checked my PMs earlier :(

With the talent involved in this, the subtitle of the Best Damn Diary Split will no doubt come true. Especially with this kind of idea. I'll probably be reading 1998 with the most interest since that's when I was into wrestling the most.

Good luck you guys, not that you need it.

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Guest Vince Russo

Tuesday, January 1st 2002

Vince McMahon’s house

Vince paced around his study, thinking about what had transpired during the night. Had it all been a dream ? Had it just been the result of an overindulgence ? Or, had he really been the recipient of a visitation from some sort of apparition ? Vince stopped his pacing, and came to a decision. He couldn’t ignore the Angel Of Death, or the warnings that it had imparted to him. Changes, big changes, had to be made to the World Wrestling Federation, and he knew he had to implement them.

Over the course of the day, Vince spent a great deal of time on the phone, making calls to numerous people within wrestling. He knew that the changes he should make, had to make, would need to see fences mended, and that meant swallowing some pride. Vince didn’t have a problem with that; not anymore, not since he had realised that his future may well depend on the next year, and the changes he would have to make to what was originally meant to happen.

At the evenings close, Vince sat back in his favorite chair, reflecting over his visitation during the night, and over the changes he had begun to make during the day. Vince was no fool; he knew the changes would take time to come to fruition, and that some might not work out. However, he also knew that the changes had to be made, and that the risks they brought were risks that just had to be taken. Vince knew that to take any other path was to practically guarantee the ruination of his company, and that was the one thing, maybe the only thing, that would ensure that he would indeed take notice of the Angel Of Death.

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Guest ryan_the_canuck

Looks like a good diary...honestly, can't say I've really gotten into any of your stuff before, with the exception of a RAW diary that TGC did once, but I'm a sucker for retro WWF...and let's hope it lives up to the hype.

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Vince McMahon stood next to his bed stunned. He had just been granted a vision of the future! A chance to change mistakes he had yet to make. But the spirit had left one thing out. McMahon fell to his knees and screamed to the heavens for an answer.


The woman in Vince’s bed awoke with a start and looked over at Vince arguing with an unseen person.

Young Woman: Mr. McMahon?!? Are you ok sir?

Vince snaps back to reality and looks over at the supple young woman. He stared at her bare bosoms for a moment before remembering what the problem was in the first place.

McMahon: Julie get me Pat Patterson on the phone.

Julie: But sir it’s four in the morning.


Julie threw the covers off and ran out of the room as Vince collapsed next to the bed and began thinking about what he would tell Patterson.

3 Hours Later

McMahon and Patterson sat at a large table at the McMahon estate. Patterson poked at his Denver Omelet, but was more interested in why he was here. Vince was acting very strangely and had asked for him not to talk until they were done eating, but Patterson could take it no longer.

Patterson: Fucking fucker Vince! What de hell is going on? (Vince sat silently) Damn you Vince we always talk all the things there are to talk about. Fucking Mother Fucker!

McMahon shook his head and for the next few minutes recounted every detail of the vision to his most trusted compatriot. Patterson thought it was ridiculous, and that possibly Vince was folding under all the pressure from Turner. However Vince was the boss and he would ride it out with him until the end no matter how crazy this seemed.

McMahon: Get Brisco. Get Russo and that other guy in here too. We need all of creative here now. I fear plans are going to have to change.

Patterson reached for the telephone and began making calls. They would have to work quickly because RAW was only four days away.

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Vince McMahon stood looking out the window of his office, deep in thought yet again. He had been preoccupied with the dream he had while flying from New York to Las Vegas, his thoughts consumed by the images he witnessed and the things he heard. He walked away and sat at his desk. All over sat reports on the state of his company, and none of them were pleasant. He had known this prior to his dream however, and he had been thinking about it ever since the trial ended last year. When he was indicted he had all but been forced to walk away from his company and allow others to control it. During this time and after he had come to regard the opinions of those he had entrusted the day to day operations of Titan Sports to quite highly. But there was no doubt that things had gone downhill during this time. He couldn't blame all the decisions on those around him though, nor did he want to. It was his company, his baby, and it always had been. He had made all the decisions over the years, tough as some of them might be, and he would continue to do so, with the exception of those months last year and earlier this year. Dream or not, he knew his company needed fixing, but did it need a new direction? Did the plans need to change?

His mind returned to the dream again. Everything that was said about his time, 1995 was in a few days after all, were things that had been on his mind for weeks. The Mabel push was decided upon a few days prior. Mabel would win King Of The Ring in June, then head into a feud with The Undertaker and eventually to Diesel himself. Mabel had the look and the size Vince wanted. Mabel was a star in the making. But hadn't the so called Angel Of Death mentioned Mabel's push in conjunction with other issues he said led to the downfall of the company, as well as the disturbing future scene they had all seen? So had Diesel's year long title reign though. Diesel, along with Shawn and Razor, were Vince's perfect idea of the stars to lead the WWF into the future. Fuck Hogan, Savage, and the rest. Fuck WCW and Turner and that punk Eric Bischoff. Those three WERE the future, not only of the WWF but of wrestling. The New Generation dammit. Except they were supposed to lead his company to near ruin, then leave him. Leave him for where? WCW and Turner? And when? Obviously Shawn returned, as his career ending injury was mentioned in 1998, unless that was how and why he left. And Shawn Waltman? Aside from his crying to his buddies about TV time and the like he would never...

Vince stopped. He remembered his own thoughts the days before when he woke up. He swore to himself not to let it happen. He knew in those waking moments that it was more than a dream. He knew it now too, deep inside where it mattered. It was time to make a change. It was time to take full control back of his own damn company. His advisors would go back to being just that, and he was damned if he was going to let some wrestlers run his company again the way Hogan and Savage had. He'd gotten rid of those two, he didn't need new ones popping up.

He looked at the papers, scanned the plans and advance storyline ideas, and he started to write. As if in a trance, as if not in control of himself, Vince typed it all out. Plans for the World Title, IC Title, Tag Team Division, and the end of the Women's Division, for now. When he was done he got on the phone and made the calls. Tomorrow at 9am they would meet, he would talk, they would listen, and the future of the WWF would change. 1995 was going to be a big year if he had his way.

And Vince ALWAYS had his way.

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