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Rocky's Random Winning Thingy


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I'm shit at writing topic things (Refer to title.)

In this thread, I will be looking to giveaway games at random intervals. Currently, I'm thinking every couple of weeks. I will put up a new poll for every giveaway where you can select your preferred prize. I will make a new post with a selected game to giveaway. To enter, all you have to do is like the post. I figure this is the easiest way for me to do this as I am real lazy.
The winner will be randomly selected and notified in this thread initially. After you have acknowledged your win (I hope I won't have to put a time limit on it), I will PM you with the details or ask for details needed for you to redeem your prize.

The prizes will be sent out either by a Steam Key (I will only buy from legitimate resellers; Humble, Razer, Fanatical etc.) Steam gift (Less likely as I tend to just remove friends within a week) or Steam gift via email. The prizes will vary from poll to poll but don't be surprised if you see returning prizes (Humble monthly/bundles/Gift Cards etc). The prizes will likely be games that I can get for a decent price or an Indie game I believe is well worth the money paid for it.

Previous Winners

Winner One: Baddar - $10 Steam Gift Card
Random Giveaway: RedefineSick - August Humble Monthly Bundle
Winner Two: Katsuya - House Flipper
Winner Three: 9 to 5 - $10 Steam Gift Card
Winner Four: MCD - $10 Steam Gift Card

If you have any game suggestions or other prizes I could do for future giveaways, feel free to post them here. If others agree, they can like your comment increasing the probability of me throwing it up as an option. And also any help on better displaying this opening thread/title would also be lovely.

Most prizes will require you to add me on steam which you can do freely if you wish. My Steam Profile

Good luck to everyone who enters.
N.B. There will only be one prize given away per draw. Not a winner drawn for every option.
I am located in Australia, so due to timezone differences, there may be some delay in me responding to queries.

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First of all, thank you to those who entered and showed an interest in this, ummm, thing? The draw has been completed and the winner selected.

Before revealing the winner, I'll quickly go over my process of drawing the winner. I use The Hat name drawing app to shuffle the names into a random sequence, then transfer the list over to
an online random name picker which uses a wheel to pick the winner. So I tried to make it as randomised as I could without putting in too much effort.

And without further ado, the winner of the inaugural Random Winny Thingy is...


Congratualtions! You chose the $10 Steam Card as your prize. It turns out that we need to be friends on steam for me to pass it on so add me when you get a chance and I'll shoot the prize over ASAP. https://steamcommunity.com/id/iamrockyfeller/
A new poll will be going up this coming weekend for the second giveaway. I'll need to have a look around for what I can throw in as prizes. Seeing as House Flipper was quite the popular choice this time round, I might throw it up once again before the fad fades. I'll probably also put the humble Monthly Bundle up every draw too as it's usually quite a decent prize.
Please note though, the next draw will be for the September Bundle in which the games won't be announced until the 4th of August after the current Bundle expires.
If anyone has any suggestions of games (or prizes in general), let me know. I don't have to restrict the poll to 4 options.

Once again, thank you to all participants and congratulations to Baddar.


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The poll for this coming week is now live. Figured there's no harm in dropping it early. Here are the options for the upcoming draw.

Current Prizes

I've re-added House Flipper due to it being the most popular choice in the last poll but wasn't claimed on.

I am slowly creating a list of games that will be appearing on future giveaways. It's more or less a "see what's coming out" type of thing and go from there.
Apologies to those wanting the Humble Bundle. It ends on the Friday before the winner is drawn. I didn't want to put up the September bundle in case people selected it and then decided the games weren't an interest to them.

Please note. Upon sending out the Steam Gift Card to Baddar, I learned that I need to have you added as a friend on steam and we have to be friends for three days before you're eligible for gift cards to be sent to you. I can, however, guarantee, you will have it delivered before the weekend if we set it up quickly.

Good luck to all coming entrants.

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I'm thinking a random mid-week giveaway. Like this post to enter. The prize will be the last shot at the August Humble Monthly Bundle. Feel a little bad not having it in the draw. 

I'll draw the winner on my Thursday so I have a day to get the prize together before it expires. 

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Can I switch my vote? I've been watching MATN play House Flipper and now I want to design open concept bathrooms and combo kitchen garages.

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Thanks. I figured instead of me buying games for myself that I'll never actually play,  I'd give others the opportunity to play something new instead. 

Seeing people just enter and take part is enough to see there is an interest and appreciation. 

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OK... Midweek comp is closed and has been drawn. Thanks to those who have entered. I have used the same methods as previous to select the winner so without further ado...

The winner of the Random Midweek Draw for the August Humble Monthly Bundle is;

@Redefine Sick

Congratulations. I'll send the link through to you via PM asap.

There is still a few days to make your choices for the biweekly draw early next week.

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The second Random Winny Thingy draw has been completed and the winner has been selected. No need for fuss and humbug. Let's get to it.

The winner of this weeks prize draw is: @Katsuya
They chose House Flipper as their prize. So I'm learning a lot about these new stupid protocols for steam but I can no longer just send you a gift by email.
Please add me on steam and I'll send the prize through to you as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully there isn't a 3 day wait before I can send gifts also.

Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/iamrockyfeller/

Thank you to all those who entered and keep an eye out for the next poll popping up later this week or into the weekend.
I might do another random draw for what ever codes I have laying around, I'll have to look into my catalogue.

Once again, Congrats to Katsuya, and I'll see you all on the forums. :(Y):

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This coming weeks giveaway is now live. I've upped the anti on a few choices to go with what I believe to be a few tough choices.


No repeat games this week. Some might make a return in the future. I will likely do the September Humble Bundle in the next round.

Good luck to all entrants.

Also, I'll be looking to giveaway a copy of Football Manager 2019 at some point but want to make it a bit more interesting. I'll have to look into a way to do so. It'll be a longer giveaway than the one week poll, I'm thinking.

Thank you for your time.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm tired.

Thanks to everyone that has entered. Winner has been drawn. This weeks winner is..

@9 to 5

He chose the $10 Steam Gift Card as his prize so if you could add me on steam asap we can get the process going as we must be friends for about 3 days for me to send you a gift card.

A couple of quick things. I am yet to come up with an idea for the FM19 giveaway. I've even resorted to google ideas but they seem Social Media oriented but I don't care for "follows."
I will add Two Point Hospital to next weeks draw again due to it's popularity and I'll add the September Bundle as well. Sometime this week, I'll set up a post for a quick Fire Pro giveaway for the release of the Season Pass next week.

Once again, thanks to those who entered and congrats to Niner..


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