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  1. Had a fun first season with the real life Blue Jays roster. Pearson had a couple of good starts before getting rocked a bit, so he went back down to Triple-A. Signed Puig to play right and he was great. Traded him for Nimmo at the deadline. Traded Giles for Jose Leclerc and another prospect. Bichette struggled in his second year. Locked up Vlad to a long term deal. The rotation was very average, with Tanner Roark being the only guy who had an above-average year. Ryu was injured for a bit, Shoemaker and Chase Anderson had ERAs around 4.20. The bullpen, mostly made up of 70 overall guys, did much better than expected. Ended up going 84-78 and missed the 2nd wildcard by a few games. Overall, better than expected for year 1.
  2. They signed an exclusive deal with Spotify late last year. Everything is only available in Spotify as of Feb 14.
  3. Lourdes Gurriel Jr. @Meacon say “Hi People!”
  4. Disagree with pretty much of all this. Sandra has absolutely no chance at winning the challenge. She's competed in 20-something challenges and she's never won. She's still the Queen. She's the only person to win twice and the only reason someone else is about to do it is because they're having a winners season. That second idea sounds terrible. That's basically what they did in Pearl Islands, except the Outcast tribe just got to vote two people back into the game. I don't mind Edge of Extinction, but I wish it ended at the merge. Having someone return at the Final 6 or whatever is terribly unfair.
  5. This is interesting hypothetical. It depends on how big the rosters are and how service time works this year, but there's is a good chance he actually makes the team this year.
  6. MLB is showing a classic game for each team on Opening Day on all their platforms.
  7. Does baseball even exist anymore? @Maxx, can you give me the BAP at 2B?
  8. I got a prospect Tim Tebow card in Diamond Dynasty and he's rated around 75. ... 75!
  9. That seems weird since most NBC stuff is being pulled as they're launching their own streaming service at some point.
  10. Lance Lynn @Meacon say “Hi People!”
  11. Been playing a bit today. Forgot about the 3-batter minimum rule. Fuck that, so stupid.
  12. Carlos Carrasco, CLE @Meacon say “Hi People!”
  13. Kind of thought that might be the case. I would imagine they might change it if there are a group of two-way players on the rosters soon.
  14. Him and Anthony Gose, all the former Jays!
  15. Too late to do this now probably but I vote that next year, if you draft a player, you can set them as a pitcher or a hitter on any given day. So if you set Ohtani as a pitcher, you don't accumulate hitting stats for that day. I think it's weird that there are 2 versions of Ohtani. Especially with the new 2 way player rule, I think they should just count as 1 person.
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