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  1. All things in moderation.

    1. OctoberRaven


      If you take all things in moderation, that means you're constantly doing things in moderation. Therefore you're not doing moderation moderately. Moderation is a thing. Ergo, it is impossible to take all things in moderation.

  2. 🤔😆🙄➡️🚪

  3. How do I have $38.07 worth of fun with this?

  4. I'm happy they have an answer as to why. Sometimes, there isn't one. In the words of our doc, "Sometimes, the system just crashes for no reason and science isn't there yet".
  5. Incognito to the Raiders is the Raidersiest thing.
  6. I wish the Indy 500 still meant something.

  7. The fact that pot testing is only once a year and scheduled makes Josh Gordon so much more frustrating.
  8. I recommend the Pirates. Above average rotation, real good pen, and only a bat away from being a real contender to get out of the central come fall.
  9. If I'm reading correctly, it's like bracketed pyramids? My brain is melting.
  10. The Sutton United goalie eating on the sideline is what made me look into all of this.
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