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  1. If I'm reading correctly, it's like bracketed pyramids? My brain is melting.
  2. The Sutton United goalie eating on the sideline is what made me look into all of this.
  3. Honestly, I'm not a soccer fan at all. I'm a geek though and the pyramid is fascinating. The idea that I can get eleven dudes from the bar or work and in a few years be in the ranks of the major teams is just the coolest thing.
  4. I read about this. It seems to me that it would have been cheaper for the community to take over the previous club and its debts than to start a new one. I read on Twitter that refurbishing costs for the new grounds are around £42k. Nevermind wages and new unis and the like.
  5. Just found out that North Ferriby United was wound up. Three(?) years after making the National League. Shame that Heath gutted them and the team dies over 8k in debt.
  6. Jamie Gillan is an UDFA for the Browns.
  7. I keep hearing little things about Cleveland trading back into the first for a Safety.
  8. Why? There's barely any Ben left to have nothing left.
  9. Time for another sabbatical for Ronnie.
  10. Einhänder for the PS1for being absurdly too short.
  11. Who's ready for the 12-4 Cleveland Browns?
  12. So Chris Davis is just showing off now right?
  13. I went to elementary school with Nolan Reimold.
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