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  1. Johnny Manziel has been assigned to Memphis.
  2. He's pretty good when healthy. What are we getting in Veron?
  3. I thought we were good at RB, but hey.. Taking out the off field issues, Hunt is inarguably a top five talent that almost any team in the league would love to have. As long as he is sincere and contrite and not just sorry he got popped, I think he deserves an opportunity to show what kind of man he can be. If this crap happens again, of course throw the guy out on his head. Here is a statement from GM John Dorsey. Spoilered for size.
  4. More than anything, I'm sick of him like the Patriots or Lewis Hamilton. NASCAR is sick and Jimmie is one of the many symptoms.
  5. Oh, absolutely. Just homer salt is all. It was nice to see Quenton Nelson get a pair of votes.
  6. I get it, but Baker has done so much more for the Browns than get on field results. There is hope in Cleveland for the first time since 2007.

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