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  1. I think it's commonly used to play pirated or modded versions of games.
  2. Looks like Martin O'Neill is returning to Nottingham Forest to take the manager's job. As much as I'd like him to do well, I just don't see it happening.
  3. Absolutely fantastic effort there. For someone who's struggling to put on his socks, who's had next to no match experience over the last year and who's facing one of the in-form players on the tour, to bring it to five sets was nothing short of amazing.
  4. I got Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction about eight years ago for £2.99 on a misprice and still haven't opened it. I hadn't played the old Ratchet games and was going to play through all of them first, but I only ended up finishing the first one. Maybe I'll get to it one day.
  5. I don't think I'd be interested in any "Let's Plays" or live streams unless there was a strong element of interactivity, like you get with the Jackbox games.
  6. This season can sod right off.
  7. The Australian Open next week should be interesting. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing how Cameron Norrie gets on, having reached a final earlier today. If he reaches the third round, he'll probably face Roger Federer.
  8. Karanka's been treated badly by the board. He's been doing a good job and has Forest close to the playoffs, which can't be bad when you consider the fact that they've been at the lower end of the league for the last few seasons. The club has spent a lot of money and obviously wants promotion as soon as possible, but getting rid of a decent manager halfway through the season doesn't seem like a great way to achieve that.
  9. This will be a big loss to the sport. Murray is a great competitor and sportsman who worked incredibly hard to earn the success he did. He's played in an era that lots of people consider to be the most difficult ever, with Federer, Nadal and Djokovic being three of the all-time greats, and yet has won three Grand Slam titles, a lot of other major tournaments and the Davis Cup too, as well as being top of the world rankings for a while. That's seriously impressive, and I imagine that he'd have won several more if he'd been around in the early 2000s, after Sampras' powers were waning and before Federer really hit his stride. It'll be a shame that he won't ever win the Australian Open because he's been a five-time runner-up. I still think he could have done it because, before this hip injury really kicked in, he was playing better than anyone. I have plenty of good memories of watching Murray play, but none more so than when he won Wimbledon for the first time. What a huge moment not only for his country, but for himself.
  10. Dragon's Dogma is coming to the Switch.
  11. Phil Spencer said that Microsoft is looking to address the gap between GPU and CPU during the next console generation, and so I wonder if that's what we'll see with Sony too. In theory, that ought to mean a focus on smoother frame rates, rather than graphical power. Maybe there'll be more options to customise performance vs. graphical detail, which is something that the Pro and X are already doing in some cases.
  12. They did. Blood Money was in that collection too, though, so I can see why people would want Contracts as well.
  13. I'd love a scene like the one in The Terminator at the police station, only with the maesters in Oldtown. Have them all laughing about the very idea of ice zombies, only for the Night King to smash through the front door on Viserion and systematically take them out as they cower.
  14. There's still time to salvage a Wembley replay.
  15. My guess is that the next consoles will launch at the end of next year. Sony's missing E3 this year, and I'd have thought that they'd be everywhere they could if they were releasing a new system this year, but they've also said that we're approaching the end of this console generation.
  16. I'm looking forward to the new episodes, but it's mainly because I want to see what happens in the end, rather than because I'm expecting great drama. I've really enjoyed the series so far and would consider it one of my favourite fictional stories ever, in both its literary and on-screen formats. At this stage, though, it's drifting further into "not for me" territory. I think the biggest thing I liked about the series was the fact that there were good, bad and middling characters on all sides. I still consider "Blackwater" to be the high point of the series because, on the one hand, you wanted Davos and his son to triumph, but you didn't want Melisandre to turn the realm into a cesspit of religious zealotry. You also wanted Joffrey and Cersei to lose, but that would also mean that Tyrion and Sansa would suffer or possibly die. That was a dynamic that was replicated on a lesser scale with the wagon train battle in Series 7, with Daenerys and Tyrion on one side and Jaime, Bronn and Dickon on the other. Those conflicts of viewer interest were what brought the action sequences to life and made me want to rewatch them. My problem now is that that dynamic has been slowly falling away. "Battle of the Bastards" was cinematically impressive and had a great moment of catharsis at the end, but it was a straight "good versus evil" showdown. I'm not saying that that's inherently awful because I enjoyed it on first viewing, but I haven't felt any great urge to watch the battle itself again. With the White Walkers, it's worse because, again, the battle of the living and the dead is your typical "light and dark" encounter, but the White Walkers have no discernible personality. In the case of Ramsay Bolton, he at least had the overblown evil bastard factor that made his death satisfying, but the army of the dead has nothing interesting going for it, in my opinion. Maybe Series 8 will shed a bit more light on the White Walkers' aims beyond "kill everyone", so I won't dismiss it completely yet. That sounds as if I hate the show, which isn't true at all. There are still a few loose ends that I'm intrigued to see tied up, and I'm still invested in the outcomes of most of the characters. I'll probably end up watching it in the early hours of the morning to avoid spoilers, so there must still be something going for it.
  17. Full price, apparently. I've also read that it's digital only.
  18. Interesting. With IO putting its time into the new Hitman 2, and quite a few of the aspects of its predecessors being put in, it's a little surprising that they're also bringing back these ones. It's also interesting that they're combining Blood Money, considered to be the best of the old Hitman games, and Absolution, which is seen as the "odd one out" of the series in terms of its gameplay style. In other news, it looks as though Catherine will be coming to PC soon. I have no intention of playing through the game again because it's bloody frustrating, but it's something I'd recommend for one run-through.
  19. I don't have allegiances to any of the countries, so I'll just hope for an interesting underdog winner.
  20. I think some games also get a slight frame rate boost. As far as I know, it's a fair purchase if you can afford the extra expense, but it really doesn't do anything crucial the stock PS4 doesn't already. For example, no PS4 models play UHD Blu-Rays, whereas the considerably cheaper Xbox One S does.
  21. Barbara Berlusconi became Leicester manager in one of my 2017 games.

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