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  1. When you sleep with someone, you sleep with everyone that person has ever been with. kempay is bangin' Goldust.

  2. Fake Shark - Real Zombie's most recent album, "Meeting People Is Terrible". Sick album, that.
  3. This is turning out to be a lot more fun than when I tried playing Ruby again the other day. Finally beat Misty today, made Gary my bitch twice and beat Lt. Surge. I've also evolved nearly all of my Pokemon, it's just Pikachu (although I just bought a Thunder Stone so I'll be evolving him shortly). Currently I'm Growlithe huntin' outside Celadon so I've got a Fire type to face the Grass leader (and because I fuckin' love Growlithe/Arcanine). My Pokemon are currently: Wartortle (Lv. 28) Pikachu (Lv. 25) Primeape (Lv. 28) Nidorino (Lv. 24) Arbok (Lv. 22) Pidgeotto (Lv. 22) Nidorino is God if you picked Squirtle, mine still knows peck so it fucks up Gary's Bulbasaur real nice. It was an absolute beast getting that Primeape, though, Mankey's defence was so low that it was getting one hit KO'd by everything.
  4. Ah, the arrogance of youth. Just rushed into a battle with Misty thinking that my level 16 Pikachu could handle it, two Water Pulses later and I had to re-think my strategy... which turned out to be die with dignity. Looks like I've got some painfully boring training to do in that little patch of grass outside Cerulean City. My Pokemans: Squirtle (Lv. 16) Pikachu (Lv. 16) Nidoran ♂ (Lv. 14) Clefairy (Lv. 11) Caterpie (Lv. 4) EDIT: Also, where the fuck did you guys get Mankeys?
  5. Oak asked me if I was a boy or a girl. Even in Kanto there's no escape from the harassment...
  6. I had both, but I can't fucking find either of them. But I will and then I'll pick Squirtle because everyone knows it's an arsehole to beat Brock with a Charmander.
  7. I actually didn't mind that Poker Face cover and that Millionaires song is one of their better ones, they've made much worse. The chubby one looks like a Geisha, though, bad times, especially when they make songs like "Painted Whore".
  8. It looks good so far, although I've found that after running a UFC show while the game sim's to the next day it comes up with "Error 6: Overflow/Overkill (I forget what it actually said, something similar anyway)". I don't know if this has happened to anyone else or if it's my data/lack of memeroy or some shit like that. Looks good, anyway, it made me finally buy WMMA2.
  9. Space Station Silicon Valley for the N64. Probably the best game ever.
  10. Attack Attack! is better, if only because they don't seem like cunts which brokenCYDE do. I mean, I like brokenCYDE in moderation, but honestly who sings about getting crunk and then gags on a swig of champagne? It's dumb, and their singer is just a chubby arrogant prick it seems like. But fuck both of them, I See Stars is where it's at. EDIT: Although one of the raps in "A Hofasho" is fairly decent, even it does end in "traunch burger".
  11. Stop buying emofag trousers and get a job, you silly. Grr.

  12. Use the search, I cut one a little while back.
  13. Stats for Naito and Yujiro, while I was trimming down some data I think I must have deleted them or something.
  14. I didn't cut it. I did cut these ones, though. The American Wolves:
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