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  1. Werewolf and Vampire (Dawngard DLC version, that is. Vanilla is laaaaame.) is pretty neat. Vampire needs you to level up a few skills before it's really badass though.
  2.  IF numCooks > numMaxCooks ; THEN isBrothspoiled == true

  3. Did a bit of mucking about in DE, and I realized something. David Sarif 's diplomas? Are Adam Jensen's.
  4. Hopefully for single player, so people can make money in ways besides going all-in on the stock market during certain moments.
  5. In between sessions of Mario+Rabbids I'm also playing Deus Ex:HR:DR, New Game+ with debug menu to give me more guns, to see what happens if I try to kill everyone. Sarif Manufacturing plant:
  6. PokeBall Plus I think it's called?
  7. I hope the ball thing isn't going to be mandatory for Sword and Shield but... I think so.
  8. Sooooo... this may turn out to be false but rumors are going down that Beckham's sold his stake in Inter Miami CF.
  9. Oh, it is. Just, well, it's nuts.
  10. man, I wonder what the pitch meeting for Mario + Rabbids was like. "Okay, so what if we have a crossover. Mario meets the Rabbids." "Will it be like a Mario game or a Rabbids game?" "Neither. XCOM" "Wooooooah. And what if we have a Rabbid that's dressed like Peach and but acts like a valley girl." "YES. Oh, and we should have Rabbids that have Austin Powers fembot guns." "I love our new drug policy!" "We don't have one anymore." "I KNOW RIGHT?"
  11. I'd ask if there's a Florida mod, but then I realized I could put a GTA game in and use the NPC rioting cheat for a more accurate experience.
  12. I love how if you get the legendary bear pelt as a headpiece, every NPC gives you shit.
  13. But it wasn't a nice day. It was a bit cloudy. Which means he was being very sarcastic.

  14. I don't know about quality, but I can guarantee that someone has made an AEW roster on Steam.
  15. I hope that's the case too, as PC version isn't properly recognizing my controller because it just really wants it to be a PS controller foe some reason
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