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  1. Well how else are you gonna get The Snuffalupagus Who Mounts The World?
  2. Playing Borderlands 2 and holy crap is the 'turn invisible' character gimped as opposed to 1. At least now I can pause while offline...
  3. It's been like that since the open beta. They kept promising a fix but they never did. Though I havent played since I was banned from my home server because someone thought en passant was an exploit.
  4. If there's Psycho Bandits/In The Neighborhood/WHO YA GONNA CALL?/VAULT HUNTERS!

  5. who doesn't though? nobody worth knowing, that's for sure.
  6. Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines. An objectively unfinished game that requires fanpatches to get the full experience, melee combat is repetitive, gunplay is only worth it with certain clans, and goes from a 'multiple ways to accomplish your objective' game to straight up all combat in the final stretch... but it's still an amazing story-driven adventure with lots of amazingly written characters (and also Ming-Xiao).
  7. Finished it and man the last few parts of the game felt like David Cage did all the cocaine in the world. Also Lucas and Carla going from zero to madly in love with no explanation. Cage could have just made it a 'last night and I don't want to be alone' sitatuation if he wanted a sex scene so bad but noooope they had to be in love because REASONS.
  8. For me the Batmobile fights were fine, there was just too much of them.
  9. Playing Indigo Prophecy, interesting to see a game that was made by a younger, humbler David "Subtlety" Cage... Jesus fucking Christ....
  10. Playing Shenmue for the first time and holy shit that girl tells a guy whose dad just died to be more cheerful what the fuck girl.
  11. I did this. I call it "Space Oddity but it's Mass Effect".
  12. Paradox has promised full mod support, so you never know. But in base game... probably not. Official White Wolf stuff tended to shy away from children in settings, with the one specific sourcebook in New WOD. Children vampires are mentioned in the background of at least second edition Vampire: The Requiem, but more in a 'this doesn't happen anymore and this is why' way. Arguably for the best, given the way vampire feeding works in the setting.
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