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  1. Yes please.
  2. Hey guys! I need a sig that's preferably the same size as the one I currently have. The color I would like to have is Purple, like the ECW photo in this here gif: You guys have free reign to do whatever you want, I'll put the roster below: Men: Shinsuke Nakamura Seth Rollins Cesaro Shelton Benajmin Drew McIntrye Eddie Edwards Davey Richards Braun Strowman Erick Rowan Sami Zayn Bram Golddust Austin Aries Kalisto R-Truth Mark Henry Drew Gulak Jinder Mahal Stevie Richards 2 Cold Scorpio Danny Doring Jimmy Uso Jey Uso Mosh Thrasher Konnor Viktor Women: Angelina Love Nia Jax Tamina Summer Rae Other: Paul Heyman Mick Foley Alicia Fox Announcers: Byron Saxton Percy Watson
  3. I used to think the same until I listened to his lyrics, word flow and word play. Kendrick is amazing.
  4. So, was with my girlfriend, my older sister and her boyfriend and we all decided to watch a scary movie. So we got some popcorn, prepared a hookah, grabbed some beers and browsed through Netflix. We couldn't decide on one because every one that looked good one of us had already seen.. we ended up settling on Stitches. I looked at reviews and they were all solid... then I watched it. The movie was god awful. It was one of the shittiest scary movies I've ever seen. It's praised for its death scenes, but it's death scenes are all unrealistic and cartoonish. The whole movie we were just laughing at how shitty it was, to be honest. Bad, bad choice. Don't watch it unless you want to watch a movie that's so bad that you'll laugh at it.
  5. Coming from a lifetime Blazers fan, LA will disappear down the stretch and you will be left pulling your hair out a decent amount of the time.
  6. Damn it's weird seeing the Patriot come out to Kurt Angle's theme in '97.

    1. Loz


      I find it more weird when I see Kurt Angle come out to the Patriot's theme <_<

    2. TheSqauredCircleMessiah
  7. Sucks that he's already like 27, though.
  8. ***spoilers***

    Yoel Romero and Robert Whittaker would both absolutely murder Bisping.. In other words, Silva vs. GSP should be booked now that Bisping is off the table.
  9. If you still need it I can make an effort.
  10. Plaxico Burress? He's gonna be part of the video
  11. Hey guys I'm trying to make a custom roster for a WWE 2k17 universe mode, I might upload to YouTube, I might not. Not sure yet. But if you guys have got ideas, drop them below. Maybe in the format that follows Name and Nickname: Age: Height and Weight: Gimmick: Finisher: Attire Preferences: Skin Color: Attire Colors:
  12. Might be a bit off topic but didn't want to make a whole new thread for this. I'm currently posting a new YouTube video on 10 stupid things that NFL stars have done and was wondering if this looks like a good thumbnail. Any feedback is appreciated.
  13. Jumping into someone should not be a foul on them. The only time that should be a foul is when you jump at a pump fake or whatever, and you end up in their space to the point where they can't get a normal shot off without contact. Also need harsher penalties for flops. A fine that won't even feel like a nickle to people like LeBron and James Harden won't solve anything. Btw, I see the Jazz logo in your sig, I'm pulling for you guys. I'm from Portland, so I'm a Blazer fan and the first round hurt.
  14. NBA: Extend replays to be able to review any type of play throughout the entire game rather than only the last two minutes of the second and fourth quarter. On plays where the ball goes out of bounds on a certain player but he was CLEARLY FOULED which caused him to lose the ball out of bounds, let them go back and call the foul. Stop being soft little pussies and play the game like it was played in the 90's.
  15. Clips are impressing me tonight.. hope the jazz pull it out though