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  1. It didn't let me put my emoji at the end of previous update, so now I look like an asshole... Insert smiley face to post below!

  2. Got 4 questions in my W's in MSG diary that are open... Would appreciate you guys dropping some answers :)

  3. So I'm making a custom WCW EWR skin for my '97 save and I can't decide which color scheme I want to use. So I made four backgrounds that, hopefully, with your guys' help I can choose which to build the skin off. For the loading screen I'd use the color scheme I decide on and put a performer on it as well, possibly with some writing about what's currently going on in their feud. Please let me know what you guys think.
  4. Is a thing really a thing?

  5. Anyone play on PC? Would like to get a group of guys to play squad with Apparently it was a clusterfuck.. I didn’t get to play though
  6. Anyone play Fortnite on PC? I need some guys to play with!
  7. This is pretty simple, can someone just make these backgrounds transparent? Thanks!
  8. The game will only run on my integrated graphics, won't run on my NVIDIA GTX 1070. Problem with that is integrated graphics suck and have to run on almost minimum settings... I have to disable my GTX 1070 to even get the game to start. Why?
  9. Let's do Intercontinental.
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