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  1. Yeah I know, that's why I don't know if Utah would be a good trade partner with Portland. Maybe a 3-team sort of deal. And if we didn't let Turner go and instead let Leonard off, there's 7 million less to make up for.
  2. He said if the Blazers don't want him, so I don't think that matters much considering he went to school in Utah and is from California. I would be open to trading either him or CJ, though, but I'd want a guy who can play one of the guard positions and can play D, cause both Dame and CJ are not good defenders. I don't see a trade we could make happen with Utah that would move the needle for the Blazers. Plus, Lillard and Turner in that trade would be $40 million that would have to work out in the trade. Using the trade machine, the only way to dump both Lillard and Turner to Utah we'd have to take back Favors, Burks and Joe Johnson plus someone like Rodney Hood.
  3. ***spoilers***

    If Sage beats Makdessi, he might actually be able to turn into something. Makdessi is a tough guy, obviously not top 15 or anything but he's a tough guy, and a good fighter.
  4. Do the Knicks have the slightest idea what the fuck they're doing? @MeaconI'm sorry you have to deal with their stupidity as a fan. Fuck, dealing KP is stupid in the first place but did they ever think there was ANY chance at all to get the #3 pick, next year's possible #1 pick, last year's #3 pick, and a very solid 3-and-D wing for KP?... Phil, resign. Please. I don't even like the Knicks but Dolan and Phil are making them look pathetic. It feels like Chicago may have been robbed in that trade. LaVine is coming off a torn ACL, Dunn looked like a possible bust last year (and it's even worse that he looked like a bust in Thibs' system because it's a perfect fit), and the pick turned into Lauri Markannen who I doubt will be even better than Nikola Mirotic. I really think they should've gone with Ntilikina or Dennis Smith and commit to a rebuild with a guard (both have a lot of potential, and if Dunn really is a bust then Ntilikina or Smith would be perfect to pair with Lavine) who could become a star rather than with Markannen. Who knows, Markannen is a good stretch four and I saw a lot of him considering I live in Oregon and watch a lot of PAC 12 sports, and he was good at Arizona but I think there was better available for Chicago. Gotta think that Boston could've offered a better package than this. Hey, I'd throw my Blazers in there too if they didn't owe a shit ton of money to guys that should be working for McDonald's, and if they could play any defense at all, and if they could stop being so damn soft... A lot of if's there... If the Celtics got both Paul George and Gordon Hayward to go with the team they have right now, I think I'd like them over Cleveland in the east. Huge if, though. I think he will be the best player in the draft. His defense is freaking incredible and after watching a few pieces on his work ethic and dedication, I think he'll develop into something truly special. Ulis, Booker, Jackson, Chriss, Bender, TJ Warren... That's a fun young core. If they could turn Eric Bledsoe into either a younger player or a good pick to add another piece to that young group, they'd be super fun and dangerous to watch in 3-5 years. The Knicks might have just made the only smart move they've made in a while by drafting him, especially if they're gonna lose KP... Or even if they keep him. Ntilikina has a ton of potential, he could have a Giannis-type rise. Athletic as all hell, if he could learn to shoot he will be insane. Over a 7'0 wingspan at the PG position, speed like no other. He's really raw but lord, there's no reason that in 2-3 years he isn't a star. He fits perfectly, could be the next Horford or Millsap... Hell, maybe even better. Really like that pick. Stud. Saw a lot of him at Colorado and the kid just seems like a Spurs player. He's smart beyond his years, makes good decisions, and is really gonna fit in well (doesn't everybody in San Antonio?). Between him and Dejounte (Spell Check) Murray you guys got two PAC 12 guards that I thought will both be long-time NBA level players. Charlotte's looking like my League Pass team next year. Them, Philly, Milwaukee... Shit, there's a lot. But I love that lineup. Kemba, Monk, Batum and even Dwight will be super fun to see if they can mesh well. I never liked Batum too much when he was here in Portland but I enjoy watching him in Charlotte. I'm glad my Blazers picked up Zach Collins. Speaking of which, here's my input for my team: I'm extremely happy with the Blazers draft. Collins has a ton of potential, can shoot, he's long, can protect the rim... I think he'd fit well playing the 4 next to Nurkic and with them two, we might actually have some defense in the paint. Dame and CJ can handle the ball and do the bulk of the scoring (Crabbe can come off the bench and score too), Mo Harkless or Aminu can start at the 3 and give us some needed perimeter defense. Obviously I'm hoping for them to dump the salaries of Turner and Leonard (hell, maybe even Crabbe considering he's making $17 million a year) and start focusing on signing defensive minded players and maybe a guy or two for the bench that can score. Also love the pick of Swanigan. I thought he should've gone higher, and I think he can really be a bruiser in the post, I see a lot of Zach Randolph in him. Although I preferred Jordan Bell, I'm pretty sure I only did so because he was a Duck, and I'm a homer. But Swanigan can do it all, man. He can shoot, he can defend in the post, he has a low post offensive game, he can board... With Collins and Swanigan coming in, I'm really excited for our young frontcourt. Nurkic, Collins and Swanigan looks like we might have some solid big men. Excited to see what everyone can do for the Blazers.
  5. What's even more sad is it's pretty much a given the same happens next year. Unless the Celtics can pick up a big name, then MAYBE they can compete with the Cavs, but even then I still think it's Cavs/Warriors 4.
  6. Bellator has signed Mauro Ranallo and Mike Goldberg to announce for multiple events. That will be really fun to listen to and I really hope they put them on some shows that have good fights.
  7. Cleveland needs a defensive minded 2, someone like Andre Roberson but they don't have the money to snag him.
  8. Love > Kyrie. He doesn't demand the ball, he plays his role. Plays D, gets boards, scores when needed from wherever it's needed. Kyrie is a bit over rated.
  9. Cleveland really shit the bed the last two minutes. Why the hell did Kyrie size up Klay and dribble around wasting time for 6-7 seconds when he could've gone for a two for one instantly and get the same shot? Also, LeBron didn't do a good job keeping his hands on the ball and Iggy just stripped the shit easily. When you make dumb mistakes in the last two minutes of the NBA finals you deserve to lose. Add in all the big shots KD was making and yeah, Cleveland's done.
  10. ***spoilers***

    Few things about 212. 1. Matthew Lopez looks like a murderer. Kid didn't have much trouble against Eduardo, and Eduardo is a very, very good fighter. That's 3 fights to begin Lopez's career and 3 wins over top 15 opponents. This kid is the real deal. 2. Kelleher is another rising talent at 135, jeez that talent is stacked and is getting more and more guys that can compete. Kelleher submitted the sturdy top 15 staple in Iuri Alcantara, even on late notice. The question is who you give him next. One thing for sure, bantamweight is loaded. Garbrandt, Dillashaw, Cruz, Assuncao, Moraes, Sterling... And way more rising as well. Incredible. 3. Antonio Carlos Junior might be the next gatekeeper at middleweight. Talented enough to beat guys not quite over the hump, but I don't see him being good enough to compete with the bulk of top 15 any time soon. And even if he does, not top 10. 4. Paulo Borrochinha or however you spell his last name is a murderer as well. Beach strikes, hard hitter, great potential. He's one to watch at 185. 5. Assuncao vs. Moraes was a good fight to me, shame the fans shit on it though. I think the judges in Brazil are terrible. In what world could you give Assuncao a 30-27 win there? A split decision victory did nothing to further Assuncao and many (myself included) think Moraes was the victor. If Moraes got the win, he would be poised for Cruz/Garbrandt/Dillashaw... But with the judges giving him a loss, maybe he should face someone a little lower in the rankings like Johnny Eduardo or Iuri Alcantara who both lost tonight... But the direction I'd go is have him face Brian Caraway. Two clear top 10 bantamweights, and two guys that are both coming off losses to Assuncao. Book it. 6. Assuncao is a tougher one to book. He can't go against Garbrandt/Cruz/Dillashaw as he hasn't seemed impressive enough. It seems he might always be stuck right outside that top bunch. I would prefer him to face Jimmie Rivera, but he's set to go against Thomas Almeida and that's gonna be in late July. So I'd rather see him go against either John Lineker or John Dodson, I'd choose the former. Let Lineker come in and throw those bombs, see if he can top Assuncao. If he can? You have 4 guys at the top of the Bantamweight rankings that's would be fun fights in any way that they're booked. Garbrandt vs. Lineker would be a slug fest. Cruz vs. Lineker would be a battle of smart, tactical striking and amazing all around game against a brawler who wants to take your head off, but also has severely underrated ground skill. Dillashaw vs. Lineker would be a mix of both. So book Assuncao vs. Lineker and hope Lineker can rise to the occasion. 7. Belfort wants five more fights? Lord... I don't think anyone wants to see him 5 more times. Maybe give him one more fight in the UFC.. Put him up against Uriah Hall and hope he rises to the occasion, or let Johny Hendricks come in and knock his head off before sending him to Bellator. Other than that, I'd like to see Silva vs. Belfort 2, but Anderson wouldn't sign for that... outside of that fight, Rashad Evans vs. Vitor Belfort could be marketable and a showdown between two guys that used to be incredible. Hector Lombard also stands out as a potential loser goes to Bellator fight, but that's the last one I'd like to see. Hall, Hendricks, Evans. Take your pick. I think all 3 would send him packing. 8. Really annoyed that Gadelha got the win here. A JJ/KK rematch in Poland would've been the fight to make. Instead, we get Gadelha as the victor who's already lost to the champ twice seemingly stuck. I'm not sure who I'd wanna see her fight, and the same with KK... Sigh. 9. Max Holloway, welcome to the top. He looked great after seemingly being nervous at the beginning. He's the king of the mountain at Featherweight now, and a dream of mine would be Holloway vs. McGregor 2, but Conor isn't coming back to featherweight... maybe not even to the UFC. Realistically, you could give him Cub Swanson like he asked, and that's the road I'd go down while having Frankie Edgar fight Lamas now that Chan Sung Jung is out of their fight, with the winner being next in line. Possibly the last opportunity for Edgar to fight for the belt. 10. Aldo really should try and head to a different weight class with a reinvention. Featherweight passed one of the P4P GOAT's with Conor and Holloway. Seeing him in a new weight class with new opponents would be a nice sight. If not, though, let him fight Pettis if he beats Jim Miller... that would've been a super fight two or three years ago. If Pettis fails, Aldo and Korean Zombie.
  11. Jay and Dan are fucking incredible. I'm not even from Canada and I found ways to watch them on TSN.
  12. LeBron just slipped and fell. I enjoy when LeBron slips and falls. Spurs I believe in 2014.
  13. This post, and the state of WWE gaming just made me sad.
  14. I like Cowherd just because he got his start in Portland, and that's where I've lived my whole life
  15. I wish WWE 2K18 would implement a road to wrestle mania mode where there was a new one released every week. That would be fun. Or a story mode like here comes the pain.