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  1. Looking for roster suggestions

    Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic Josh Barnett Bobby Lashley
  2. 2017 NFL Off-Season Thread

    Brandon Albert has unretired.
  3. NWA Request

    Could someone make me a banner for an NWA diary the same size as the ones in my sig? It'll be replacing my ReWrestling History one, and I want Corgan featured on it. Other than that, have a go at it. And if anyone could design me a new NWA Heavyweight Championship would be awesome. Also going to be having a lightweight, international and tag team championship but don't want to ask too much... If you guys want to design those, though, have at it Thanks!
  4. NWA Request

    So since I'm out of thunderdome, I don't really want to write my ReWrestling History diary anymore, instead I want to do a 2017 NWA diary with Billy Corgan abandoning the territory approach and making the NWA one big company and starting from scratch. SO, here's a relatively big request. Could I get an NWA diary banner the same size as the ones I have in my signature, a new NWA World Championship render (if you could make it more modern I'd appreciate it), a midcard NWA championship and an NWA Tag Team belt? Thank you in advance as always!
  5. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    I'll take the wolf among us if nobody else does.
  6. UFC News and Discussion Thread

    Well, I'm super excited for tonight and can't stop thinking about the card so here's some thoughts: Fight Pass Prelims: Dober def. Burkman by UD. Wouldn't be surprised if it were a TKO either, it's Burkman's time to hang up the gloves. Jared Brooks def. Eric Shelton by UD. Both guys go for the finish, but it's hard to finish guys at 125. Alexandra Albu def. Kailin Curran by UD, I couldn't care less though. FXX Prelims: Andre Fili def. Calvin Kattar by TKO. I think it's Fili's time to push into that upper tier of featherweights, and this fight will start that push. Brian "T-City" Ortega over Renato Moicano by Submission. I love T-City, he's one of my favorite guys on the roster, and it doesn't hurt that I've trained with him before. I think he has the potential to be a top five guy in time, and I think he'll outclass Moicano in this one. Either way, this is a fun fight. Aljamain Sterling over Renan Barao by UD. Sterling is the future of the bantamweight division. The guy is incredibly talented and I think Barao is a little over the hill. I don't think he'll be able to hang with Sterling, but I also don't think he'll be finished. I think Sterling gets the UD while coming close to getting a sub on multiple occasions. Jason Knight over Ricardo Lamas by Submission. Sound the upset alarms, I think Jason Knight is going to bring a bit of new blood to featherweight and upset Lamas. It took me a long time to think of who I have in this one, but I thought it was time to pick an upset. Obviously wouldn't be surprised if Lamas wins, but I think Knight will pull this one out and give the UFC another intriguing featherweight to add to the bunch. Main Card: Jimi Manuwa def. Volkan Oezdemir by KO. Someone's getting knocked out in this one, and I haven't seen enough from Oezdemir to think he'll pull it out. He was impressive against Misha Cirkunov, but I think Jimi Manuwa might be the best striker at Light Heavyweight since Rumble's retirement. I think Manuwa adds another highlight reel knockout to his record, and then he's in line to face the winner of DC/Jones (I only see this happening if DC wins, I'll explain later in the post) or to fight boxer David Haye. I'm game for either one. Donald Cerrone def. Robbie Lawler by TKO. Cowboy is my favorite fighter and god dammit, I'm picking him. Cowboy TKO'd Matt Brown not long ago, and only one other person has done that. I think the wars Lawler has been in might have caught up to him, and over a year long layoff is sure to show some ring rust. I think Cerrone hands Lawler his second straight loss via TKO/KO. Wouldn't be surprised if it goes the other way, but I'm pulling for my favorite fighter and that's my pick. Cris Cyborg def. Tonya Evinger by Murder. Cyborg's gonna come in. Cyborg's gonna take her head off. Cyborg's gonna go home. That's all. Demian Maia def. Tyron Woodley by Submission to become the NEW Welterweight Champion. I think Maia's time is now. He's been overlooked for so long, and I think he's ready to show the world that he is the best of the best and just because he doesn't strike doesn't mean he can't be champion. I think Maia uses his amazing Jiu Jitsu and subs Woodley to become the new champ. Maia truly is unlike anyone else in the welterweight division and it'd be fun to see him defend against many welterweights. Jon Jones def. Daniel Cormier by TKO to become the NEW Light Heavyweight Champion. I think Jon's gonna come into this one pissed and go for the throat the whole time. In my opinion, Jonny Bones is the greatest fighter the sport has ever seen. He's already decisioned DC, and I think Jon doesn't just want to beat DC, he wants to humiliate him. I think he'll do just that. I see Jones outclassing DC through the entirety of the fight until pounding his face in till the ref stops it. UFC 214 is just over 16 hours away, and I can't fucking wait.
  7. 2017 EWB Fantasy Football Symposium

    Any room in any of the leagues?
  8. Wanting to start a Fantasy Football league

    I've been in the same league for about ten years now and have had no issue keeping it going so if others from here would wanna join, then I'd have no problem at all keeping it up.
  9. Wanting to start a Fantasy Football league

    Says it all in the title, and I want it to be with some of you here on EWB. I love fantasy football and alongside the one I'm always in, I want to participate in an EWB one as well. So, let me know if you're in! Hoping for 10-14 people.
  10. NBA 2K18

    MyGM story mode?! 2K, take my money. All of it.
  11. NBA 2016-2017 Season

    It's Christmas in July! Literally the only team I could see taking on his contract as well
  12. Mayweather v McGregor

  13. 2017 College Football Thread

    Strongly doubt Arkansas finishes last in the SEC West.
  14. 2017 College Football Thread

    In other words talking NCAAF, gonna be pretty hard for my Ducks to do worse than last season
  15. Steam/PC Mega Thread

    What are some fun free games out there?