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  1. Anyone play on PC? Would like to get a group of guys to play squad with Apparently it was a clusterfuck.. I didn’t get to play though
  2. Anyone play Fortnite on PC? I need some guys to play with!
  3. This is pretty simple, can someone just make these backgrounds transparent? Thanks!
  4. The game will only run on my integrated graphics, won't run on my NVIDIA GTX 1070. Problem with that is integrated graphics suck and have to run on almost minimum settings... I have to disable my GTX 1070 to even get the game to start. Why?
  5. Let's do Intercontinental.
  6. A few requests, first, this is my logo for my new promotion that will be a diary in the dome. Is there anyone who can make me a DREAM Pro Wrestling Championship, a DREAM World Tag Team Championship and a DREAM mid-card title? Your choice on the name. I'd appreciate it!
  7. Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic Josh Barnett Bobby Lashley
  8. Could someone make me a banner for an NWA diary the same size as the ones in my sig? It'll be replacing my ReWrestling History one, and I want Corgan featured on it. Other than that, have a go at it. And if anyone could design me a new NWA Heavyweight Championship would be awesome. Also going to be having a lightweight, international and tag team championship but don't want to ask too much... If you guys want to design those, though, have at it Thanks!
  9. So since I'm out of thunderdome, I don't really want to write my ReWrestling History diary anymore, instead I want to do a 2017 NWA diary with Billy Corgan abandoning the territory approach and making the NWA one big company and starting from scratch. SO, here's a relatively big request. Could I get an NWA diary banner the same size as the ones I have in my signature, a new NWA World Championship render (if you could make it more modern I'd appreciate it), a midcard NWA championship and an NWA Tag Team belt? Thank you in advance as always!

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