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  1. I am hyped. Cool new features, interesting villain(s), amazing looking new zones, fun new features, artifacts require you to actually revisit parts of the world other than the new zones, Demon Hunters look sick, and ALL OF THE NOSTALGIA!
  2. Probably not all the way to 80 with unique content, but I'd say it's still quicker to dungeon run over and over again than it is to quest your way through. I remember leveling guys that way pre Cata. As for the expansion, we'll see where it's headed. I'll probably pre-order because I'm an impatient asshole. Spent the firs 6-7 hours of WoD unable to even log in
  3. New expansion being announced on August 6th at Gamecon in Germany. Just when I think I'm out...
  4. Yeah, I've really enjoyed it feeling like a challenge again. Sure, it takes time to grind out an area and you have to run around a lot looking for mobs or chasing up ridiculous quests, but it means you're actually in the world. I resisted the urge to just LFG dungeon my way all the way to 80. It's tempting, but I want to re-explore a world I haven't seen since pre-Cata.
  5. If you knew you were cancelling it, why did you respond to my PM a couple hours ago telling me I should go ahead and submit something?
  6. That'll be me. Didn't get to play long tonight as there was another of Arusha's twice daily unscheduled blackouts.
  7. Know what you mean about levelling. Had to stop myself rolling Priest as I played Priest & Rogue all the way through Lich King. Always wanted a Hunter and Warlock, but the thought of any kind of pet management irritates me! Frost Mage water elemental is bad enough! Character's name is Dincht. I'm dreading the Murloc quests in Elwynn Forest. I remember how annoying those were and I literally have Frostbolt, Fireball and Fire Blast right now. Pulling more than one mob is death.
  8. What's your toon's name? I'll keep my eye out for you. Might roll an alliance hunter today. Warlock is fun, but I'm a little ADD when it comes to leveling toons. Hunters have always been my favourite, and my first 100 was an Undead Night Elf Hunter. I've only died one on my 'lock so far, got caught up in Fenris Keep and my stupid Voidwalker got caught on some furniture. That place is a fucking death trap. Over in The Barrens now, as there are no 18-21 quests in Silverpines to occupy me
  9. As an Elder Scrolls fanboy, I was really excited for this and was involved in BETA. For the life of me though, I just can't get into it. I'm not sure if it's just that my net connection was slower than I'd have liked, or if I just don't enjoy the MMO elements that the game has added. It's graphically stunning and should be fun to explore, but I find combat to be so tedious.
  10. The hardest part of work taking me on the road for five months has been having to stop playing Witcher 3 just as it was getting truly interesting. On my last night in Australia I managed to get old Gerard laid, but won't get to play again now until October-November >_< Love how fully realised, alive, and gritty the game world feels. The next Elder Scrolls game could do worse than poaching a bit of this game's attention to creating a dynamic, breathing world.
  11. David Ford, Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Barielles, Lorde, and Coldplay. I'm clearly manstruating.
  12. Watched Spy tonight. Pretty enjoyable flick. I enjoy Melissa McCarthy swearing at shit never fails to tickle me, Statham is fun, and I'd still do nasty shit to Rose Byrne.
  13. Sign up on Algalon (sic) as Kirin Tor has had some issues. You'll probably want to download the old mods like Quest Helper, Cartographer etc too. I'm on there as horde, but has a NE hunter I'll probably level later
  14. Sad, but true. And I don't want to play Metro or STALKER. They're nowhere near as good
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