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  1. I'll probably go back and rewatch the whole thing through at some point but Crisis was a bit underwhelming because I had really high hopes. It's solid, around the same quality as the other crossovers. I liked the ending, though.
  2. Pretty floored about the Astros. The past two years of baseball feels tainted. I have to wonder how much it influenced their playoff success, which is pretty frustrating as a Yankees fan.
  3. Anybody watch Jim Carrey's show, Kidding? Started watching yesterday and I think it's brilliant.
  4. Ct1021

    NFL 2019

    I've never seen a game as crazy as tat Texans/Chiefs matchup. Titans/Chiefs will be fun.
  5. Ct1021

    NFL 2019

    The Chiefs are doing a great 2020 Ravens impression.
  6. Ct1021

    NFL 2019

    As a Ravens fan, last night's game was really depressing. Beyond the bad play, Lamar didn't handle himself very well; he practically threw a tantrum and pouted. I'm not really invested in any of the teams left, so I'm casually cheer for the Packers or Chiefs. Wouldn't mind the Texans, either.
  7. Ct1021

    NFL 2019

    I agree. Despite the reports of tension etc, I'd be absolutely shocked if he played elsewhere. Really getting back into football, so I'm planning on watching 3/4 of the games this weekend. (Might miss the Chiefs game.) As a Ravens fan, I like our chances tonight but Derrick Henry will be tough to stop. I'll be rooting for the winner of Vikings/49ers, though I'd be happy if GB made it to the Super Bowl.
  8. I'm most of the way through episode 2 and I'm liking it a lot. It's very well done.
  9. Ct1021

    NFL 2019

    I'd somewhat lost interest in football but I went to the Ravens game yesterday with a friend and it rekindled my interest. Really excited for the playoffs.
  10. Fair point. I just like the NJ/NY connection. Yankees are keeping Brett Gardner on a one year deal(https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/28283486/source-yankees-retain-outfielder-brett-gardner-1-year-deal), which makes me very happy. He's one of my favorite players.
  11. I like the Porcello signing. Low risk, high reward and I always like seeing NJ natives sign with NY teams.
  12. I guess I just tend to be a little pessimistic about contracts like this. Everything may seem great now but injuries, slumps, performance declines, etc can always derail even the most stacked teams.
  13. I'm a huge Yankees fan and I'm not as excited as I thought I would be about the Cole signing. Big contracts like that scare me because there's always the risk they don't pan out. Plus, they somewhat inhibit the ability to bolster the team in other ways.
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