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  1. Posted this in the wrestling section but figured I'd expand on it here. I'm planning on starting a blog where I'll be covering comic books and wrestling (mainly WWE.) Any ideas for what I should name the blog? I'd be reviewing comic books and also giving my thoughts on RAW, SmackDown and WWE's PPVs.
  2. @Jericode Thanks to Taika/Ragnarok, I am definitely more on board with Thor 4 than would be otherwise. I feel similarly, though less optimistic, about Eternals.
  3. I'd be 1000% on board with Jane becoming Thor in the MCU if the previous films had done a better job establishing her but I really didn't care for her in Thor 1 & 2. Blade was a pleasant surprise and Ali is so very talented. I'm not very excited for the next few movies. I'm more interested in the TV shows. The previous MCU movies were automatic, "Man, I have to see that in theaters." But. after Endgame, some of these films are gonna have to win me over. Of all the ones that'll be coming out in the near future, I'm most excited for Doctor Strange 2. I'm a sucker for multiverse stuff and I'm intrigued by the horror aspect.
  4. Binging through Scrubs again. Love this show.
  5. Ct1021

    The Flash

    Zoom was awesome, man. I loved the first two seasons.
  6. Would someone please make a graphic for my ThunderDome diary? I'd really appreciate it! Type - Signature, Banner, Logo, etc. This would be a banner/graphic. Text - Any desired taglines, phrases, typography, etc. The title is "Keep it PG." That's the only text I'd like, I'm not looking for anything too intricate. Images - Any images, desired backgrounds, or stock pictures requested for the design. Open to ideas for the background but I'd like these images to be featured: http://draxisweb.com/dwp/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/DrewMcIntyre.png https://cdn.bleacherreport.net/images_root/slides/photos/000/300/816/1_original.jpg?1279207778 https://s17708.pcdn.co/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/mvpwwe1.jpg
  7. Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes. Fascinating documentary on Netflix.
  8. Agreed on all counts. Batman and Batman Returns are weird because it feels like they're supposed to be dark and somewhat serious to get away from the '66 campiness. But there's a lot of goofy stuff in both movies. Batman Forever and Batman & Robin are absolutely goofy but it's intentional. I favor Bale over Affleck, though. (Again, I'm biased.) I definitely think Marvel nailed it with the pairing of Robert Downey Jr/the way they wrote Stark. Sadly, DC hasn't found that level of success.
  9. Watching Batman (1989.) It's been a while since I've sat down and watched it. It hasn't aged well IMO. Admittedly, I'm a huge fan of the Nolan films so I'm biased.
  10. Ct1021


    https://www.ootpdevelopments.com/newsletters/nl0245/ The game has changed a good amount since 17/18.
  11. Ct1021


    I was thinking of starting this thread the other day. I preordered; I was on the fence but some of the new features, and the updated rosters, make it an easy buy because I know I'll get hours and hours of enjoyment. I love OOTP, it's such an addicting game and I might do something in the Dome with it this year.
  12. The idea of giving anyone a 13 year deal is ludicrous to me. Harper is great. Elite, even. I'm not disputing that. But even IF the team wins a World Series, it's pretty likely the player will regress and become a contractual albatross in the last years of the contract. (Or, worse, the duration of it...) No player's worth that. 13 years and tons of money is a lot to tie to any one player and it's a heck of a risk.
  13. Harper to Philly...might make me change my NL allegiance (I'm a Yankees fan that watches the Mets when the Yanks aren't on but I also get Phillies games.) Also, I signed Harper and Machado to be on my team in OOTP and we never won a World Series in 3 seasons with both on the team, so...😜
  14. I'll be surprised if the Phillies don't get him. Manny to SD is pretty shocking, though. So anything can happen.
  15. Wow, that was fast. Love that character.
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