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  1. The 2022/23 season is weird. There's an international break right before the World Cup break, so after a massive run of 2 games a week from 10/1 to 11/5, there's almost a 2 week break until a home match on 11/22, followed by another two week break for a 12/6 match, and then a 3 week break until Boxing Day, which again kick starts shitty wild run of fixtures. The Boxing Day clash is a big one, away to Norwich why are 1 point ahead of us in the table. Norwich are on 52 points sheet 22 games played, and we're at 51 points. Villa are 3rd in 42, so automatic promotion is pretty much a l
  2. Crystal Palace 0 vs. 1 West Ham* (Tue 6pm, BT) Newcastle 1 vs. 3 Leeds (Tue 6pm, BT) Burnley 0 vs. 1 Aston Villa (Wed 6pm, BT) Chelsea 2 vs. 0 Wolves (Wed 6pm, BT) Everton 0 vs. 1 Leicester (Wed 8.15pm, BT) Tottenham 1 vs. 1 Liverpool (Thurs 8pm, BT)
  3. I'm not sure what's more savage, what Chelsea had to say in the dismissal, or Chelsea fans throwing his own quote about AVB against him.
  4. Well if anyone is going to get Werner, Havertz, and Pulisic playing well, I guess it'd be Tuchel. I don't think the German factor really is why he's coming in, just that he's the best available manager who wanted to go to Chelsea, but it could be great in getting those three playing well for Chelsea.
  5. FISTICUFFS! HANDBAGS! The Bills are going out like you would expect the Bills Mafia to, not the actual Bills football team.
  6. That was a cute shovel pass. This KC offense is just so much fun to watch. They're so good.
  7. What a bad turnover that was by Kansas City. Down 9-0 early is never ideal, but thankfully for the Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes is their QB.
  8. Yeah, that's pretty fucked up. If that's a penalty, then so was the EXACT SAME THING that happened to Adams on 3rd and goal. Still, absolutely stupid to not go for it.
  9. It's a soft foul, I agree, but it's a really dumb challenge for Fabinho to make in that position, and it's a foul he makes far too often in that area, unfortunately.
  10. At what point do we just take a punt and sign Sokatris? It's certainly better than nothing. Honestly surprised we just equalized. Good pressing and this will be great for Salah's confidence.
  11. I feel bad for him because he's so badly out of his depth and has no business playing at this level yet, but he's trying his best. And then he's going to have to deal with shithead fans abusing him online for being a teenager trying to play against Marcus Rashford. I just hope he doesn't let days like this kill his confidence.
  12. Connor Mcgregor getting knocked out? You hate to see it 😁
  13. I know the attack can't score a goal, but we really should be in for Sokatris ASAP. Veteran on a free, with a point to prove, and knows Klopp's system well. Being able to free up one of our CDMs to return to the midfield is so vital. Also getting sexy Jota back too. I too miss the Origi rumors. He's forever a cult hero, but also so, so bad.
  14. Willian is a very similar kind of player as Jimenez so that's a good stopgap for them to have until he's back. Wolves badly need a true 9 because trying to rely on an 18 year old who has barely any senior experience, in his first year in England at that, has unsurprisingly been a recipe for disaster. This could also help Pedro Neto shine even more. He's been very good this season for Wolves.
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