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  1. Manic Radio is on Apple store :) 

  2. Had to refresh Windows 10 as the store was broken, now I lost my diary save game...time to start again I suppose...

  3. If this game had commentary it would be awesome
  4. After 2 seasons with Virgin I signed with McLaren. My Agent says my team mate is Jeson Button and I am #2 driver whereas standings table shows Jenson nowhere and Hamilton as my partner. I like the game a lot but too much is hard coded. It'd be good if there was chasis development so eg. Ferrari have an off season like in real life. Also it'd be good if other drivers changed teams as I'm sure another team would have snapped up Jeson if that the case.
  5. Does anyone remember the image from Station 2 when Locke was trapped under the door. It showed 7 dharma Station and a ? in the middle. One of the stations was crossed out. Could it be a 7th or the fake one where they thought Walt was? Also is the ? the housing complex Ben and the others lived meaning Ben was in charge of Dharma Project? Spoiler: Click here to viewI can't wait to see how they play out Michael being on the Freighter.
  6. I just got it and found the easy level differcult I completed it anyway and it said I unlocked a fish...LOL I starting Medium and I would recommend this game to everyone
  7. First off, I'm not sure which forum this should go in. There's not going to be a detailed write up as it's not a diary. Now, I know a lot of people have gamertags for XBL so does anyone fancy having a little tournament, maybe to crown an EWB PGR3 Champion? Once again, sorry if in wrong forum
  8. I've joined... dieselv2 is my gamercard
  9. I was testing my 360 to see if it would work and I had 3 red lights. I plugged the conenctor into the TV and then disappeared. But I'd never had a problem with mine. Is it destined to break? Am I lucky for no problems in nearly 2 years?
  10. Has anyone tried it and discovered one?
  11. Damn Straight! LOL

  12. Diesel

    British TV Shows

    Only Fools & Horses/Porridge/Open All Hours - I love those. They are great British Comedies! But as this topic started with Rowan, does anyone still think of him as Mr. Bean in anything he does? I remember watching Johnny English and were he's in the shower singer, it was a Mr. Bean Moment
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