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  1. Everton taken the lead, they've actually started very well in this game.
  2. Going to see The Libertines in two weeks in Manchester, one of my top 3 favourites, can't wait.
  3. Vale tasting some third round action for the first time in a while, praying for a first meeting with Sjoke City since 1999
  4. Quite sad that in his first tough spell as manager, he gets the sack. I think he was a genuinely class manager and will go on to a big job at some point in the next year. Really hope they don't go Mourinho, but I fear they will. The problems with him were glaringly obvious to see most of the way through his stint at United.
  5. Really happy for Wales getting to the finals, hopefully at least one more will join them via the playoffs. Anyone seen the seedings for the draw? The World Champions France are not a top seed 😂
  6. Will be going out to watch the Wales game tonight with the flatmate as he's Welsh. Is it if they win, they qualify automatically or do they go into the playoffs?
  7. Thanks everyone, I knew you wouldn't disappoint :)
  8. Away to Swindon or Cheltenham for us, not over thrilled with that
  9. Is there any release date for season 4 yet? It's been ages since season 3
  10. Haven't seen Luther, have heard good things Is the US Office better than the UK one? Haven't watched much of either.
  11. I haven't seen Ozark but have seen Fargo, loved it that much bought my dad season 1 on DVD to watch it again 😂
  12. Would like a recommendation if possible. I'd love a new drama/series to get stuck into, Netflix is preferable, in the UK so don't really have much else apart from iPlayer and the like. I have previously watched and loved Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Peaky Blinders, White Collar, Line of Duty, Parks and Rec and a few more. I tried House of Cards and couldn't get into it. Thanks in advance you lovely people
  13. Cannot wait for this! NINE NINE!!!
  14. I watched the last six episodes of Atypical season 3 on Netflix, absolutely loved it. Tugs at the heartstrings a bit ❤️
  15. I very much look forward to this if its still going ahead 😊
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