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  1. The fact we won't get 2,000 at Col U, let alone 4,000 will be the only solace if we get put in Tier 2. Will be so embarrassing when we're the only league club in the country allowed 4,000 fans and barely get a 3rd of that.
  2. I've ugly cried at the finale enough times that I don't feel the need to repeat the experience. Rewatched it from start to finish during lockdown and it was just so good, again.
  3. I've often pondered what would happen if a Prem team picked up Akinfenwa as a chaotic impact substitute. Reckon he'd do a job just from the sheer puzzlement on the faces of a lot of the mediocre Spanish/French etc centre backs wondering how he is a professional footballer. Bit like when Stuart Pearce had a mental breakdown and, I'm assuming, got sectioned for putting David James up front in the last game of the season. On the same line of thinking, I'd love to see a La Liga side take a punt on Tony Pulis or Allardyce. Just play big bastard long balls up to Ashley Barnes or someone, they'
  4. To be fair as a Col U fan the whole 06/07 season was hilarious. Penultimate game of the season, Stoke away, at half time we were 5th and 3 points clear of 7th. It all went to shit and we were expectedly relegated the next year. Can't help but think we've peaked, bit like a Leicester fan now, it'll never get better than that one season. Though I suppose the only reason I'm still up and posting nonsense is that we lost in the L2 playoffs today in ET. It was a very Col U loss at least.
  5. Will be downloading later, does the April update now include those released from WWE listed?
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