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The Official Love Island Thread


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I watched quite a lot of the summer one. First time ever. I ran out of unironic pleasure about two thirds through so stopped watching, but for a few weeks I totally got into the rhythm and quite enjoyed it. I told myself I was watching it so I could talk about it with my students. That's what I told myself.

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Yeah, my excuse is I'm marrying an entertainment journalist. It reminds me of early Big Brother in that the contestants mostly seem like real people. They're not just caricatures, and most of them can actually string two sentences together.

Plus, yeah, fit girls and hunky beefcakes.

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I don't like anyone on this year's so far.

Leanne is super hot, and seems like the most genuine, but she's not really done anything yet. The twins are fucking dreadful. Siannise is literally the worst. Paige is boring. Shaunagh is rad, but that might just be because the rest of them are total drips. Sophie could be great, but again, she's not really done anything yet.

As for the lads, I thought I liked Mike but he's clearly a fucking snake. Callum seems alright. Connor has the stupidest teeth. Nas is bloody lovely but no one will ever love him and Ollie is literally the biggest cunt going, legit fucking livid that I have to share a name with that absolute jebend.

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