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  1. At 4pm today (2.5 hours from this post), I'll be starting Metal Gear Solid 4 for the first time on twitch and it'd be dope if you came to hang out in the chat. https://twitch.tv/probablyoliver
  2. I want to play Among Us all the dang time.
  3. In one hour, myself and Snowball will be playing the co-op mode in Untitled Goose Game are you should all come and watch us honk the day away. https://twitch.tv/probablyoliver
  4. With all the Metal Gear news coming out today, it sure would be rad to watch some Metal Gear, huh? Thankfully, I've got you covered with my Metal Gear Marathon. I'm currently on MGS3 and things are getting rad and I'd bloody love it if you popped in! LIVE NOW! https://twitch.tv/probablyoliver
  5. It's more of the Metal Gear Marathon right now over at https://twitch.tv/probablyoliver and y'all should come join in! It's Metal Gear Solid 2 and I am terrible at it!
  6. Haha, the etiquette is kinda to go by what you want. You don't need to follow the person if you're part of a raid, it's just nice to pay it forward. You can always just turn off the emails or alerts when someone goes live, I only have alerts for a handful of people I genuinely find entertaining. And don't you worry, there will be plenty more Flight Simulator before I'm done.
  7. Yeah, Bob hit the nail on the head there @Liam. So someone was streaming, they ended their stream but instead of just ending it they brought all their viewers over to my stream instead. It was awesome. As far as specific goals are concerned @Bobfoc, I mean, it would be my absolute dream to become a full time content creator, either for myself or a games media company like Kotaku or IGN. I applied for a job at IGN a couple months ago, I didn't get it, but it's given me the impetus to actually make a full go of this. I'd quite like to hit the 1000 follower goal at some point, maybe within a
  8. You're an angel. Last night's stream was incredible, someone raided me with 45 viewers, and a bunch of them stuck around. I'm now only three followers away from 200, and I've pretty much smashed every sub goal I've set. It's been amazing. More Metal Gear Solid tonight, starting from 8pm (roughly two hours from now). https://twitch.tv/probablyoliver
  9. Every day pretty much. This week will be MGS1, weekend will be something different, next week MGS2 etc etc
  10. Tonight I'm going to be starting something a bit special, as I'll be playing through all mainline Metal Gear Solid games. So join me from 8pm as we start exploring Shadow Moses in 1998's tremendous Metal Gear Solid. https://twitch.tv/probablyoliver
  11. If you click the sub button and then you'll be able to choose prime sub! Easy as that! Also eight hour stream is live now! https://twitch.tv/probablyoliver
  12. Tomorrow is a real big one, I'll be doing an EIGHT HOUR STREAM from 1pm BST to celebrate hitting my goal of 35 subscribers through August. There will be costume changes and planes crashing and kickflips and a Crash Team Racing based argument with Snowball and also some Here Comes The Pain. It's going to be fun! https://twitch.tv/probablyoliver
  13. I'll be live again in twenty minutes playing more Bloodborne. It's been incredible stressful so far but I'm sure you'd love to see me suffer?
  14. In roughly 15 minutes, myself and Snowball will be streaming Dream Daddy, a Dad Dating Simulator and it'll be a really fun one so, uh, come and hang out I guess? https://twitch.tv/probablyoliver
  15. Live now with some Dreams on PS4 https://twitch.tv/probablyoliver
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