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  1. Got the platinum on San Andreas last night (around 20 minutes after the patch came out, typical), and my thoughts remain the same. Absolutely loved replaying it, it wasn't nearly as offensive as I was afraid of it being (only one mission centred around homophobic stereotypes, and only a couple more with racial overtones. Also only one hard R that I remember hearing), and all the bugs I witnessed were more on the funny side than annoying - after one mission I was stripped of all my clothes for some reason, and the invisible bridges were always kinda fun. I did have a few hard crashes,
  2. I'm doing the Casino missions in San Andreas, and I hate to say it but I'm actually really enjoying my time with it. It's an incredibly lazy remaster, and there's a lot of stuff worthy of eye rolling, but it's still a great game. Rockstar deserve every bit of bad press they're getting from this, but I'm having fun at least.
  3. Of all the State of Play's I've ever watched, that was certainly one of them.
  4. In fairness, the THPS remake managed to get all the songs from the original, so there's at least real world precedent for it happening. I'm sure Rockstar can make it happen, they know how much that soundtrack means to people. I'm looking forward to seeing just how dreadfully the dialogue has aged. I love the originals as the next person, but they certainly don't hold up to scrutiny as far as racist/homophobic stereotypes are concerned, and I fear removing such things would be such a monumental task in of itself that they'll just leave it all in.
  5. In around half hour, I'll be playing some more GTAV Chaos Mod. For those unaware of what the Chaos Mod entails, I suggest you tune in. It's bonkers and ridiculous and brilliant and dumb. https://twitch.tv/probablyoliver
  6. Deathloop reviews are in, currently sitting at an 89 on metacritic. My body is ready.
  7. Hey pals, I'm doing some fundraising streams all month to help with my cat's cancer treatment. It would be dope if you came and hung out or spread the word (or if you had the means to, donate!) Live now with some Final Fantasy VII Remake action! https://twitch.tv/probablyoliver
  8. Hey folks, I still stream. In fact, I'm streaming right now. Come watch it now, yeah? twitch.tv/probablyoliver Also, holy shit, accidental haiku! Fuck yeah!
  9. Fucking missed it because extra time, and England didn't have the decency to win. Livid. Still, I've managed to stay spoiler free, I'll update you on the results of the recoupling later on. Hopefully Rachel didn't get dumped, she's bloody lovely and Brad's a fucking moron for having his head turnt so quick.
  10. I'm doing a 12 hour charity stream this friday! Show up, donate, share the shit out of this, whatever you do, please help me raise some money for the big beautiful bastards doing God's work at mental health and well-being charity Mind https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/probablyoliver
  11. For those of you who enjoy spooky games, I'm playing Dead Space right now. This is what happened when I played it last night: https://clips.twitch.tv/ThankfulHeartlessSardinePipeHype-Qbpvoq4ThOveWjWG
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