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Favorite Sketch-Comedy Skits


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I'm watching some tapes of MadTV and I just thought about how some classic characters or skits have come along through the good ol' sketch comedy shows. I personally have never watched much more than MadTV, but I can tell you that my favorite reoccuring skits from there have to be:

The Lillian Verner game show

Micheal McDonald's Stuart and Rusty

Will Sasso's Kenny Rogers

Stephinie Weir's Dot and.... that grad school girl who does the video projects.

There's probably some other I can't think of and will name later. Anyone got anything to add?

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SNL's Jeopardy Skits. Farell-tastic!

MAD TV's Magic Johnson's Jeopardy Hour. "Now, Dick"

MAD TV's Steven Seagal skits. (Steven in China, Steven Seagal's Letterbox 2000, "Crouching Cops Hidden Badges") All played by Will Sasso (Y)

Conan's good old fashion, Staring Contest between him and Andy Richter.

MAD TV's Eddie Murphy impersonations played by Arie Spears. "It's Par-Ti Tie"

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The "Dead Parrot" sketch from Monty Python is without doubt the best of all time, followed closely by the "G'Day Bruce! Hello Bruce" sketch, also from MP. Behind that are pretty much all the recurring "Gonna no dae that!" sketches from Chewin' The Fat and behind those anything from Whose Line Is It Anyway?

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I'm Rick James Bitch! (Chapelle Show)

Any of the Celebrity Jepordy from SNL

The Debbie Downer sketch from SNL with Lindsey Lohan (it's only funny because everyone forgets their lines and laughs so hard throughout the entire thing)

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From SNL: John Belushi as Samurai Anything (although the Tailor one was a particular favorite, especially where it leaves off with the customer exclaiming, "Hey, this suit has no fly!")

From Monty Python: Haven't really seen the whole thing, but it's one where a guy walks into an office and the man behind the desk yells "You filthy, disgusting, malodorous pervert!" or something to that effect. First guy says, "Wot? I came in here for an argument!" Desk guy says, "Oh, terribly sorry, this is abuse. Arguments are down the hall."

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Monthy Pyhton: The ministry of funny walks

Monthy Pyhton: Returning a dead parrot

Tommy Cooper: Karate expert

Cedric the Entertainer: Job interview with guy that gags alot.

That last one I just saw recently and it really cracked me up, had me laughing for a good ten minutes after it.

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I'd say pretty much anything during the glory days when the Mad cast consisted of Phil LaMar, Pat Kilbane, Alex Borestein, Will Sasso, Aries Spears, Nicole Sullivan, Debra Wilson, Michael McDonald, and Mo Collins.

My favorite of all time though are

Kenny Roger's Jackass (the first one, the second one with Steve-o and Wee Man sucked)

Spatula Arm

Celebrity Whose Line Is It Anways (with Aries Spears as Magic Johnson and Mo Collins as Cher)

He Got Gay (spoof of the movie 'He Got Game')

Kenny Roger's Ice Cream Store

The claymation spoof of COPS with Paddington Bear, Pillsbury Dough Boy and Rock'em Sock'em Robots

Various 'Lower Expectations' skits

And the one with Seth Green as the crazy boss in the wheelchair....you know the one where you seem him and his wife speeding down the hall on the wheelchairs and everyone panics because they know they are coming....classic.

There are tons more, but these are the first ones that popped in my head.

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Kenny Rogers' Jackass

Will Sasso as Steven Segal

Will Sasso as Fred Durst

Terminator 2: The Ultrafantastic Musical


Celebrity Jeopardy


Behind The Music: Blue Oyster Cult

The Continential

Chappelle's Show

E! True Hollywood Stories with Charlie Murphy

Playa Hater's Ball

The Mad Real World

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Chappelle's Show

The Blind Racist


Playa Hata's Ball

Rick James


All the Jeopardy's

The one where the Rock is the gay bartender

Canteen Boy :shifty:

Motivational Speaker

Hans and Frans

Numerous Others I can't remember

Monty Python

The Argument Sketch

How To Defend Yourself Against Fruits

And of Course, the Dead Parot Sketch


My God from Sister Act

The Radio Station(Janitor kills DJ by accident, does entire show with friend, hilarious.)

The Dreaded Batter Pudding Hurler-Spike Milligan

The Radio Sketch(Guy goes through tons of radio stations, guy that did it was frickin awesome)

More to come if I remember them.

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