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Slipknot: Vol.3 (The Subliminal Vereses)


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It has acoustic songs on it.

Acoustic songs...on a Slipknot CD. And they're actually pretty good. I've heard 5 songs from the CD, and 4 of them have been good. Pulse Of The Maggots just sucks though.

The demo for Don't Get Close is golden, though. They shouldn't have left that off of the CD, damnit.

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I've heard it, and it's on par with any metal album you're going to hear all year. The guitar work is perhaps the most astounding; to go from riff based to being actually able to shread is a huge step forward. The acoustic songs give the album a nice balance. This is definitely a different Slipknot from the first two albums, but at least now there's nothing corny or cliched about them. I think with this record people will start to look past the costume gimmick and really pay attention to how good the music is. IMO, the best songs are Vermillion, Danger - Keep Away, Welcome and Opium of the People.

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Guest bukkake bandit

I was so hyped up when I heard the original "Don't Get Close" demo, but when I heard "Duality", my interest faltered greatly.  It fed into the notion that they're slowly becoming Stoneknot...or Slipsour.

Duality is one of the worst songs I've ever heard in my life, vocals-wise. I like the drums, but the "I PUSH MAH FINGERS INTO MY EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYES!!!!!!!!" really kills the song. Horrible, horrible lyrics.

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I've heard it, and it's on par with any metal album you're going to hear all year.

Rhapsody, Therion, Nightiwsh, Borknagar, Amon Amarth, Kreator, Behemoth, Sonata Arctica, and Symphony X all have albums coming out this year. My bet is all of them will be better. This is an improvement for Slipknot, but it's still rather boring and the shredding solos are average (For shredding solos).

And the Katatonia, Death Angel, Dragonforce, Finntroll, Dark Funeral, Edguy, Kataklysm, Deicide, Vintersorg, My Dying Bride, and Iced Earth (Think that came out this year) are also all on part with or better than this Slipknot. These already came out, I should clarify that.

Tis a great year to be a metalhead though.

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