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Breaking Benjamin suggestions


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"I Wish I May," "Medicate," "Polyamorous," "Water," "Home," "Shallow Bay," "Forever" (Hidden Track following "Shallow Bay"), "So Cold," "Away," "Breakdown," and "Sooner Or Later" are all good.

My top two favorites would be "Home" and "So Cold."

"Blow Me Away" from Halo 2 and the So Cold (Dig) EP is a good song, too.

I am not a big fan of the acoustic version of So Cold. I don't think it is very bad, but it isn't really that good. Maybe a studio version of it might have made it better instead of the live version? I am not sure.

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So Cold, Follow, Polyamarous, Break My Fall, Forget It and Simple Design are my favourites, so I'd suggest those.

You can't really go wrong with any Breaking Benjamin song though, so it might be worth picking up the "We're not alone here" album.

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I used Polyamorous for my theme tune in SD!vR :P

But I didn't really like the music in the game, so it was kinda 'lesser evil' type deal. I can't say I was too bothered about either of their songs.

Benji might have been a bit harsh, but it's kinda true. When you have a dozen or so guys telling you the same few songs are awesome, chances are that you'll follow suit.

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