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ECW 2000

Guest The Real Deal

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Guest The Real Deal

ECW Revival

Extreme Championship Wrestling was crumbling. The wrestling world was growing as ECW's hopes and dreams were starting to shatter. The fans were there buying the tickets, merchandise and hyping ECW but the money backstage wasn't. Paul Heyman knew ECW was in serious jepordy but his plans had failed and something drastic needed to happen. He wished for disaster on WWF and WCW so he could pick up the peices. But the attitude era was successful for the WWF and McMahon was thriving on the money WWF was generating. WCW did ok in 99, they didn't do fantastically well and 99 was a failure looking back at previous years. ECW had numerous top stars in their palm such as Rhino and Rob Van Dam and Heyman was as stubborn as a mule about them talking to WCW or WWF. Heyman was under alot of pressure and he always seemed to be a positive influence on his ECW stars. He had watched wrestlers such as Cactus Jack, Scott Hall come through the ECW arena doors and later go off to the top guns. Even though Cactus was a talent trade it didn't matter to Heyman. He craved respect and loyalty and with a promotion like ECW the big shots were outcasting their future stars.

But that as where I come in. You see im a big ECW fan, I love the extreme action and I love the whole ECW thing. Its different than WCW and WWF. Week in week out you see guys wrestle in the WCW and WWF but for me the real action lyes low in Philadelphia. I've watched Heyman and I know the stress and vain he is trying to overcome. His livelyhood is falling down around him and that is where I jump in to help. I am there to save Paul Heyman from the drastic ocean that is going to drown him at any giving time. It is my mission to help Paul Heyman save ECW and save himself.. And did I mention that I was dead?

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Guest The Real Deal

The Beginning

The wind howled through the curtains of an open window in Philadelphia. The rain dripped down creating a cold and miserable atmosphere. The house was worn down with ivy plants growing up the side of the white stoned wall. The hatch above the door had a few missing tiles and a plant pot was tipped over due to the wind with soil and moss lying on the footpath as the rain came down. The owner of this house was a stern driven man that owned a wrestling company in Philadelphia, he was a respected and loved man of the local wrestling community. He was seen as a wrestling genius and his work was appreciated. He craved ideas and in this very house we stand in front of he penned probably the best ideas ever to grace the wrestling industry. The only problem was that this man was weiry that these ideas may not work for his promotion and the big dogs were ready to pounce on any unfortunate mishap that may prevail his progress.

The man is none other than Extreme Championship Wrestling owner Paul Heyman. I braced myself and flew up to the window sill. I was lucky no one could see me or my stunt well it's not really a stunt as I am dead and this is casual of me. I peered through the open window to find a disgruntled body curled up under a quilt. His head was placed firmly on the pillow case and his long black hair was tucked in neatly. The room was full of ECW pictures and a TV set with a ECW video played. It was Cactus Jack taking on Mikey Whipwreck in his last ever ECW match, I clicked my fingers and the TV set went off. I flew in through the window and sat at the end of the bed. The wardrobe hung open and numerous suits and caps where placed inside. A pair of shoes lay at the side of the bed, Heyman rolled over and grunted. I wanted 5 seconds....A hand movement, Heyman rubbed his face with his hand and sprung up..


I jumped up and went threw the other wall, I walked threw the wall as Heyman was standing their with a baseball bat in hand.

Me - What's going on here?

Heyman - ...........Wh...Wh...Wh...WHO the fuck are you?

Heyman took a deep gulp, I laughed as the sweat played down the side of his face.

Me - Im just a ECW fan Sir.

Heyman took a swing for me with the baseball bat but as I am a ghost he missed.

Me - Please, If I was alive I would have had a broken rib there!

Heyman - Wha...Wha.......WHAT?

Me - Im a ghost big deal..boo hoo hoo get over it! Im here to help you!

Heyman - Ghost?? GHOST?

I placed my hand on the TV and relaxed.

Me - Yeah that's it.

Heyman - But you can't be a ghost.. GHOSTS AREN'T EVEN REAL!

Me - Woah don't shout.

Heyman rubbed his eyes again and took a sip of water that was in a glass at his bedside.

Heyman - This is creepy shit..

Me - I know, you should have seen the look on Vince McMahon's face when I appeared to him offering him advice but as the bastard that he is he refused my guidance.

Heyman - I..I.... What the fuck do you want from me?

Me - Its more of what I can offer you.

Heyman wiped the sweat away and went for another swing at me.

Me - Oh come on Polly, I mean the first time it didn't work and it won' work this time..Im a ghost and im here to help!

With them words Paul Heyman's eyes rolled into the back of his head and he fell head first onto his bed.

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Guest The Real Deal

I'd just like to say before continuing that the current champions in this diary is:

ECW Tag Team: Vacant

ECW Television: Rhino

ECW World: Justin Credible

Im not sure if they are correct but they will stay that way. All current storylines leading into 2000 are cancelled as I'll be using my own ideas.

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Guest The Real Deal

Just A Dream

Heyman woke up, I had scarcly gotton out of the road as Heyman had taken quite a shock. I watched from a distance as Paul came back to earth. He went out of the room to the bathroom and turned the tap on as the cold water rushed through into the sink. Heyman turned the tap off and sighed, he sunk his head into the water and raised his head back up. He brushed the strands of hair away from his face and took deep breaths.

Heyman - Just a dream.....Just a dream.

Heyman sat down on the ground with his back against the wall and started to take more deep breaths.

Heyman - Just a fucking dream!

Heyman jumped up and stepped down stairs where he retreived a bottle of red wine and sat on the chair taking swigs of it.

I went off and sat on a roof top thinking to myself. I was going to have to get Paul to believe in me because ECW was doomed unless I stepped in. When I was alive on earth I loved ECW. I was a ECW hardcore fan and I wasn't prepared to see Heyman flush it down the toilet when he knew he needed help.

He was going to have to face things face first like he done in the past for Extreme Championship Wrestlings sake.

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Guest The Real Deal

user posted image

ECW Hardcore TV Preview!

Saturday 1st January 2004

Extreme Championship Wrestling kicks off the new year with a bang as CW Anderson takes on Julio Dinero. Will Anderson be able to kick the new year off in hardcore fashion or will the upcomer and hot prospect for ECW Julio Dinero pick up the win?

The two lightweights and underdogs of ECW will go toe to toe in a tables match when Spike Dudley takes on Little Guido.

In singles action Tony Mamaluke will take on Blue Boy.

We will crown new Tag Team Champions as the vacant straps are up for grabs when Da Baldies take on Christian York / Joey Matthews, RVD And Sabu and The Unholy Alliance in a ladder match which is surely going to be carnage.

And in the ECW On TNN main event our very own ECW World champion Justin Credible will be in the arena when he takes on Masato Tanaka in non title cage match.

It looks sure to be a bloody night only on ECW Hardcore TV!

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Guest JoeJurevicius83

hmmm...creative...maybe TOO creative, but can't judge too well from the little bit you posted. It's original, I'll give you that(at least to me it is). Is this gonna be like an Angel's in the Outfield type thing where he tells him that so & so could be a star & the so & so actually ends up being a star? I'm intrigued...I'll be keeping an eye on this too.

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Guest The Real Deal

user posted image

ECW Hardcore TV Results

Location - ECW Arena

Attendance - 1154

ECW Hardcore TV kicks off with Joel Gertner and Joey Styles welcoming us to tonights show. Joel Gertner runs down tonights card as the fans start up a loud ECW chant.

CW Anderson Vs Julio Dinero

First out is CW who gets a loud boo. CW walks out from backstage and raises his hands in the air. CW walks down past the security barriers and ignores the fans at ringside who throw insults at him. Next out is Julio Dinero who also gets some heel heat. Julio braces himself for the chaos that awaits him and slowly walks down past the security barriers. Julio slides under the bottom rope and walks up to CW Anderson who stands looking smug. CW pushes Julio who staggers back. Julio goes up again and this time CW hits him with a wild right hand.

The match was a good kick off, Julio took a few bumps on the outside of the ring and CW played the hard fixed up character. CW whipped Julio into the turnbuckle from the outside, CW went for a clothesline but Julio ducked and CW smashed his hand against the metal pole. Julio took advantage and wrapped CW's arm against the metal turnbuckle before hitting a low dropkick to the knee as CW went down. Julio slid into the ring and waited as CW got up on the outside, Julio went off the ropes and then flipped over to the outside onto CW who catched him like a child. CW ran with Julio in his arms and threw him on top of the steel security barrier. CW dragged Julio into the ring and hit a spinebuster for a cover..1....2....3

Winner Via Pinfall - CW Anderson

Tables Match

Little Guido Vs Spike Dudley

First out was Little Guido who strutted down to the ring, Guido stepped into the ring which was surrounded by tables that lay on the ground. Next out was Spike who got a cheer from the ECW fans. Spike slapped many fans hands before sliding into the ring and posing for the crowd.

The match went off to a fast pace, Both men locked up and both got their own fair share of moves in. Guido hit a german suplex onto Spike and rolled over to lock Spike into an impressive head lock. Spike managed to get to the ropes and stopped Guido hitting a suplex by blocking his leg and then hitting a northern lights suplex. Spike slid out of the ring and set up a table. Spike slid back into the ring and picked Guido up. Spike hit a few punches before hitting a hiptoss. Spike grabbed Little Guido and went to throw him over the top rope but Guido hung on to the top rope and hit a punch to Spike before stepping back into the ring. Guido hit another few punches followed by a DDT, Guido went to the outside and picked up a chair. He waited as Spike got up Guido went to hit Spike with a wild chair shot but Spike hit a dropkick and the chair slapped of Little Guido's face and he flew out of the ring.

Spike took the advantage and got out of the ring and hit a few stomps, Spike picked Little Guido up and rammed his head against the steel steps. The match went on back and forth both men fought inside and outside of the ring and the fans really got into it. But the match ended when after an impressive move Guido whipped Spike into the ropes and hip tossed him over the top rope onto a table below.

Winner by table break - Little Guido

After the match Little Guido was celebrating in the ring, Spike slid into the ring with a Singapore Cane and hit Guido round the head with it. Spike continued in beating down Guido with the cane as the crowd cheered with delight.


RVD And Sabu In Control

As we come back from the break we head backstage where Rob Van Dam and his tag team partner Sabu are in attendance with a mic in hand.

RVD - In just under 30 minutes me and Sabu here will be in a chaotic match against 6 other men for the ECW tag team titles. You see what gets me is that this year is a new year and we have 2 kids in Christian whatever his name is and Joey Mattings?

RVD laughs

RVD - These kids think they can hang in line against me Rob Van Dam and Sabu? Its not reality and what is going to happen to them in the ECW arena tonight is going to be an unforsaken sin. You see im going to do all the talking for me and my partner here..But sure as hell Sabu is going to pull his weight tonight aren't you Sabu?

Sabu nods his head and stares clenching his fists at the camera.

RVD - I mean Tony DeVito aka Mr. Big Shot who thinks he is Mr. Moonsault. I'll tell you what DeVito you better watch your back as im going to be gunning for you tonight you can count on that. I don't like your smart little attitude and your whole portrayal makes me laugh. Me and Sabu are ready to go out and give it our all...you can count on that!

RVD and Sabu walk off the set as the scene ends.

Tony Mamaluke Vs Blue Boy

This match was just a major Big Guy Vs Small guy but Mamaluke didn't back down at all. He was all over Blue Boy for a major part of the match taking him down from the top rope and on the matt with a enzuguri. But Blue Boy got back into the frame of the match when Mamaluke came off the ropes and went for a jumping DDT which Blue Boy turned into a massive spine buster for a cover...1......2.... arm up. Blue Boy got up and hits a few stomps before picking Tony up and throwing him into the turnbuckle, Blue Boy posed for the crowd before running and hitting a running splash onto Tony. Blue Boy went to the top rope and went for a 'meanie sault' but Mamaluke rolled over and went to the top rope himself where he came off with a high moonsault for a pin...1....2....3..

Winner by pinfall - Tony Mamaluke

ECW Tag Team Titles

4 Team Ladder Match

Rob Van Dam & Sabu Vs Da Baldies Vs Christian York & Joey Matthews Vs Unholy Alliance

The match was nothing but a mere hardcore spot fest and the fans loved every minute of it. All 8 men where in the ring at the same time and the match was a pure bloody brawl. With the ladder assembled Joey Matthews slowly started to climb up it but he was spotted and Mikey Whipwreck and Tajiri hit a double team move onto Matthews who went flying to the outside. Sabu lifted up the soft padding on the outside exposing the concrete floor and scoop slammed Spanish Angel onto it. Sabu turned round to be hit by a flying swanton bomb by Christian York. The match went on and Da Baldies were destroyed by 6 men who ganged up on them. But the momentum turned when Van Dam and Sabu attacked Matthews and York beating them down with weapons. Tajiri and Whipwreck cleaned the ring and Tajiri climbed the ladder, Tony gained his momentum back and grabbed a metal crow bar from under the ring, Tajiri jumped and hung onto the tag belts. Tajiri squirmed trying to get the belts to fall for the win but DeVito jumped up and hit Tajiri with the crowbar round the ankles causing Tajiri to fall to the canvas without the belts. Minutes later a table was set up and Tony DeVito placed RVD onto it. DeVito climbed the ladder and hit his moonsault onto RVD putting him through the table.

The match went on for another 10 minutes with all men giving their best. The Da Baldies were out of it and lay on the outside of the rong. Tony DeVito was bleeding from a chair shot by Tajiri and Mike Whipwreck had been threw into the crowd by Sabu. With only RVD, Sabu, Tajiri and Matthews and York left RVD, Sabu and Tajiri ganged up on Matthews and York. RVD and Sabu hit a double team suplex onto York and then hit a scoopslam on Matthews onto York. Tajiri then went off the ropes and an elbow drop onto both of them. Tajiri got up and turned round to meet RVD and Sabu who hit a double team clothesline on him before throwing him over the top rope and out of the way. RVD climbed the ladder and brought down the tag belts for the win.

Winners - RVD & Sabu


Justin Credible Damn Right!

As we come back from the break we go to the interview area where our EC W World champion Justin Credible is sitting on a stool looking arrogant and cocky as ever. Credible breathes on his fist and pretends to polish the ECW World title which signals his name. Credible takes in a deep breath before starting to speak.

Justin Credible - It is a new year.. and I am your ECW World champion! I am Justin Credible and I have earned that name. You see as its a new year I was expecting a wide range of talented idiots to take me on for the strap and when I looked at tonights I seen the biggest idiot of my life in the main event.. Masato Tanaka Vs me Justin Credible in a cage match. Have you ever heard the biggest crap in your life? Tanaka you may think your all Japanese hard hitting but im as tough as they come. I do hold the Extreme Championship Wrestling World title.

The camera goes in close to point out Justin Credible's name on the ECW World belt.

Justin Credible - That's damn right! I am the ECW World champion. I am the best in this company and I aint going to let some idiot like yourself think you can get one over me. Tonight Masato im going to teach you a lesson and that lesson is going to be short and to the point and that is that when you walk to the back, the sweat pumping down and your heart is racing you'll think to yourself.."I've just been in a cage with the ECW World champion..Justin Credible..And I've just been mentally and physically destroyed by the best you can come across"And Masato you can put it on your record of achievement. Take this is as once in a life time chance because you aren't ECW World champion and nor do you have World champion creditendials..

Justin Credible walks off the set as the scene ends.

Cage Match

Justin Credible Vs Masato Tanaka

Masato Tanaka comes out looking agitated. Tanaka walks down past the fans and steps into the cage ready for the match. Tanaka goes off the ropes trying to hype himself up. Next out is the ECW World champion Justin Credible. Justin holds the ECW World belt confortanly around his left shoulder and strolls down past the security barriers. Credible walks round the cage and gives his ECW belt to the ECW timekeeper. Justin slowly walks round to the cage door and steps in keeping an eye on Masato who signals that Justin is going down. The cage is locked and the match begins.

Justin and Masato lock up and Justin hits a European uppercut followed by a knee to Masato's chest. Justin hits a russian leg sweep and hits a few stomps. Masato tries to fight back and hits a few punches but Justin slugs back and hits a clothesline. Justin walks across Masato's stomach arrogantly as the crowd boo. Justin goes off the ropes and hits a legdrop, Justin picks Masato up who hits a wild right hand and Masato hits a kick to the midsection followed by a spinning neckbreaker. Masato locks in a leg lock but Justin is able to wriggle out of the hold and kicks Masato in the chest pushing him away. Masato walks towards Justin and grabs him by the head, Masato hits a club to the back of Justin. The match goes on for 10 minutes with Justin having the best chance of the match to escape the cage but he didn't take it. Masato hit a wild kick to the back of Justins head and he started to climb the cage. Masato had the win in the bag but he decided to attempt the riskiest move of the night and hit a frog splash off the cage onto Justin Credible who rolled out of the way and Masato went down hard to the canvas. Masato's arm was hurt and Justin noticed this, Justin hit a few stomps onto his injured arm and then locked in an arm lock. Justin went to the top rope and hit waited as Masato got up, Justin went for a dropkick but Masato moved out of the way and Justin hit thin air. Justin turned round to meet Masato punching him in the face and Justin fell down with blood streaming from his face, Justin clutched his face in agony. Masato seemed to throw something out of the cage which the referee didn't notice. Masato climbed the cage with his arm injured and got to the outside winning the match.

Winner By Escape - Masato Tanaka

Masato walked slowly backstage and picked something up which he kissed and started to laugh pointing down at Justin Credible who stared up at him in awe. Justin threw up insults and Masato laughed them off. As the camera got closer we notice that Masato has a small blade in his hands which he obviously used to put down Justin Credible as ECW Hardcore TV Goes off the air.

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Guest The Real Deal

Hello all my name is Scott and I was in attendance at the ECW arena last night. The night was fairly good, I was expecting Paul Heyman to be in attendance but he wasn't. After the show went off air we were treated to a match between Steve Corino and Rhino for the ECW Television belt. The match was awesome and if was shown on TV would have been the best match of the night. Rhino of course retained his belt after goring Corino through a table that was set up in the corner.

Anyway the crowd was pretty hyped up during the night and we showed that by chanting the usual "ECW" among other chants. The tables match between Little Guido and Spike Dudley could have been better but I guess that was because these two have a feud starting up I think. The tag team match was awesome, pure greatness and RVD & Sabu w inning the belts was the icing on the cake.

The main event was good and Masato Tanaka was fantastic. Im a massive Tanaka mark and I believe he should be given the ECW World title some time soon but I don't seen that happening unfortunatly. Justin at the minute is starting to get in control of his ECW World champion reign and I don't see that ending for the time being.


Pop Of The Night

1 - RVD And Sabu Win ECW Tag Belts

2 - Masato Tanaka Screws Justin Credible

3 - Spike Dudley Assaults Little Guido

Heat Of The Night

1 - Justin Credible Interview

2 - Little Guido Puts Spike Through A Table

3 - CW Anderson Ignores The Fans

Well that's all its my birthday tomorrow and I think my dad may have got me ringside tickets for ECW On TNN which is on next Friday. I really can't wait as this was my first time at an ECW event and I truely enjoyed it. Props to the ECW management.

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Guest The Real Deal

Giving Him A Break

After recent issues with Mr. Paul Heyman I strongly decided inside myself that I'd leave things with Heyman for a week or so well to after the next show actually. My appearance shocked him and I don't want the ECW owner taking a heart attack and being carried out of his house in a body bag. I caught up with Paul well not literally but I secretly watched him as he flicked through numerous ECW folders that he had stored in a safe which I knew the number to now. I stood over Paul as he sat down in his kitchen drinking from his coffee mug he turned around quickly and took me by surprise but he couldn't see me. He shook his head and returned to what he was doing and that was reading off a sheet which was labelled "ECW Issues" below where numerous wrestlers that he had ideas for.

Paul laid down the pages of paper neatly and opened up another folder this time labelled "Living Dangerously" which of course is the next upcoming ECW pay per view. Paul had the card planned out already there was numerous scribbled out ideas that had been scrapped such as a 6 man battle royal for the ECW World title but that had been scrapped for reasons I don't know.

Paul's professionalism grabbed me, this man knew what he was doing. Could I really spite his mind and try and make ECW better for the better?

But the question that really took me off my feet was did I even know how to save ECW if Paul listened to me?

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Guest The Real Deal

user posted image

ECW On TNN Preview

Its a new year and a new edition of ECW On TNN.

The show will kick off with Balls Mahoney taking on Chris Hamrick.

Jerry Lynn with his manager Cyrus The Virus will be on the show when Jerry takes on Nova.

After the recent happenings at Hardcore TV Spike Dudley will team with Kid Kash to take on Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke in a dumpster match.

We will be expecting Paul Heyman to be on the show to tell us about the upcoming ECW pay per view "Guilty As Charged"

We will find out the number one contender for Rhino's ECW Television title in a 8 man hardcore over the top rope elimination match featuring Simon Diamond, Super Crazy, Danny Doring, CW Anderson, Roadkill, Tajiri, The Sandman and Steve Corino.

We will be expecting the ECW World champion to be in the arena after last weeks horrific events and we will find out about Justins condition.

Rob Van Dam and Sabu will put their new ECW Tag team straps on the line when they take on Tony DeVito and The Spanish Angel.

And in the ECW On TNN main event Masato Tanaka will take on Mikey Whipwreck in a Singapore cane match.

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Guest The Real Deal

user posted image

ECW On TNN Results

Location - ECW Arena

Attendance - 2224

The show kicks off with Joey Styles and Joel Gertner welcoming us to the show as usual. Joel runs down tonights card signalling that the key match to watch out for is for the ECW Television title number 1 contendership between Simon Diamond, Super Crazy, Danny Doring, CW Anderson, Roadkill, Tajiri, The Sandman and Steve Corino.

Balls Mahoney Vs Chris Hamrick

Balls is out first and he poses for the crowd as they cheer. Balls walks down the ramp carrying an empty trash can which he sets beside the steps. Next is Chris Hamrick who comes out looking hyped up and ever so cocky. Chris strolls down and slides into the ring where he circles Balls making him look uneasy. Balls and Chris lock up and Balls overpowers Chris and sends him down onto the canvas, Balls goes off the ropes and attempts an elbow drop but Chris rolls out of the way and gets up before hitting a few punches and stomp to bring the big man down. Chris lifts Balls up and attempts an irish whip but Balls reverses it and he sends Chris into the ropes who comes back and is hit with a powerslam. The match goes on with Balls in control and nothing changes at all. Balls finishes the match off with his Nutcracker Suite for a cover...1....2...3

Winner - Balls Mahoney

Jerry Lynn w/ Cyrus The Virus Vs Nova

Nova was first out and he looked settled and comfortable. Nova got into the ring and awaited the arrival of Jerry Lynn. The fans booed heavily as the music of Jerry Lynn blasted over the Pa System. Cyrus walked out with Jerry and smiled at the crowd who booed and jeered at Lynn and Cyrus. Jerry walked down the aisle with Cyrus before getting into the ring as Cyrus stayed at ringside.

Jerry and Nova lock up with men tangling to get the advantage. Nova breaks the hold and circles Jerry before going for a clothesline but Jerry ducks and hits a spinning wheel kick. Jerry gets up and hits a few stomps before picking Nova up and dragging him to the corner where he smashes his head against the turnbuckle padding. Jerry follows up with a backdrop into a pin..1......2..... Kick out. Jerry counts a 3 count in an angry manner and shouts at the referee insisting that it should have been 3. Nova takes this time to hit a lowblow followed by a roll up..1.....2.... Kick out. Jerry jumps up and looks outraged, he goes for a wild swing but Nova hits an atomic drop into a pin....1......2.... Kick out again. Nova gets up and goes off the ropes and jumps over Jerry and comes back off the other ropes and hits a dropkick knocking Jerry out of the ring. Cyrus shouts at Jerry telling him to keep focused.

Jerry manages to get back into the ring and both men slug it out for a whole back and forth each man getting back into the game if they were being beaten down. The match was ended when Jerry whipped Nova into the ropes and Cyrus The Virus planted Nova with a chair over the head and Nova staggered forward into a cradle piledriver for a cover...1....2....3

Winner by pinfall - Jerry Lynn w/ Cyrus The Virus

Jerry slides out of the ring and poses with Cyrus before heading backstage as the scene ends.


That's just a lesson!

As we come back from the break we head backstage to the male toilet area where Masato Tanaka is washing his hands. Masato dries his hands with a towel and goes to walk out the door but he is assaulted by Justin Credible with a baseball bat in hand. Justin lays in a few stomps and utters insults at Masato who lyes on the ground knocked out.

Tag Team Dumpster Match

Spike Dudley & Kid Kash Vs Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke

This match was a result of what happened on ECW Hardcore TV between Spike and Little Guido. The match was off the wall, all 4 men flew about the ring and it was a casual spot fest. Kid Kash jumped over the top rope landing on Little Guido hitting a huricanranna onto the floor. Spike slugged it out with Tony and Tony got the hang of the situation and hit a scoopslam followed by a Mamaluker onto Spike who lay knocked out in the middle of the ring. Mamaluke lifted up Spike and proceeded to put him into the Dumpster but Kid Kash got into the ring and knocked Mamaluke to the ground causing Spike to drop to the canvas. Kash lifted Mamaluke up and hit a powerbomb into the dumpster. Little Guido got into the ring carrying 4 x 4 barbed wire and he hit Kid with it to the back of the head. Kash went down as his hair got tangled in the barbed wire. Spike went for a clothesline but Guido blocked it and hit a wild punch followed by a snap suplex. Guido lifted Kash and placed him into the dumpster. The match went on with Spike and Guido fighting it out. Spike got the hand and hit an elbow drop off the top rope. Spike and Guido fought on the outside and Spike rammed Guido into the dumpster. Spike lifted Guido up and threw him into the turnbuckle busting him open. Spike hit a backroll press onto Guido. Spike threw Guido back into the ring and picked him up going for pump handle slam but Guido reversed it and hit a reverse neckbreaker. Guido picked Spike up and threw him into the dumpster closing it for the victory.

Winner - Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke

Guilty As Charged

The music of Paul Heyman plays over the pa system and he gets a small pop from the ECW fans. Heyman walks out looking tired and its obvious he hasn't shaved in a while. Heyman is wearing a business suit and an ECW baseball cap. Heyman walks down the aisle and walks up the steel steps and into the ECW ring as the fans chant "ECW" Heyman demands and a mic and his wish is granted.

Paul Heyman - Guilty..As..Charged! *Loud Pop* Guilty As Charged is just a few weeks away and already the tension is mounting. To a perspective where I have to sort this mess out here right not. Last week we seen some incredible and uncalled for acts by Masato Tanaka *Loud Pop* against the ECW World champion Justin Credible in a cage match. Mr. Tanaka used an illegal weapon in law terms might I also add to take out the champ in fantastic style *Loud Pop*. As there is a ECW Television title number 1 contendership hardcore battle royal later tonight I have came to a conclusion at Guilty As Charged our ECW World champion will defend his belt against Masato Tanaka *Loud Pop* in the first ever Hardcore Cell Of Hell! The is the first match of its kind and the details will be explained next week on Hardcore TV.

Paul struts about the ring as the crowd chant "Holy Shit"

Paul Heyman - But Mr. Credible after your actions from earlier on this evening instead of Masato Tanaka taking on Mikey Whipwreck in a Singapore Cane match you will take that place as we all know you like assaulting people in a cheap fashion.

Paul grins at the camera before giving his mic back to the timekeeper and going backstage.

ECW Television Title Number 1 Contendership 10 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal

Simon Diamond Vs Super Crazy Vs Danny Doring Vs CW Anderson Vs Roadkill Vs Tajiri Vs The Sandman Vs Steve Corino

The Ring is piled with weapons and trash cans, The rules are laid down and every 30 seconds a new man will enter.

CW Anderson and The Sandman start the match off. They both slug it out and CW takes down The Sandman with a drop toe hold onto a "STOP" sign. CW searches through the trash cans and picks up a box of pin tacks which he empties onto the canvas. CW laughs in an evil manner and picks The Sandman up and goes for a fallaway slam but The Sandman puts all his weight down and delivers a swift kick to CW's mid section followed by a wild left hand which takes him down.

Entering # 3 - Roadkill

Roadkill gets into the ring and lays in a few stomps onto CW before picking him up and going for a suplex but CW reverses it and uses a gutwrench to put Roadkill down. CW runs at Sandman who takes CW down with a clothesline. CW picks up a plate and smashes it over the head of Roadkill who falls to the canvas bleeding.

Entering # 4 - Tajiri

Tajiri slides under the bottom rope and hits Sandman with a dropkick. Tajiri throws Sandman into the turnbuckle and does a few flips before jumping into him as the crowd cheer. Roadkill who can barely stand tries to use the ropes to pull himself up and Tajiri hits a kick to the side of his head which knocks Roadkill over the top rope.

Elimination # 1 - Roadkill

Tajiri goes of the ropes and hits a bulldog onto The Sandman whose face crashes into the pin tacks as the fans chant "Holy Shit".

Entering # 5 - Steve Corino

Corino gets brawls with CW Anderson before showing massive strength and scoop slamming him over the top rope.

Elimination # 2 - CW Anderson

Corino picks up a chair and smashed it across the skull of Tajiri before hitting him with a running DDT and tossing him over the top rope.

Elimination # 3 - Tajiri

Entering # 6 - Danny Doring

Danny gets into the ring and straight away hits a backdrop on The Sandman who goes into the pintacks for the second time of the night. Danny Doring goes to get what looks like a glass light pole that lyes in the corner. He poses to the crowd with the pole in hand but Sandman hits a low blow and then smashes the pole across Doring's back before throwing him over the top rope as the glass shatters onto the canvas.

Elimination # 4 - Danny Doring

The crowd cheered and really got into the match.

Entering # 7 - Super Crazy

Super Crazy ran through the crowd and climbed the turnbuckle where he hit a flying corkscrew moonsault onto The Sandman who falls to the canvas. Corino hits Super Crazy with a sign before hitting a northern lights bomb onto the glass which shreds the back of Super Crazy as the fans once again shout "Holy Shit" and go nuts. The Sandman picks up Super Crazy and eliminates him.

Elimination # 5 - Super Crazy

Entering # 8 - Simon Diamond

Corino beats down Sandman and uses a baseball bat to put The Sandman down once again. Diamond lays in a few stomps onto The Sandman as Corino requests a table from ringside which is accepted and the time keeper passes in a table under the bottom rope. Corino sets the table up and awaits as Simon hits his Simon Series onto The Sandman before eliminating him.

Elimination # 6 - The Sandman

Corino took it straight to himself to get the brawl under way and he laid in a few punches followed by a DDT onto a "STOP" sign. Corino picks up Diamond and throws him over the top rope but Diamond hangs on and gets back into the ring. Diamond hits Corino with a European uppercut and rams his head into the turnbuckle. Diamond sets Corino up onto the turnbuckle and then in an act of brutality he kicks bits of glass onto the pin tacks before throwing Corino onto them. Diamond takes a rest as Corino bleeds in the middle of the ring writhing in sheer pain. Diamond picks Corino up and attempts to throw him over the top rope but Corino grabs Diamond by the head and throws him over instead.

Elimination # 7 - Simon Diamond

Winner - Steve Corino

Corino falls onto the canvas exhausted and hurt after the heights he had to go to to secure the victory and the chance to take on Rhino at Living Dangerously for the ECW Television title.


Last Weeks Actions

The music of Justin Credible blasts over the Pa System and the ECW World champion makes his way out signalling his arrival. Justin comes out wearing a bandanna which is to cover his cut after what happened last week. Justin has the ECW World title strapped firmly around his waist and on his way down the aisle he points to the title and shouts "I demand respect" as the fans around him boo. Justin slides into the ring and is passed a mic by the ECW time keeper.

Justin waits for the crowd to settle down before starting to speak.

Justin Credible - Last week on Hardcore TV your ECW World champion was viscously cheated out of a victory over Masato Tanaka *Fans Cheer* Now Masato you may think your some big shot because you pulled a victory over the ECW World champion but lets remember who had the chance to take home the victory early on in the "contest"

Fans chant "Boring"

Justin Credible - Oh shut the hell up! I have to wear this stupid crap to cover the horrible and evil acts of a Japanese foreigner that thinks he's some jumped up World title contender when in fact he's just a washed up son of a bitch that doesn't even deserve to be in Extreme...Championship...Wrestling.

Fans chant "Asshole"

Justin Credible - Masato, earlier on tonight weither people see it as fair or not it was fair. You assaulted me so I assaulted you and I hope that baseball shot to the ribs worked for you because it certainly give me pleasure in using it. Now moving on to other issues Mr. Heyman I see you've booked me in a singapore cane match against Mikey Whipwreck.

Justin steps about the ring smirking and shaking his head.

Justin Credible - Well you are the boss and whatever you think is best for the promotion. But be warned Whipwreck you don't want to face me in a match tonight of all nights.

Singapore Cane Match

Justin Credible Vs Mikey Whipwreck

Justin drops the mic and gives his ECW World title to the timekeeper as Mikey Whipwreck's music plays over the Pa System. Whipwreck comes out to a pop as he stands in hand with a Singapore cane. Justin slides out of the ring and gets a Singapore cane himself and gets back into the ring. Whipwreck steps up the steel steps and gets into the ring before circling Justin who eyes him viscously.

Whipwreck drops his cane and hooks up with Justin who breaks the hold up and then runs at Whipwreck taking him down with a shoulder block. Justin picks up Whipwreck and hits a front suplex before picking him up again and hitting a few punches followed by an atomic drop. Justin picks up a cane and waits as Whipwreck slowly gets up. Justin uses the cane to hit Mikey round the ribs with it. Justin kicks Mikey down to the canvas and laughs out as the fans boo. Justin hits an elbow drop followed by a cover...1.......2.... Kick out. Justin locks in a short arm scissors hold but seconds later releases it. Justin drags Mikey up but Mikey gets in a few shots at Justins stomach and then hits a sunsent flip..1....2... Justin kicks out. Justin jumps up and slugs it out with Mikey who takes control of the match and hits Justin with a backbreaker. Mike picks up the cane and lays it on Justins face before going off the ropes and hitting a legdrop onto the cane. Mikey gets up and poses before ripping off Justins stupid looking bandanna. Whipwreck lays in a few stomps but Justin makes his way to his feet and hits a kick to the midsection followed by a underhook powerbomb onto the cane. Justin picks up a cane and repeatidly beats down Mikey with it showing no remorse. Suddenly Masato Tanaka slides under the bottom rope and goes for a wild punch but Justin ducks and hits him with a "That's Incredible" before pinning Mikey...1....2.....3

Winner by pinfall - Justin Credible

Justin is passed his ECW World title and stands towering in the middle of the ring over Masato Tanaka as ECW On TNN goes off the air.

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Guest The Real Deal

So far I like it, I'm not overkeen on the layout, I'd say that's a weakness, but maybe that's just a personal preference. Keep up the good work ^_^

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Guest The Real Deal

Hello all its Scott once again and I can now offically admit that I am hooked on ECW.

Last nights show was amazing in my own opinion. The only thing wrong with the card. Like last weeks show when we went off air Paul Heyman came out and said that the RVD / Sabu Vs Spanish Angel and Tony DeVito would take place now due to the fact something personal happened to RVD when he was on his way to the arena. Heyman said RVD was in a car crash but had been at hospital during the show and he came out with a small bruise on his arm. RVD worked fine and got a massive pop when he came out which we could see he deeply appreciated. But of course RVD and Sabu retained the belt when Sabu hit an Arabian facebuster onto a steel chair.

Once again Justin Credible was good, this feud with Masato Tanaka is really shaping up for Living Dangerously I won't be at anymore ECW shows as I'll be saving up to go to Living Dangerously but I'll still be watching the shows on TNN.

Im glad Corino won the number 1 contendership battle royal and what happened in that ring in that match..words cannot describe. I mean a plate was smashed over the head of Roadkill, The Sandman was absolutly destroyed! His face was crushed into the pintacks and was then backdropped onto the pintacks. But the spot of the night had to be Corino hitting a northern lights bomb onto Super Crazy onto them glass pieces.

The fans were really into Heyman but he did look disgruntled and tired and it was obvious he wasn't himself.

It also looks like something is on the cards between Jerry Lynn w/ Cyrus The Virus / Nova as Nova didn't look too happy about being screwed by Cyrus at all.

Pop Of The Night

1 - Paul Heyman announces Living Dangerously main event.

2 - Super Crazy being hit with a northern lights bomb onto the glass peices.

3 - RVD coming out (Non Televised)

Heat Of The Night

1 - Justin Credible Interview

2 - Cyrus Screws Nova

3 - Justin Credible hits "That's Incredible" onto Masato Tanaka

Well all I guess I'll be back with another ECW show review at Living Dangerously.

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As someone else said, not a huge fan of the layout of the show, it isn't awful, but something about it annoys me a bit. Have to say the idea is really good, and the death thing is far enough away from Dukes' stuff to not be a knock off.

I think the storylines are coming along well, keep pushing Guido.

Anyway, the idea is good, and so far it is original (as far as I know), but it is a solid start, let's hope it continues.

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Guest The Real Deal

The Reappearance

I looked at the dark frozen figure that stared speechless at me. The figure was ECW owner Paul Heyman who one for one minute forgot who he as.

The figure stuttered before saying.

Paul Heyman - Its...its..its...yo...you..

I glanced at him and smiled.

Me - It certainly is Paul.

Paul Heyman - But it was just a dream! You where in my dream!

Me - It wasn't a dream Paul it was reality just like it is now.

Paul Heyman - What the fuck? What do you want from me?

Me - I want you to save Extreme Championship Wrestling from death.

Paul Heyman - Im trying my best you know! You moron's should cut me some slack.

Me - Well Paul for a start you need to think about financial matters.

Paul Heyman - I have that sorted believe me.

Me - No you don't Paul, I've seen the wrestler wage budget and its sky high.

Heyman started to get agitated.

Paul Heyman - You've been snooping about my private files?

Me - Well you do alot of snooping about when you're dead.

Paul Heyman - Oh yeah well just don't snoop about my things or things of ECW's concern.

Me - Paul im seriously getting pissed off with you now. Im here to help you save Extreme Championship Wrestling from Vince McMahon and Ted Turner that sit high in this damn monopoly business! And you don't seem to be appreciating my support for you at this current moment in time.

Paul laughed.

Paul Heyman - Monopoly? Every damn business is a monopoly business in more than one way. I've had big shots like you that have been alive bombarding my door with ideas and how they should feature in ECW. And you know what? These moron's bombarding my door were the guys that wouldn't give me as much as a dollar at the start to financially budget ECW.

Me - Paul calm down... Seriously man. Calm the fuck down. I know you've been double crossed by people before but you have to trust me.. You have to for ECW's sake!

Paul stood looking at me in a silent matter..

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