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What Gigs have you been to recently?


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Yeah, same as the film thread, just post whenever you see anyone, and I'll put them all in the first post like some sort of humungous gig database...thing.

Mine, in the past year or so....


Muse - 12/10

Goldfrapp - 11/10

The Killers - 10/10

Goldfrapp - 9/10

Ben Kweller - 8/10

Kings Of Leon - 8/10

Detroit Cobras - 7/10

Death From Above - 7/10

Elbow - 6/10

The Departure - 6/10

The Open - 5/10

Travis - 2/10

Public Enemy

Metallica - 10/10

Christina Aguilera - 3/10

Linkin Park - 8/10

Black Eyed Peas - 1/10

The Darkness - 7/10


Funeral for a Friend - 8/10

lostprophets - 7/10

Skindred - 7/10

WASP - 6/10

The Bronx

Avenged Sevenfold

Hondo Maclean

Further Seems Forever


Dead Rats

Placebo - 3/10

TAFKA Castroneves

Stone Sour - 8/10

Stone Sour - 8/10





The Libertines - 10/10

The Libertines - 10/10

Muse - 10/10

Muse - 10/10

Chas & Dave - 8/10

Elbow - 7.5/10

The Kills - 7/10

Electric Six - 7/10

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - 6/10

Junior Senior - 6/10


Fony 10/10

Metallica 10/10

Red Hot Chili peppers 9/10

KoRn 9/10

Iron maidem 9/10

captain everything 9/10

fastlane 9/10

Marilyn Manson 8.5/10

Stone Sour 8.5/10

grebo 8.5/10

my dad joe 8/10

Mudvayne 8/10

Raging Speedhorn 8/10

Audioslave 8/10

Less Than Jake 8/10

Disturbed 7/10

my awesome compilation 7/10

Puddle Of Mudd 5/10


Radiohead- 10/10

Frank Black and the Catholics- 10/10

Belle and Sebastian- 10/10

Frank Black and the Catholics- 8/10

Frank Black and the Catholics- 8/10

J. Mascis and the Fog- 8/10

Radiohead- 7/10

Eric Burdon- 7/10

Van Morrison- 6/10

Van Morrison- 5/10

Robert Plant- 4/10


No Use For A Name



Bowling For Soup


King Prawn


The Fat Cats



Never Heard Of It




Reel Big Fish

The Matches

The Epoxies

Swingin' Utters


Metallica - 14/10

Auf Der Maur - 9/10


Puddle of MuDD - 9.5/10

The Strokes - 9/10


Primus - 10/10

Six Feet Under - 7/10


Biffy Clyro (MON TEH BIFFY~! - Jook)


A perfect circle - 10/10

Alkaline Trio - 8/10


Planet Smashers x3 9.5/10

The Ste. Catherines 9/10

The Couch Addiction 9/10

Mad Caddies 9/10

Mustard Plug 8/10

Closet Monster 8/10

Catch 22 7.5/10

Pulley 7.5/10

Big D and the Kids Table 7/10

General Rudie 6.5/10

Irish Car Bomb 5/10

Choke 5/10

THe Fallout Project3/10

KoRn Fan Jamie

Ozzfest 2001: 8/10

KoRn: 9/10

Puddle of Mudd: 7/10

Go Go Yubari

Weird Al Yankovic - 10/10

White Stripes - 8/10

Botox Aftermath - 7/10

Vendetta Red - 7/10

W.A.S.L - 6/10

Evanescence - 6/10

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 6/10 (You gave 6/10 to teh sexiest band evar~! :o - Jook)

Black Eyed Peas - 6/10

Jehosephat - 5/10

Cold - 3/10

Pederast - -/10

Grind Your Soul

Every Time I Die [9/10 and 9/10]

Black Dahlia Murder [9/10 and 9/10]

As I Lay Dying [7/10 and 8/10]

Scarlet [5/10 and 6/10]

From Autumn to Ashes [5/10 and skipped them the second night]

hopesfall [7/10 and 6/10]

Most Precious Blood [8/10 and 10/10]

Bleeding Through [7/10 and 6/10]

Comeback Kid [7/10 and 5/10]

Between the Buried and Me [9/10 and 10/10]

She Kills [5/10 and 4/10]

God Forbid [6/10]

Walls of Jericho [8/10]

Nora [7/10]

Evergreen Terrace [7/10]

On Broken Wings [7/10]

Embrace Today [7/10]

Dillinger Escape Plan [9/10]

The Locust [8/10]


CKY: 10/10

Slipknot - 10/10

Iggy Pop - 10/10

HIM: 9/10

KoRn - 8/10

Machine Head - 8/10

The Stranglers: 8/10

Fireball Ministry: 8/10

lostprophets - 8/10

Linkin Park - 8/10

Metallica - 7/10

Viking Skull: 7/10

HIM - 3/10


The Killers - 10/10

Surfarosa - 9/10

The Departure - 8/10




The Killers - 9.5/10

Funeral for a Friend - 9/10


Surferosa - 8/10



Saliva - 7.5/10

The Departure - 6.5/10

OPM - 0.5/10

Sean O'Haire

No Doubt - 9/10

Blink 18Sellout - 6/10


Dogs Die In Hot Cars



Ordinary Boys


MUSE - 10/10 ( B) - Jook)

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Gone To:

Metallica: 9.5/10

Fantastic Concert, Bastards would'nt play 'Whiskey since Rob did'nt know the Bass for it...cunts. Otherwise, A damn good concert.

Christina Aguilera: 3/10

I was dragged to this piece of shit, The whore mimed the whole thing.

Linkin Park: 8/10

Alot better than I expected, they were also pretty good to the crowd aswell admitting that they could never 'co-headline' with Metallica and that they were admittingly, The backing act. Everyone else seemed to hate them though, A friend of mine even hit the DJ's set with a bottle of water.

Black Eyed Peas: 1/10

Backing up Christina...Horrible

The Darkness: 7/10

Also backing up Metallica they only had 'Growing On Me' out at the time and were'nt really that big, The crowd loved them anyway and worked pretty well as an opening comedy act kind of thing. Were'nt the worst band live...

EDIT: I editted the whole post to include ratings for those mentioned and the back-up acts.

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Seen the Lostprophets (with the Bronx and Avenged Sevenfold as supports, who are both amazing to see live and on cd) 7/10.

Seen Funeral for a Friend (with Hondo Maclean and Further Seems Forever as supports) again good. 8/10. They translate well in a small venue.

Saw WASP (with Dragonforce in support, who blow) 6/10.

Going to see Killswitch Engage (with God Forbid, Shadows Fall - who are amazing, and Chimira in support) Should be cool, wanted to see Shadows Fall for a while.

Going to see Taking Back Sunday, meh the melody is nice.

And of course Reading from Wednesday onwards.

I haven't been to that many this year.

Edit Forgot Skindred - 7/10 - really cool band.

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StoneSour with Saliva in Bristol - 8/10

Both StoneSour and Saliva were really into the show and was all around a brillant night.

StoneSour with Murderdolls in Birmingham - 8/10

Met Josh Rand at this show which is always a plus point, but unfortinatly that plus point goes down because Elviss were opening the show, and not to mention they sounded really heavy due to a woman pressing buttons for bass on the sound desk...Murderdolls were ok but StoneSour were wicked as usual

I also find it odd how I have only been to StoneSour gigs...oh well plenty of other chances. Ill Nino would be a cool one to go to in the future.

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In the last year:

The Libertines x 2 - 10/10 both times

(supported by Chas and Dave - 8/10, and The Kills - 7/10)

Muse x 2 - 10/10 again for both shows

(supported by Elbow - 7.5/10)

BRMC - 7/10

Electric Six (free tickets from xfm) - 7/10

(supported by Junior Senior - 6/10)

I'm sure there are others but I can't remember. Technically last year's V Festival was over a year ago (saw Damien Rice, Athlete, Ash, Foo Fighters, Coldplay), but it's been so long I wouldn't call it recent so won't rate them or anything.

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Guest Angry Baboon

Frank Black and the Catholics- 8/10

Frank Black and the Catholics- 10/10

Frank Black and the Catholics- 8/10

Van Morrison- 6/10

Van Morrison- 5/10

Radiohead- 7/10

Radiohead- 10/10

Robert Plant- 4/10

Eric Burdon- 7/10

Belle and Sebastian- 10/10

J. Mascis and the Fog- 8/10

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Guest PlagueUK

Local battle of the bands 9/10 - Kicked ass, was in a little bar in the college arts center.

The Hot Quiche Conspiricy - 11/10 - played at my girlfriends college leavers ball last night in a posh hotel. So it was them on the dance floor cause the dj and all the lighting and sound equipment were on the extremely small stage.

So it was them on a dance floor, drums, bass player, guitar player, singer, trumpet player and 2 trombone players. plus over 150 people. It was simply awesome.

I've never seen such a smartly dressed ska/rock mosh pit lol.

These guys are so great :D


Red Hot Chili Peppers - Edinburgh in two weeks

Carling Leeds Festival - back end of August, got me a full weekend ticket, going with a massive amount of people.

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You saw the Bronx? Damn you (shakes fist)...I wanted to see them but no one wanted to go with me.


No Use For A Name



Bowling For Soup (Hey, they are entertaining live dammit)


King Prawn


The Fat Cats



Never Heard Of It




Reel Big Fish (Walked out on them. Went to the gig mainly to see the support)

The Matches (Nice people, shit band)

The Epoxies

Swingin' Utters

Those are the only ones I can remember at the moment. And tomorrow Im going to see Less Than Jake at the Brixton Academy supported by The AKAs and Yellowcard. Argh, everywhere else on the tour Capdown are supporting but for godamn London we get Yellowcard. I fucking hate them.

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You saw the Bronx? Damn you (shakes fist)...I wanted to see them but no one wanted to go with me.

Yeah it was awesome the singer came out to the circle pit and I got to run into him. Ah, good times.

They're playing on the Radio 1 stage on Saturday with the Icarus Line if you're going to that.

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Guest PlagueUK

Reel Big Fish (Walked out on them. Went to the gig mainly to see the support)

My girlfriend saw them in Newcastle, they had 3 support bands and being the geordies everyone was well up for them even though half the people never heard of them before. So apparently by the time RBF got on everyone was knackered and thoguht they sucked compared to the supports.

Which made the band mad, and they were apparently trying for ages to get people louder and moving and eventually got so pissed off and started insulting the crowd.

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Guest MuRd0K

This year, on El Paso

Puddle of Mudd (With: Smile Empty Soul)- 9.5/10

Absolutely amazing concert. The people were nice, there were some entertaining moments, the crowd was hot, I was on the front row and I was able to greet Wesley and Paul. It was just mind blowing, but Smile Empty Sould kept them from reaching 10. At the moment, I had only heard Bottom of a bottle, and they played around 7-8 songs, so it was hard to follow them (Although I did liked them).

The Strokes - 9/10

Amazing, but it was unconfortable (sp?) to me with the people, and no air conditioner, so everyone of us were sweating pigs, and I managed to eat hair and lose my converse (Although I recovered it after the concert ended). It was a good concert, but the sound wasn't that amazing because of poor production level, so to say.

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Guest bukkake bandit

A Perfect Circle - 10/10

Great. Great. Great. One of my favorite bands and the way they take most of their songs and either add more parts or lyrics to make it sound like a completely different song is awesome.

Alkaline Trio w/Senses Fail - 8/10

Senses Fail suck. I like Alkaline Trio, but I'm not familiar with most of their songs. The only songs I recognized were Armageddon and Private Eye, so it was hard to follow most of the show. They're good live though.

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I haven't really gotten around to seeing many shows lately, the two most recent ones I can think of are...

Primus - 10/10

Six Feet Under - 7/10 (shit band, fun show)

I'm going to see Cannibal Corpse sometime in July though.

Bastard. Take me with you.

I'm going to see Iced Earth on June 9th more than likely. Besides that the only concerts I've been to have been for local bands. If someone wants me to post those I will.

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Ozzfest 2001: Amazing Gig, espeically System Of A Down. Great atmosphere. Im docking 2 points off cos Ozzy didn't turn up. 8/10

KoRn: An amazing concert, seen as they were the best band in the world in my opinoin when i went to see them. 9/10

Puddle of Mudd: I liked them but the crowd didnt. 7/10

Im going to Korn, Metallica, Slipknot and Static X this summer and I cant wait.

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