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The Sheen/Estevez Family Debate


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So after watching a brief bit of the West Wing, a large screaming match occured between my suitemates over which of Martin Sheen's sons look more like him.

A long period of time later and the following two comparissons were created.



Its about a 70/30 split here in favor of Emilio looking more like both the younger and older versions of Martin.

There are however Charlie supporters.

Please, help us put this issue to rest.

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Guest Ringmaster

Emilio looks more like Martin, because Charlie has his mother's cheeks and to an extent eyes and nose. Charlie also bares a greater ressemblance to Ramon, who looks like his mother as well. Renée, on the other hand, looks very much like her mother.

Charlie Sheen, however, is the king of pimp, and I tip my hat off to him.

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So, I was like.... EMMMMMEEELIOOOOO!

Someone had to do it.

Emilio, hands down.

Now, as to the more kickass Sheen, well, hands down its daddy, simply because of Apocalypse Now. As for Charlie or Emilio... well, Charlie had Major Leagues, while Emilio had The Breakfast Club, buuuuut, he also had Mighty Ducks, but then again, Charlie had Major Leagues II.

The Breakfast Club over Major Leagues.... barely.

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Emilio, because of the eyes...

Martin can get a really crazy fucking look in his eyes (like in The Dead Zone), and Emilio comes closer to getting it down than Charlie.

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Guest Pirate Chasin' Booty

Nah, Martin Sheen's birth name is Martin 'something spanish' Estevez, I'd imagine Sheen is his stage name or something, some of his family carry Sheen, some Estevez, some both.

Emilio Sheen sounds shit though, Estevez sounds smooth.

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Nah, Martin Sheen's birth name is Martin 'something spanish' Estevez,

That would be "Ramon" Estevez.


I'm annoyed at movies that feature both Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez in starring/supporting roles together, only when they don't play relatives.


Rated X (not for content...but since they were brothers in that)


Men at Work

Young Guns

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Guest Cereal Killer

Men at Work was a hilarious movie, just for the fact that they actually made a movie where the two stars were garbage men.

As for who looks more like who, I think Charlie looks more like Martin especially now that both are alot older.

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