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'GAME' Chart Deal.


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I'm sure any UK'ers know of the deal at game 4 (and 99p) for 1.

I plan on trading in 8 old games of mine, and picking up 2 new ones. One of them, being the new Timesplitters.

However, I'm unsure what else to get, I know the chart changes from GAME, to GAME, but what are some of the best games that will probably be available in the chart, reasons why they'd be good to pick up too, thanks.

And I'm going later this afternoon (see: 8 hours). So, haste = good.


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Fifa Street (really suprised, I didn't think I'd enjoy as much as I have)

Yeah, I hardly ever think much of any fifa game later than 98, but I actually enjoyed it. Feels like NBA Jam meets football. Good to pick up and play with a few mates, doesnt look like anything that could keep my attention in one player mode.

And definately think about GT4, it is just so awesome. It'll keep you playing for ages.

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TimeSplitters 3


Fifa Street (really suprised, I didn't think I'd enjoy as much as I have)


Brothers In Arms

This conversation seems familiar, oh wait, you were crying over the decision on MSN all night :P

Hey, you and Ellis convinced me to trade in 8, blame yourselves.

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My mate told me about this new thing.

Seems intriguing considering a have about 11 or so shite games that I’ll probably never play again.

How about Quake 3, The Sims, Max Payne, Fifa 2003, Medal Of Honor, Burnout 2, Def Jam Vendetta, Timesplitters 2, Smackdown Shut Your Mouth, Here Comes The Pain and Just Bring It (and probably one other) for Fifa Street, Timesplitters 3 and either Brother In Arms/GT4?

…Fair deal or not?

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Nah, it's still on. But you can't trade football or wrestling games.

FIFA Street's one-player mode is pretty good I think. Nothing tops multiplayer though. Flicking it up over your mates head and then scissor kicking it into the top corner, awesome seeing the look on their faces :P

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Fifa Street. 3/10.

Awful controls, shocking commentary and absolutely no point at all. It's not like football needs simplifying. It doesn't work.

The reason you can't swap old footy games and wrestling games is that no-one buys the old ones cos they're blatantly out of date. Rosters change, kits change and everything the fans buy them for is different. GAME have trouble shifting them.

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