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Your Top 5 Women


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Well, ladies and gentlemen. This is a sort of a spin-off from the highly successful women list. This was suggested by Mr. Ringmaster with some credit to CSAMH for starting the concept in the last women list.

So, post your top five women (with pics) and enjoy!

ROC's Top Five Ladies

5. Adriana Lima

One of the sexiest bra models today. I admit I didn't find her really, really sexy until last year, but good god is she sexy.

4. Rebecca Romijn

Still one of the sexiest supermodels on this planet barnone. Also an okay actress as well.

3. Kate Beckinsale

She just looks so natural. She has a very pretty face with a decent body to cover that up. Not to mention, she has talent and it also seems like she has intelligence and personality as well.

2. Salma Hayek

I like the body, I like the face, I can make plenty peace with the eyebrows. Yowza.

1. Monica Bellucci

*likes the Bellucci looks like Neve Campbell look* :thumbsup:

The edit: edited the pictures to be links. Shall do this with all posts containing a picture that stretches the screen. I'd advise you guys to do the same if you find that the pic is too big. =)

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I've decided to take this time to school everyone on what hot chicks look like:

CM Punk's Top Five Women

1) Rachel Bilson


Hottest Feature: Girl-Next-Door look.

2) Vida Guerra


Hottest Feature: Ass.

3) Cristina Scabbia


Hottest Feature: Everything.

4) Brittany Daniel


Hottest Feature: Face.

5) Juliya of Uranium


Hottest Feature: Bad ass 'tude.

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Here's my top five (it's changed, though.) :D

5. Lacey Chabert

4. Kate Winslet

3. Natalie Portman

2. Jessica Alba

AND My Number 1 is.......

1. Beyonce Knowles

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Guest Ringmaster

I don't really wanna post the women I posted earlier, so here is a top 5 in no order.

The bitches are:

Minki Van Der Westhuizen

Arielle Kebbel

Kristen Bell

Carly Pope

Lacey Chabert











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5. Shannon Elizabeth

4. Alyssa Milano

3. Scarlett Johansson

2. Natalie Portman

1. Eva Mendes

The edit: changed pictures to links. And get some Eva and Milano pics up here that works, ya bastard! =P

Another edit: Pics for Eva and Milano are up now, they worked before I swear :$

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Guest concretedog

5. Claire Forlani

An English rose. Beautiful in the conveentional sense. Deep eyes, a great figure and lush lips.

See her in: Meet Joe Black, The Rock (fleetingly), Mystery Men, Antitrust


4. Chiaki Kuriyama

One of a number of Japanese actresses whom I lurve. A few years back she was gangly and geeky-looking. Now she looks like sex warmed up. (or something)

See her in: Battle Royale, Kill Bill vol. 1


3. Kate Moss

The original supermodel. Not the greatest taste in sane men (Johnny Depp, Pete Doherty) but hey, she's still PROPER nice.

See her in: Every catwalk around the world, celeb magazines, plenty of adverts for makeup.


2. Jodie Kidd

Loves fast cars and sports and is actually intelligent and funny.

See her in: Same as Kate Moss really. She also turns up on Top Gear a lot cos of her car driving abilities and friendship with Jeremy Clarkson.


1. Milla Jovovich

Will she ever be dislodged? Is it possible?! Quirky gorgeousness personified. Beautiful body, lovely face, cheekbones that could slice cheese and apparantly pretty fun to be around.

See her in: Resident Evil 1&2, Fifth Element, Joan Of Arc, Zoolander, MTV, L'Oreal adverts (cos she's worth it)


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I'll post pictures when I can be arsed,

1. Mischa Barton

2. Keira Knightley

3. Elisha Cuthbert

4. Angelina Jolie

5. Anna Kournikova

Changes a lot depending on tastes. However the top 3 are always there.

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Guest Grapehead

5. Christina Milian


4. Vida Guera


3. Scarlett Johansson


2. Jessica Alba


1. My girlfriend Allison

Forgive my corny #1 pick, but I'm blinded by love, plus you can't say she isn't beautiful!

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