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Hate to say I told you soooooooooooo.


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It took a whole three minutes for someone to start bashing them (in a highly ironic manner).

Maybe I'm the only Creed fan in existance. Oh well.

Oh, fret not, Reilly, I had no problem with the rest of the crew. But Scott Stapp can take his holier-than-thou (in more ways that one) attitude and shove it.

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Pearl Jam > > > > > Those plagarising bastards

First you thought Godsmack "plagarised" Alice in Chains (when in fact they just took the name from a song) and now you think Creed "plagarised" Pearl Jam. How the hell does that come about?

I listen to Creed and I don't really see a connecting or "plagarism" at all. :/ Unless they really plagarised Pearl Jam and I haven't heard of it. :shrugs shoulders: Oh well. But my point still exists. You think everyone copies your favorite bands. And I agree with what Tristy said below. Pearl Jam is overrated. Not a great band at all.

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who is creed? i have never heard of anything by them but i suppose if they sold over twenty four million album int theyre career they must have had a legitimate fanbase, all though they dont sound like theyd be good in concert

and btw pearljam is a spoof off of nirvana

Who are a spoof off of Sonic Youth and The Pixies.

Ah... how these things can keep going and going!

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