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How much

Guest Snyper

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I won't spend more that £12 on a normal CD, but if it's special edition or something, maybe more. I can get them cheap on amazon, so why spend more?

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Guest Angry Baboon

£10 for a box of blank CDs, and five minutes of my time on Soulseek >_>

Nah, I buy CD's from small bands but if it's the odd Beatles song I won't...pay <_<

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I've paid up to $35 Canadian dollars for a CD. Normally, I won't spend more than $15 on a disc, unless of course I've been anticipating one for awhile, as will be the case with Contrabond (which I'll be paying about $20 for, once taxes hit me.)

I like enough old music, and popular music, that I can usually get stuff that I want for anywhere from $5.99-$10.99

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I buy CD's on such a rare basis that I have no qualms of spending 20 euros or more on one CD (example: the special edition of Chimaira's "Impossibility Of Reason" for 19,99€). Luckily, most of the CD's I'm actually interested in cost something from 9,99€ to 14,99€ in a specialized music store, so it's not that costy to get a CD I want.

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