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Anti-Piracy takes the final step to insanity....


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I say in protest we go into HMV and give them a urine sample

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The thing I don't understand, is if they're trying to crack down on piracy, why the hell haven't they done anything about, DVD and CD burners? huh? I haven't heard anything about them trying to "crack down" on that, just file-sharing :/

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Will NEVER happen. NEVER.

And I thought that night-vision equipment in cinemas to find those trying to pirate films was as bad as it got.

Hes right you know. This has absolutly no chance of happening. If sueing the living daylights out of people didn't work, then this won't either.

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Guest TheTokenWhiteGuy

Couldn't someone sue them for invasion of privacy? IT gets to a certain point were they just need to spend the money on something else.

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Big Brother is watching...

Fuck that, it's only a matter of time before your social security number is burned into your arm at birth and you have to use for everything except jerking off. They're probably wasting more money on this than file sharing is costing them.

And the reason they don't go after Burning software is because they can't. It's perfectly legal to make copies of anything you own, which is why blank cassettes and VCRs aren't illegal. What is illegal is downloading music for free off the internet. What should be illegal is the shit the RIAA is trying to pass off as music these days.

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