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Am I an Obsessed Iron Maiden Fan?

Infinte Fire

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Yes.. i'm bored, and i decided to write down everything i have :blush:


Iron Maiden


Number Of The Beast

Piece Of Mind

Live After Death

Somwhere In Time

Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

Fear Of The Dark

No Prayer For The Dying

Live At Donington

The X Factor

Virtual XI

Brave New World

Rock In Rio (LIVE)

Edward The Great

Dance Of Death

CD Singles

Number Of The Beast Single

No More Lies EP Box Set


Rock In Rio

Visions Of The Beast

The Early Days : Pt 1

Video Tapes

Live At The Rainbow

Live After Death

12 Wasted Years


Piece Of Mind


Live After Death

Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

No Prayer For The Dying

7" Singles

Number Of The Beast

Bootleg Vinyl

Monsters OF Rock Clear Vinyl


Number Of The Beast

Number Of The Beast/2005 Calander

Real Live One

Real Dead One

The Prophet

Brave New World - Promotional Poster for HMV

Framed Items

2005 Parc De Prince ticket + special access wristband

Bruce Dickinson photo taken in paris enlarged

Steve Harris and Dave Murray enlarged photo taken in paris

Steve Harris photo enlarged taken in paris

Dave Murray enlarged photo taken in paris


Number Of The Beast 1982

Number Of The Beast 2005/Eddie Rips Up Summer Tour on the back

Piece Of Mind 1983

Eddie Rips Up long sleved

Maiden Fan Club 2005 Paris

Bruce Dickinson CD's

Balls To Picasso

The Chemical Wedding

Tyranny Of Souls

Mr Bean - (I Want To Be) Elected/Featuring Bruce Dickinson


The Trooper (large back patch)

Fear Of The Dark LIVE

Iron Maiden (1980 orignal patch

IRON MAIDEN - Brave New World logo strip patch

IRON MAIDEN - strip patch Silver writing

Killers World Tour 1981

Number Of The Beast x 2

Brave New World

Live After Death x 2

Killers (circle patch)

Iron Maiden cut out logo

Guitar Shaped badge with Iron Maiden/The Beast written on it

The Trooper


Fear OF The Dark

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Obsessed? Naw... :shifty:

Most of my friends that are more into the punk scene are big Iron Maiden fans. They have recently played me some Iron Maiden, and I really dig it. Iron Maiden is definitely an awesome band, and I will say there is no shame in being obsessed with them. A few of them had free tickets to Ozzfest and professed that Iron Maiden stole the show.

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Those guys are still around??? Holy cow.

I saw them a few times back in the mid-late 80's (Number of the beast tour, pieces of mind tour) headlining over such bands as Twisted Sister, Fastway, and Saxxon.

I may even have the old tour shirts in a box in the basement. I don't think I still have the records, though. I had Number, and the first live one. I think I traded them away for weed or something, back in the day.

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I caught them on their UK tour a year or two ago (I liked them, not really into them though) when Funeral For A Friend supported them. Both of the bands totally blew me away that night. I like Maiden but i'm not a big fan. I haven't bought a CD by them.

And yes you're obsessed. The band i'm obsessed with I don't even own that much stuff by them and I thought I was bad with my obsessions. :shifty:

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