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Worst Classic Rock Songs

Valentina's Boyfriend

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There is a radio show on Shortwave and on the internet called The Lost Disk Radio Show and they play music from 50's to the 70's that bands you never hear of and bands like Beatles. Who, Kinks and more. And there was one song on the site I heard before and it suck big time the name of the song is 29 of September by Euqipe 84 and the whole song was mostly bad feedback and they recorded it the singer basement

Also one of my favorites song is Give Booze A Chance - Bonzo Dog Doo-Da Band its a great site if anyone what to check it


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I love Rock and Roll is awesome. Awesome.

Stairway To Heaven is crap. I don't know why people pop such mad boners over it.

I agree on both points. Led Zeppelin had infinitely better songs than Stairway, which just bites.

And Lowerdeck, you are a disgrace to the universe.

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Guest Pirate Bud the Staggering Drunk

Stairway to Heavan is one of the best songs in Hard Rock history. Look at all the lists its been near the top its been on. It was just #2 on AOL's Top 111 Classic Rock Songs, just behind "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who.

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I like Stairway to Heaven, but I don't think it's the greatest rock song of all time. But that's just my opinion. Like assholes, right? So yeah, everybody has their own. I certainly don't think it's crap, but there are far better songs out there in rock history.

As for the worst... Well, personally I enjoy the song, but you will never hear We Built This City by Starship on the radio. But yeah, personally I love that damn song. Even though it was voted like the worst song ever or something, it's one of my guilty pleasures.

EDIT: yeah, Starship is 80's, but I have always classified classic rock as being between the 60's to mid 80's.

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Disgraces to humanity, the both of you.

@Pheonyx; Just because a song makes it on a list doesn't mean anything.

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Cloudy: You may be right. I may be crazy. But it just might be a lunatic your girlfriend's looking for.

ErikBN: Least someone agrees with me. We're loners on this, so we gotta stick together, tellin the truth ... that that song sucks. (That so doesn't sound right)

E.B.G.: Guilty pleasures tends to be stuff like Phil Collins or the really sappy Foreigner shit. We Built This City to music is like Katrina to Louisiana and Mississippi ... an enormous disaster.

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