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Even In Hell They Wrestle


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The room was silent, the cold air flowed in through the air conditioning with a slight buzz. A loud grunt echoed through the empty office. The camera spun around, showing a large man bent over the table, his trousers around his ankles. His hips swayed back and forth roughly, as he roared with pleasure.

"Oh yeah, Vinnie Mac"

McMahon was squeezing harder and he loved it

"Shit, you're tight"

McMahon was crying at this point.

"Yeah, bitch, take it. Yeaaaah. Call me Terra Ryzin! Yeah! Call me Johnny B. Badd! Do it bitch!"

McMahon mumbled

"I cant hear you bitch!"

He screamed



The man threw his head back, giving the camera a clear shot of his handlebar moustache; it was Triple H. He grunted loudly, as he came violently into the inner workings of his boss, and father-in-law.

"That's what happens when you fuck with the kliq, Vinne Bitch!"

Out of nowhere, a body flew down into the room, elbow dropping Triple H square in the head, and crashing through the table. It was Shane O’ Mac! The camera quickly panned up, to show some huge ladder, around 70 foot high (yes, it’s a big room). The camera panned back down, to show Shane O’ Mac a mess on the floor.

Triple H was dead. His neck had been snapped. Vince was barely breathing, he was in agony. He wouldn’t shit right for a week, that’s for sure.

Triple H of course went to hell, you can’t kill the careers of potential superstars without going to hell, can you? There was something no one counted on though. A higher power. Straight outta hell sent him back. As a pirate.

He got his revenge by killing superstars off, one by one, with his hook and his trusty parrot, Ayaz. Why did he do this? Because even in hell they wrestle.

Note: This diary isn't a singular effort. Members of the Kliq are working together to create this masterpiece, namely Summers and Ringmaster.

Edited by Summers
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Guest Ringmaster

He had amassed quite a lot of wrestlers in front of him. Scott Hall was here, he was a drunk and belonged in hell. Barry Horowitz as well, he was Jewish and his people killed Christ. Shawn Micheals, however, was spared, for he was a good Christian soul and wasnt gonna work a shithole like hell. Basically, here's the people currently here, and why they got into hell:

Aldo Montoya, was a prag.

Bad News Brown, nigger

Barry Horowitz, he's Jewish

Blue Blazer, came down form heaven for the good fighting, unfortunately his neck is broken and he's a dead body because God doesnt work miracles

Bret Hart, whiny bitch.

Booker T, nigger, robbed a bank

Chris Candido, took drugs and had gay sex with Aldo Montoya

Chyna, stood at the gates of heaven and no one would let her in because, really, who wants THAT in heaven?

D'Lo Brown, killed Droz's career, and he's black.

Droz, puked a lot and killed D'Lo Brown's push

Hardcore Holly, redneck who had the gall to vote for Kerry in 04. Like really.

Heindenreich: Nazi.

Hulk Hogan, Like you need to ask

Ed Leslie, follows Hogan everywhere.

Kevin Nash, rapes little kids

Muhammed Hassan, had sex with Daivari and was a Musu.

Ric Flair, male prostitute of the severe variety

Rob Van Dam, stoner and really, Triple Arr wanted to spite him

Ron Simmons, drunk nigger

Stephanie McMahon, whore of shit.

Scott Hall, alcoholic

Zeus, only guy willing to job to Hogan out of the bunch.

And some other suprises awaited them too.

Triple Arrr looked at them.

"I'm sure you're all wondering what you're doing here. Well... I....am.. TRIPLE ARRRRR! And I am that damn good! Get it!? You are here because even in hell we wrestle. So go train, bitches, because that's how we roll! Yeah! I am the game-arrrr!"

They all looked at him and didnt move.

"Oh so you no movey? Get them Ayaz"

Ayaz the parrot flew out, screaming "JIHAD" and bit off a part of the Blue Blazer's bones that were remaining out of his neck.

Everyone shuddered.

Triple Arrr spoke

"That's right! I am the game-arr! Obey me!"

They all started to leave, but he stopped them.

"Before you all leave, allow me to introduce you to your GM-arrr"

And inside the room the GM came. In the non sexual sense.

"Zbignav, ahtung, panzer mein reichstag! Ja! Nein na heil achtung!"

Triple Arr smiled.

"Listen to the man and salute his Nazi ass"

They all raised their arms, except Horowitz

"Heil Hitler!"

Hitler then looked at Horowitz and spoke

"Ein Juden na spakish kaka? Nein saluten kaka?"

"I won't!"

"Kaka achtug!"

So Hitler kicked him in the gut and gave him a stunner, before starting to strut and say WOOOOO

Ric Flair took offense.

"That's gimmick infregement!"

Hitler gave him a stunner too.

Triple Arr laughed.

"Get to work bitches! I am the game---arrrr!"

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Guest Ringmaster

"Agh Ja, all is gut!"

"Oh Dolphie, I had no idea your penis was so peckish"

"Ja! Mein swartzen es grandastak!"

"It's nearly as big Joanie's clit!"

"Nein! Icht smallerater!"

He pumped into Steph some more, as she moaned. He loved to suck the juice of her fat skin, it was lovely. Meanwhile, Chyna was giving him the greatest rim job in the world, as he was sweating the delicious scheisse out of his ganghul.

"Achtung!" he screamed as he ejaculated fiercely into Steph's vagina.

Hitler though, he wasn't done, he decided to do Chyna this time. Anal. Just like Sean Waltman. Steph, meanwhile, looked at Linda.

"Shit mom, you ain't done?"

"uuuuhhhh... no"

"Dolphie!" she said looking at Hitler who was trying to fit his dick inside Chyna's ass. "Momma needs help getting her groove on, maybe Joanie could help?"

"Ja, icht in flaschen biere!"

Suddenly, Triple-Arr entered the room.

"What the fuck is this-arr? Hitler? You fucking my women? I am the game-arr! No one fucks my women-arr!"

Triple Arr gave Hitler a kick wham pedigree.

"Nazi bitch. Yo bitches, where do you think you're going?" he said to the 3 ladies as they were trying to escape. "You know the punishment if you ho's try to cheat on me-arrr"

They did. As Triple-Arr bent over, they started stick their toes into his ass, simulataneously.

Suddenly, Scott Hall came in.

"Yo survey says one more for the bad guys!"

Triple Arr got up.

"Damn right buddy. Damn right"

He smirked.

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Guest TMacThaShiznit

Summers....Ringmaster...you two are officially two of the best diary writers ever...now I expect you to have Heidenreich and Hitler feud...and then have Chyna and Steph fight over Triple Arrr..to find out that....HE'S FUCKING LINDA!!!!

Yeah..I see it happening.

Keep it up, you gained a reader in me. I'm actually adding this to my Shiznit sig list.

P.S.: Hilarious reasons the superstars went to Hell.

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The living quarters were pretty much caves, though that was the least of their problems. In the room, politically correctly, titled “niggers” sat all of the, well, niggers - minus Zeus. They complained, using words like damn and whack, about the current situation.


In another room, sat Droz, Hardcore Holly and Heidenreich. Droz mostly complained about “that damn coon” D’Lo. Whereas Holly slurred about missing beating his girlfriend, Tough Enough contestants and niggers. Heidenreich grunted slightly now and again.


Hall, Nash and Aldo sat in the next room. It was much nicer than the other rooms, they had a TV, and a sofa. Being in the kliq has its bonuses, right? You still end up dead, but you get free cable.


Hulk Hogan sat in his room, quiet and calm. Under his feet, eating a rat, was Ed Leslie.

"Brother whatchu eating?" shooted Hogan


Hogan slapped him.

"Give the rat to that uppity negro"

Leslie sighed and tossed the rat at Zeus, who swallowed it whole.

"Thank you masah. No one give Zeus food back in Africa. Thank you so much masa"

"Shut the fuck up nigger brother and eat your vitamins"

Leslie looked at Hogan.

"Mr. Hogan, sir, what do I eat?"

Hogan opened his legs.

"Lemme tell you something brother, you know what to eat"

He then pointed at his crotch, saying "eh! eh!"

Leslie, licked his lips as he prepared himself.


Bret Hart sat in a room with the Blue Blazer… well his carcass at least. Bret poked at the body of his brother with his foot.

“Owen, get up.” Bret frowned, watching the lack of movement from Owen.

“Now who’s the sole survivor, bitch?” Bret mumbled.


Hassan sat opposite Horowitz, neither man said a word. Eyes locked on each other. The Arab and the Jew. The odd couple, indeed.

“I miss Daivari” Hassan groaned.

“How about a game of checkers?” Horowitz asked.

Hassan groaned once more.


Triple-Arr meanwhile sat in nice suite-style room. Ric Flair sat opposite him, with Stephanie sitting next to her pirate husband. The room was silent. Ric’s pride was still hurting from the stunner Hitler gave him. And Stephanie’s pussy was still hurting from the sex Hitler gave her.

“WOO!” Ric randomly shouted.

“What-arr you talkin’ bout Riccy?”

“WOO! WOO!” Ric was like a choo-choo train.

Triple-Arr ignored him, as he began to pet his parrot, Ayaz. Stephanie frowned, wanting attention herself, but not getting any. Triple-Arr had his ass full of toes enough for today.


In the final room, Hitler was with Linda and Chyna. The master room, was decked out beautifully. The walls covered in old German guns, too.

"Your daughter's pussy tastes much worse than yours"

"Oh dear, That's because I douche"

"Ah that explains it"

"Nein taken archtiung!"

"Yes Hitler."

Both women stopped talking as Hitler passed back and forth in the room, shouting in German what sounded like the words achtung and fuhrer over and over again. He eventually stopped, threw a bottle of Schnapps against the wall, and broke down crying. As both women consoled him, he started thinking of his ultimate plan for revenge.

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Bret Hart sat in a room with the Blue Blazer… well his carcass at least. Bret poked at the body of his brother with his foot.

“Owen, get up.” Bret frowned, watching the lack of movement from Owen.

“Now who’s the sole survivor, bitch?” Bret mumbled.

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Both of you are disgusting, miserable excuses for human beings. This diary is horrendously offensive, and really below the mark. You've crossed the line on one too many times. This makes me sick!

I already did that, but nice try :P

Seriously, this is so bad it's good!

No it's not, it's so bad it's horrible. But thats not the point, the point is that you lot are too stupid to care because it's Summers and Ringy thats doing it (Y)

Edited by Kaneanite
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