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Extreme Warfare Battleground Wrestling

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Vince McMahon's wrestling empire held an iron grip over his business rivals. His billions of dollars, and his special brand of sports entertainment had run almost every rival out of town. Not every promotion had gone under, but most. The only ones to survive were Ring Of Honor, Total Nonstop Action, Combat Zone Wrestling. Major League Wrestling. Ulitmate Fighting Champioship. Only a handful survived, leaving McMahon practically untouchable.

Extreme Warfare Battleground. The internet community, brought together by their love of wrestling, had hated McMahon in the past. Now the were down right furious with the way he ran business. Many criticised McMahon for bad booking decisions, bad signings, and for having bad politicians backstage. But all of this was tolerated, as they saw little to be done about it. But now, now that McMahon had tried to overrun the sport as a whole, EWB had had enough.

One day on the Battleground, Marsh and ACCBiggz made an annoucement. They were looking for everyone, every able body they had, to pull together, and start their own promotion. Surprisingly, loads of EWB regulars showed up, and started training. Their goal? To take down Vince McMahon as the man who owns wrestling. Their strategy? To mindlessly flame other wrestlers into victory. Somehow they scraped together the funds, and set up their very own wrestling federation. It's name? Why, Extreme Warfare Battleground, of course.

It took many months of organising and setting up before any real type of promotion was set up by the EWB faithful, but eventually, it had started to take shape. After using Kou's "Negotiating Skills"* on the TV Networks, EWB had managed to get themselves 2 prime time TV shows (and a box full of pens which Kou stole from the TV Station Offices). With a more than healthy wrestling and backstage staff roster, they needed sponsorship, Squancho McFap-Fap had the idea of disguising Clawson as famed Saved By The Bell star, Dustin Diamond aka Screech. He was sent to companies claiming he was making a comeback career in wrestling, and shockingly, several big names signed him sponsorship deals claiming he's the "Next Big Thing". So with pretty much everything they needed ready to go, it was now just time to sort out rosters, titles, etc and to get the show on the road...

* "Make the Kou angry, or the Kou RAPES!"

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Im really looking forwrd to this, it will be intresting in how all the members pull together to take on Vince and the WWE, good luck with this, ill definatley be reading it.

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Rules To EWBW Wrestlers/Members

Ok guys, to make this work smoothly, I've got a few easy rules to avoid confusion and stuff.

1) The only posts you make in this thread should be OOC. If you're scheduled to do an interview on a show or PPV, you PM me the interview and I put it in the show.

2) No spoilers, some of you will get future storylines to help with your characters actions in the shows. Don't spoil it for the readers please.

3) Don't rip off other wrestlers, I'm sure nobody wants to see "If ya smeeellllllll what Clawson is cooking!" or any crap like that. Try to be original with your characters.

4) Don't bitch about decisions made in matches, if your a champ and have to lose your title, don't bitch and moan. This is only meant to be a bit of fun and we don't want no Triple H's in here now do we?

5) Finally, ENJOY IT!

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With ACCBiggz & ChrisSteeleAteMyHamster

EWBW Adrenaline Card

D-Extreme Vs Jamien Vs fineintent

EWB Hobo Rulez Hobo Champioship Match

Zaz Vs BackYardFreak Vs TheAce Vs TripleXpac

EWB Tag Team Championship Tag Roulette Match

Feat: Apple|Shampoo, Hajjhowe, Blitz, BotchedPiledriver, Dynamite, Jason Athens, Scarface & wwe_ps2_gamer

sycodmn vs Diego

20 Man Battleground Brawl for the EWB World Championship

Feat: NashWorkrateConundrum, KCC, Kou, FutureShock, Troy Maskell, GhostMachine, Stokerino, KRC, GongunZan, Gabriel, Skumfrog, Squancho McFap Fap, LivingLegend, Ravey, Quom, Tristy, maddog, GoGoYubari, Kaneanite, Clawson

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I'm in the thirty, uh, twenty man battle royal! Yes!!

So, if I can just get this straight: you will book the shows, and say you include an interview with someone. You will PM them to tell them that they have an interview to do...or what?


and we don't want no Triple H's in here now do we?

Actually I would find one of those (key word: one) to be highly entertaining...


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Nope, nomaster. Though you can be in v2 of the scenario. I'll post a link to it once I find it :)

Anyway, back on topic. This is a great start, glad to see an EWB diary that I'm actually going to be in...eventually :P:D

EDIT: nomaster, sign up for the data here: EWB Scenario, Version 2

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

Hey, did i sign up for this? If not have fun, if i did i'm going to be the greatest and i'm going to sign up for the new one.

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EWB had managed to get themselves 2 prime time TV shows (and a box full of pens which Kou stole from the TV Station Offices).


The EWB Hobo Championship will be put on the line in it's traditional Hobo Street Fight Rules Match, which means, they must get their opponent onto the specialist hobo beds made for them out of cardboard, once on their, the referee must make a 10 count against the wrestler out cold on the hobo home.


FourStarFizzle > *****

I think to clear up any confusion about segments, maybe you should book the matches, but say how many segments are available, for us to use for interviews and stuff. Just something I was thinking of, cos I was gonna send you a promo for the show, but I didn't know if there was any space left. That and I wasn't exactly too sure what to cut a promo on... :blush:

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Hey people,

Sorry bout the Battleground Brawl, I did mean 20 Man, not 30. I was gonna try a 30 but realised theres not enough people involved in the game to do that :P

As for people who aren't in the game, fear not, gimme some time and when stuff is properly up and running, PM me, and I'll just sign some random indie wrestler and rename them as you :P

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What !?!? No Nabeel. ???

You aren't in the scenario, smart one. And if you'd read the last part of the last post, you wouldn't have made such a dumb post. ^_^

Anyways, I've sent my requirement for the show in. Hope you all adore it. May the best man win (I.E. Kou or me).

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