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Extreme Warfare Battleground Wrestling

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Vince McMahon's wrestling empire held an iron grip over his business rivals. His billions of dollars, and his special brand of sports entertainment had run almost every rival out of town. Not every promotion had gone under, but most. The only ones to survive were Ring Of Honor, Total Nonstop Action, Combat Zone Wrestling. Major League Wrestling. Ulitmate Fighting Champioship. Only a handful survived, leaving McMahon practically untouchable.

Extreme Warfare Battleground. The internet community, brought together by their love of wrestling, had hated McMahon in the past. Now the were down right furious with the way he ran business. Many criticised McMahon for bad booking decisions, bad signings, and for having bad politicians backstage. But all of this was tolerated, as they saw little to be done about it. But now, now that McMahon had tried to overrun the sport as a whole, EWB had had enough.

One day on the Battleground, Marsh and ACCBiggz made an annoucement. They were looking for everyone, every able body they had, to pull together, and start their own promotion. Surprisingly, loads of EWB regulars showed up, and started training. Their goal? To take down Vince McMahon as the man who owns wrestling. Their strategy? To mindlessly flame other wrestlers into victory. Somehow they scraped together the funds, and set up their very own wrestling federation. It's name? Why, Extreme Warfare Battleground, of course.

It took many months of organising and setting up before any real type of promotion was set up by the EWB faithful, but eventually, it had started to take shape. After using Kou's "Negotiating Skills"* on the TV Networks, EWB had managed to get themselves 2 prime time TV shows (and a box full of pens which Kou stole from the TV Station Offices). With a more than healthy wrestling and backstage staff roster, they needed sponsorship, Squancho McFap-Fap had the idea of disguising Clawson as famed Saved By The Bell star, Dustin Diamond aka Screech. He was sent to companies claiming he was making a comeback career in wrestling, and shockingly, several big names signed him sponsorship deals claiming he's the "Next Big Thing". So with pretty much everything they needed ready to go, it was now just time to sort out rosters, titles, etc and to get the show on the road...

* "Make the Kou angry, or the Kou RAPES!"

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Im really looking forwrd to this, it will be intresting in how all the members pull together to take on Vince and the WWE, good luck with this, ill definatley be reading it.

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Rules To EWBW Wrestlers/Members

Ok guys, to make this work smoothly, I've got a few easy rules to avoid confusion and stuff.

1) The only posts you make in this thread should be OOC. If you're scheduled to do an interview on a show or PPV, you PM me the interview and I put it in the show.

2) No spoilers, some of you will get future storylines to help with your characters actions in the shows. Don't spoil it for the readers please.

3) Don't rip off other wrestlers, I'm sure nobody wants to see "If ya smeeellllllll what Clawson is cooking!" or any crap like that. Try to be original with your characters.

4) Don't bitch about decisions made in matches, if your a champ and have to lose your title, don't bitch and moan. This is only meant to be a bit of fun and we don't want no Triple H's in here now do we?

5) Finally, ENJOY IT!

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With ACCBiggz & ChrisSteeleAteMyHamster

EWBW Adrenaline Card

D-Extreme Vs Jamien Vs fineintent

EWB Hobo Rulez Hobo Champioship Match

Zaz Vs BackYardFreak Vs TheAce Vs TripleXpac

EWB Tag Team Championship Tag Roulette Match

Feat: Apple|Shampoo, Hajjhowe, Blitz, BotchedPiledriver, Dynamite, Jason Athens, Scarface & wwe_ps2_gamer

sycodmn vs Diego

20 Man Battleground Brawl for the EWB World Championship

Feat: NashWorkrateConundrum, KCC, Kou, FutureShock, Troy Maskell, GhostMachine, Stokerino, KRC, GongunZan, Gabriel, Skumfrog, Squancho McFap Fap, LivingLegend, Ravey, Quom, Tristy, maddog, GoGoYubari, Kaneanite, Clawson

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I'm in the thirty, uh, twenty man battle royal! Yes!!

So, if I can just get this straight: you will book the shows, and say you include an interview with someone. You will PM them to tell them that they have an interview to do...or what?


and we don't want no Triple H's in here now do we?

Actually I would find one of those (key word: one) to be highly entertaining...


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Nope, nomaster. Though you can be in v2 of the scenario. I'll post a link to it once I find it :)

Anyway, back on topic. This is a great start, glad to see an EWB diary that I'm actually going to be in...eventually :P:D

EDIT: nomaster, sign up for the data here: EWB Scenario, Version 2

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Guest Muthafawkkinmatt

Hey, did i sign up for this? If not have fun, if i did i'm going to be the greatest and i'm going to sign up for the new one.

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EWB had managed to get themselves 2 prime time TV shows (and a box full of pens which Kou stole from the TV Station Offices).


The EWB Hobo Championship will be put on the line in it's traditional Hobo Street Fight Rules Match, which means, they must get their opponent onto the specialist hobo beds made for them out of cardboard, once on their, the referee must make a 10 count against the wrestler out cold on the hobo home.


FourStarFizzle > *****

I think to clear up any confusion about segments, maybe you should book the matches, but say how many segments are available, for us to use for interviews and stuff. Just something I was thinking of, cos I was gonna send you a promo for the show, but I didn't know if there was any space left. That and I wasn't exactly too sure what to cut a promo on... :blush:

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Hey people,

Sorry bout the Battleground Brawl, I did mean 20 Man, not 30. I was gonna try a 30 but realised theres not enough people involved in the game to do that :P

As for people who aren't in the game, fear not, gimme some time and when stuff is properly up and running, PM me, and I'll just sign some random indie wrestler and rename them as you :P

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What !?!? No Nabeel. ???

You aren't in the scenario, smart one. And if you'd read the last part of the last post, you wouldn't have made such a dumb post. ^_^

Anyways, I've sent my requirement for the show in. Hope you all adore it. May the best man win (I.E. Kou or me).

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You aren't in the scenario, smart one. And if you'd read the last part of the last post, you wouldn't have made such a dumb post. ^_^

Anyways, I've sent my requirement for the show in. Hope you all adore it. May the best man win (I.E. Kou or me).

I'm NJ in the scenario

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With ACCBiggz & ChrisSteeleAteMyHamster

(The opening EWBW Show opens with clips of the original press conference held by Adam Ryland & ACCBiggz. The show then opens with a massive pyro display on the stage. It seems theres a talk show stage set up in the ring, suddenly some music hits, and ChrisSteeleAteMyHamster makes his way to the ring from his announcer spot!)

CSAMH: Well ladies and gentlemen, firstly, I'd like to welcome you one and all to the first ever EWBW show, Adrenaline!! For the opening of the show, we decided to host a talk show to get some views from the wrestlers about this new promotion. As you can see here, I have a large ballot box from which I shall draw a name from, and we'll interview that wrestler from the roster! Here goes..... (CSAMH draws a name and opens the piece of pape.) The wrestler chosen is... Blaze N Amaze!! Come on down Blaze!!

(Blaze N Amaze music hits, and he makes his way to the ring.)

CSAMH: What are your thoughts on the new EWBW Promotion:

BNA: What are my thoughts on the EWBW? Well, lets put it this way. I admire the purpose of the federation and the wrestlers in it. In fact, its a wonderful promotion in general. Yet, the only problem I have is how "under-used" I am. I am a superior wrestler damn it and I should get an opportunity to prove myself. Am I even considered to be in that 20 man battle royale for the EWB World Championship? Hell no. I'm not even on the freakin card. Only time will tell, if the EWBW will have a "glass ceiling" like the WWE.

CSAMH: What are your plans now that your here in the EWBW?

BNA: Are you that inept? My goal is simple. To prove that I am the best. To reach this goal, I must become the EWB World Championship. That proves that I am the best. I don't give a crap who you are. Whether you're Kou or Gabriel. Go Go Yubari or stokeriño. You get in my way, I'll blaze you up faster than a California Forest in a Wildfire.

CSAMH: Would you 'try' to kick my ass to get there?

(Blaze Stands Up)

BNA: Try? Crap, I don't have to try. I know I can kick your ass, it's just too easy. The bigger question is: "Would you like to try and kick my ass?"

(CSAMH Stands Up)

CSAMH: Well, would you like to try?

(Blaze pushes CSAMH down and pulls a chain out of his pants)

BNA: Come here you little bitch, I'll maim you.

(Blaze chases CSAMH out of the ring and down the aisle to the backstage area.)

Overall Rating: 78%

D-Extreme Vs Jamien Vs fineintent

The first ever match in EWBW history was between 3 up and coming EWBW Stars finally got underway after the talk show stage was removed. All of similar style and build. The trio put on an entertaining opening match. Several close falls in the opening few minutes and the use of several signature moves seemed to wear the trio out quite quickly. D-Extreme was down on the mat for sometime after receving a brutal "Ride The Lightning" from Jamien. With him down, Jamien tried to take the advantage over fineintent, however, a low blow soon turned the tied and it all seemed over as fineintent had Jamien set up for the Evenflow DDT, but a punch to the gut was enough for Jamien to quickly hit fineintent with a reverse russian legsweep, and time for him to get to the top rope to deliver a brutal SideWinder. D-Extreme was coming round as he saw Jamien get the three count and pick up the first ever victory in EWBW.

Winner: Jamien

Overall Rating: 54%

Crowd Reaction: 37%

Match Quality: 84%

(Camera's go to the backstage area, where NJ is seen, he seems to be on strike. He is on strike because of his lack of involvment in the opening EWBW show! He vows he'll chain himself to the locker room door if doesn't get a match tonight!!)

Overall Rating: 70%

EWB Hobo Rulez Hobo Champioship Match

Zaz Vs BackYardFreak Vs TheAce Vs TripleXpac

The second match in EWBW History and the first EWBW Championship is put on the line. The match seems to have already started backstage as Zaz & TheAce are slugging it out near the service doors at the back of the arena. The camera moves outside were TripleXpac just got ploughed, head first into a hot dog cart by BackYardFreak!! All 4 wrestlers spill out onto the streets near to where the special "Hobo Homes" have been set up. Zaz almost got an early victory after crashing a garbage can over TheAce's head, leaving him down on the Hobo Home for 8 seconds, but quickly being pulled up by BackYardFreak. The end came after TheAce rammed BackYardFreaks knees with a shopping cart, and then he powerbombed the shopping cart onto the injured BYF!!! After that killer blow, the ref gave BYF the 10 Count whilst Zaz & TripleXpac were brawling on the other side of the street not knowing about the 10 count!!. TheAce is the first EWBW Title holder!!

Winner & new EWBW Hobo Champion: TheAce

Overall Rating: 70%

Crowd Reaction: 65%

Match Quality: 92%

(We go backstage, to where NJ is now chained to the locker room door. EWBW Owner, Adam Ryland, approaches NJ and tells him, he doesn't want to start the EWBW era with some idiot like NJ ruining the matches. He informs NJ he's got a match, a cage match, against a foe of Ryland's choosing. As Ryland leaves, NJ asks EWBW backstage staff who's got the key to the padlock, as he doesn't.....)

Overall Rating: 67%

Cage Match

NJ Vs ?????

NJ's music hits, but its a while until he appears. He appears with the emergency exit bar still chained up to him. His opponent appears in the form of fellow EWBW Wrestler, Komodo3000. The match starts with NJ taking a pretty bad beating, due to a lack of movement due to the chains and emergency exit bar. NJ does however put up some impressive offense using some kickboxing style manouveurs and several enziguries got Komodo3000 down to the mat. Komodo3000 amazingly powered out of a tight choke hold NJ had on him using his legs, and using a powerful Giant Swing, threw NJ into the cage wall. NJ somehow made another fight back, and also attempted to climb the ropes and eventually got to the tope rope. As he prepared to try an aerial attack, Komodo3000 sprang up from the mat and delivered a flying forearm to NJ. With that, Komodo seemed to wedge the emergency bar into the cage corner, making NJ unable to stop Komodo3000 climbing the cage wall for the win!

Winner: Komodo3000

Overall Rating: 54%

Crowd Reaction: 53%

Match Quality: 68%

EWB Tag Team Championship Tag Roulette Match

Feat: Apple|Shampoo, Hajjhowe, Blitz, BotchedPiledriver, Dynamite, Jason Athens, Scarface & wwe_ps2_gamer

The announcer announces the rules to the crowd and wrestlers after they all make their way to the ring. The match is basically started as an 8 way elimination match. The Warfaretron will randomly pick new teams from the 8 competitors every 3 minutes. Once the 3 minutes are up, there will be 3 minutes of no teams, meaning it reverts to the 8 man elimination match. The titles can be won in 2 ways, if a wrestler is pinned during the 3 minute no team time, they are officially one half of the new Tag Team Champions. The match will then continue as a 7 man elimination match, with the next wrestler to score a fal will win the other half of the Championship. The other way to win is if a random picked team gets the pin during the 3 minute random generated team time, the winners there will then become the Tag Team Champions whoever is in that team.

The match starts out with an all out brawl between the wrestlers. Once the 3 minutes are up, the Warfaretron shows the 4 randomly generated teams, it's Apple|Shampoo/Blitz, BotchedPiledriver/wwe_ps2_gamer, Scarface/Dynamite & Jason Athens/Hajjhowe. Apple|Shampoo & Blitz seem to take the biggest advantage in the match as 5 of the wrestlers spill out onto the ring, leaving BotchedPiledriver to get double teamed. BP takes a severe beating for the 3 minutes and the elimination ules are once again back in play. Blitz sets up BP and delivers the "Blitzkrieg" to BP. He attempts to go for the pin, but is thrown out the ring by Apple|Shampoo!! Shampoo gets the pin on BotchedPiledriver to become the first half of the new Tag Team Champions!! With Blitz shocked on the outside of the ring, he takes chase of Shampoo, not realizing he could pin BotchedPiledriver in the ring!! The other wrestlers make their way into the ring now and continue the severe beating on BotchedPiledriver. It then gets to the point they all start arguing over who will pin him!!

The chase between Blitz & Apple|Shampoo returns to the ring, Blitz launches a chair towards Shampoo, who ducks and the chair connects with the back of Hajjhowes head, taking him out!! The wrestlers in the ring all turn to look at Shampoo who motions that he's the new tag champ, they then all give chase of Shampoo!! What nobody notices is that BotchedPiledriver has put on arm on the out cold Hajjhowe, and the ref counts the three count!! The chasing wrestlers turn back in shock, and the most shocked wrestler, is Apple|Shampoo!! As BP is his new tag team partner!!

Winners and new EWBW Tag Team Champions: Apple|Shampoo & BotchedPiledriver

Overall Rating: 61%

Crowd Reaction: 50%

Match Quality: 86%

(Replays are shown of the shock win in the Tag Team Roulette match.

The camera then cuts to backstage where Blitz and new Tag Team Champ, Apple|Shampoo, are arguing due to Shampoo costing Blitz his shot at being Tag Team Champion. Blitz then challenges Apple|Shampoo & BotchedPiledriver to a match on The System against him and partner of his choosing. Shampoo accepts and says he'll be glad to show Blitz that he's not Tag Team Championship material!! Blitz promises one hell of a match, because his partner is the new EWBW Hobo Champion, TheAce!!)

Overall Rating: 70%

sycodmn vs Diego

Two big stars from the EWB Board went head to head, and boy was it one hell of a match. Both men came out slugging, and for the first minutes this was nothing short of a Pier 6 Brawl!! Eventually, sycodmn seemed to take the upper hand and started to work on Diego's ankle. An ankle lock that lasted almost 5 minutes must have seemed like a lifetime for Diego, but amazingly, he didn't tap and fought his way to the ropes. The match seemed to be in the advantage of sycodmn then after Diego's ankle was severely weakened, however, Diego battled back, and did some working of his own, working on sycodmn's knee, using a unique technique of multiple chop blocks, and a modified tarantula submission. Both wrestlers pain thresholds were put to the ultimate extreme when at one point, they both had each other in a submission, whilst Diego had sycodmn locked in a half boston crab, sycodmn had Diego's ankle in a modified ankle lock!! Both men eventually gave up the holds and it had seriously took it's toll on the pair. The end soon came after sycodmn was able to lock in the 'Keg Stand' for the submission on Diego. After the match, sycodmn went to shake hands with Diego, but all he got was a punch to the stomach and the receiving end of Diego's 'Road Rage' finisher!!

Winner: sycodmn

Overall Rating: 77%

Crowd Reaction: 87%

Match Quality: 85%

(Kou is playing with his box of pens as IWC approaches him backstage.)

IWC: Kou, You've been entered into the 20 man ba..


(Kou throws a few pens around, Hitting random staff members in the eye)

IWC: Errr...Like I was saying, You've been entered into the 20 man battle royale for the Title, How do you feel?

Kou: Well Keefy, Raindrops keep falling on my head. And that doesn't mean that I'll soon be turning Red. Lalalalalla, Because I'm freeeeee, Nothing worrying meeee..


Kou: Nineteen

IWC: Nineteen?


IWC: Eh, Good enough.

(Future Shock appears from the side of the screen.)

FutureShock: Hey, who do you think's going to win this, the sexual offender, the guy trying to be a chick, or the sexiest man in the world? Of course it's going to be me, not this pen loving freak...!

IWC: Hey ass, I'm not interviewing you....

(Squancho kung fu kicks his way onto the screen knocking the box of pens out of Kou's hand. Kou, in horror, dives to the floor to save the pens.)

Squancho: Your pens don't scare me, I am Squancho, I will make you gay, and once I win the EWBW Championship, I will make that gay too....

(GoGo Yubari & Tristy now attempt to barge onto camera with everyone else.)

GGY: Like yuck, McFap! Last time I saw so many losers in one place I was at a Limp Bizkit concert! Just kidding. I'd never go to a Limp Bizkit concert. Look, kids. I understand the fact that you're.... well, you're all twits, but right now only GoGoLove-sama deserves to be speaking to the masses, and....

Tristy: ....you suck ass!! I saw you hanging with Durst last night in his pick up truck. The fans don't want some Durst pick up truck loving ass clown as the Champ, they want me, Tristy!! The Master of Metal & The Honcho of Hardcore to be Champ! And tonight thats what I'm gonna.....

(Kou in a fit of rage stabs Tristy in the knee with a pen as Gabriel, Quom, skumfrog, Clawson & maddog all attempt to get on camera with the other 5 wrestlers and IWC!! With 8 promos trying to be cut at once whilst Kou attacks Tristy with pens, IWC takes a fit and storms off!! As the wrestlers disperse, the last we hear is of Squancho & Clawson arguing over who can pull off the better Haduken....)

Overall Rating: 97%

20 Man Battleground Brawl for the EWB World Championship

Feat: NashWorkrateConundrum, KCC, Kou, FutureShock, Troy Maskell, GhostMachine, Stokerino, KRC, GongunZan, Gabriel, Skumfrog, Squancho McFap Fap, LivingLegend, Ravey, Quom, Tristy, maddog, GoGoYubari, Kaneanite, Clawson

Flying shoulder tackle by Maskell sends Clawson CRASHING to the mat. Maskell tried to eliminate Clawson, but he hangs onto the top rope for dear life! Fallaway slam by Tristy puts down NWC. NWC is up quickly and goes for a running clothesline on Tritsy, but he back body drops him out of the ring!. Thats the first elimination!

Kaneanite is working on Clawson in the corner. Clawson is once again holding onto the ropes for dear life as Kaneanite tries his best to eliminate him! Kou connects with a pen to the back of Raveys head and is down and out. Vicious back rake on Squancho by Kou. KRC went for the elimination on Squancho McFap Fap but he used his gay ways to scare him away! Skumfrog unleashes some stiff chops on Future Shock who covers up to try and stop the agonizing PAIN! Future Shock is knocked out the ring by a brutal body avalanche from Tristy. The 2nd elimination and it's from Tristy again!

GhostMachine tastes a high angle back suplex from Stokerino. GhostMachine was then tossed over the top rope by Stokeriño. Elimination number 3 there!

KRC charges at Stokerino but all he gets is a hip toss!! Clawson took the advantage and threw KRC out the ring!! Elimination number 4!

Reverse DDT into a backbreaker by Squancho McFap Fap. Squancho tried to eliminate KCC, who hung onto the top rope for dear life! Hard back suplex on Clawson by Gabriel. Gabriel threw Clawson over the top rope, but Clawson was 'saved by the bell', actually it was the top rop that saved him! A brutal flying shoulder tackle by Tristy sends Squancho SMASHING to the mat. Tristy attempted to get elimination number 3 under his belt by getting Squancho out of the ring, but it's a failed attempt! Kou connects with a pen to the back of the head, this time on Gongsun and he seems hurt. Gongsun Zan got tossed out HARD by Kou. Thats the fifth elimination.

Gabriel is trash talking to Gongsun Zan outside, but he got bundled out by Kou!! Two in a row for Kou as well now!

LivingLegend tried to sneak up on Kou but all he got was an unintentional low blow!! Kou threw him over to take his tally to 3 eliminations!

Stokeriño is working on Ravey, stomping a mud hole on him in the corner!! Double Arm DDT by Stokerino!! He launches the dazed Ravey over the top rope!. Elimination 8!

Clawson locks in a tongan death grip! on Quom. Clawson manouveurs Quom to the ropes and throws him over. That tongan death grip elimination makes it elimination number 9!!

Clawson swings around to deliver a crushing blow to Tristy's face!! Knocking him to the mat. Clawson tumbles Tristy out of the ring. Elimination 10, and it's half way through the match.

Massive Back Body drop by GoGo gets a bit of a pop from the crowd. GoGo Yubari then feels a big boot to the side of his head, courtesy of Skumfrog!!. The boot knocks him over the rope!! Thats 11 wrestlers gone!

Squancho attempts a belly to belly suplex on maddog, but maddog just falls on him due to the weight!! Elimination number 12 comes in the form of a big boot from Clawson on Skumfrog, knocking him out the ring also!!

Clawson now has 4 eliminations under his belt!! KCC gives a stiff slam to maddog. Spinning back kick from Kou on Squancho. STIFF high kick on Clawson by Kou. The fighting is just out of control here!! Spin kick by Troy Maskell to the face sends Clawson FLYING across the ring. Kaneanite hits a HARD spinning kick to the jaw of Troy Maskell. So many people on down on the mat right now!! KCC got eliminated by Kaneanite with a stiff powerslam over the rope. 13 gone now.

Clawson gets up and walks into a high dropkick from Kaneanite, almost losing several teeth in the process. Lightning kick by Kaneanite on Squancho. Implant DDT by Kou on Kaneanite! Kou put to rest Kaneanite's kung fu antics. Troy Maskell got tossed over the top rope to the floor HARD by Kou. He gave him a brutal pen to the eye to distract him. Thats 14 down, 5 to go now.

Stokeriño has Clawson locked in a brutal boston crab! THERE IT IS! A legdrop to the BACK OF THE HEAD by Squancho on Clawson!! Squancho just made this match a little bit better! Kaneanite gives Stokeriño a low drop kick to the face, breaking the boston crab. Kou, Squancho & Kaneanite try to eliminate Clawson, who is hanging onto the top rope for dear life! Kou gets rolled up from behind by Stokerino and is pummeled into the mat! Clawson just WAFFLES Kaneanite with a STIFF chop knocking him into the ropes! Clawson delivers another brutal chop that sends Kaneanite over the top rope!! Thats 15 gone!!

Clawson takes a headbutt from Squancho McFap Fap. Stokeriño is up now and working on Squancho. Stokeriño went for the elimination on Squancho, but it's a no go! Clawson dares to go to the top rope, and delivers a cross body to Kou! Stokeriño connects with a back heel kick on maddog and gets back up quickly. Stokeriño attempts a spinning heel kick on Kou, but he ducks and Stokerino's leg goes over the top rope!!Stokeriño was eliminated by Kou with a simple push!

We're down to our last 4 wrestlers! Who will be Champion? Clawson scoops and slams Squancho McFap Fap. maddog threw Squancho McFap Fap over the top rope, but Squancho McFap Fap grabbed the rope and slid back in under the bottom one! maddog delivers a strong clothesline on Clawson. Spinning back kick from Kou on maddog! Kou tried to eliminate Clawson, but a foot on the bottom rope, saves his ass. Standing leg lariat by on Kou by maddog almost sends him over the ropes! Clawson uses a basement dropkick to the knee and it looks like it might be TIME TO GO TO SCHOOL! Double arm suplex by Squancho McFap Fap connects as Kou hits hard. maddog goes for a body avalanche on Clawson, but he dodges it and helps maddog over the ropes! 17 down, 2 more eliminations to go!

Kou kicks the leg, knocks Squancho down, and goes to work on it. Kou attempts a leg lock on Squancho, working on the knee, and drawing on his leg with a pen! Clawson hits a HARD spinning kick to the jaw of Kou, breaking the hold. Clawson picks him up and delivers the Canadian Bacon to Kou!! Clawson hits an amazing belly to back suplex on Kou over the top rope!! 18 gone, now it's down to the last 2!!

Squancho is struggling with that damaged knee now, Clawson hits a legdrop on the injured knee, then delivers a brutal Clawson Bomb on Squancho!! He's out cold... NO!!! HE SITS UP!! Clawson can't believe it! HE'S "SQUANCHING" UP!! Squancho is up and delivering the blows left and right to Clawson whos know in the corner getting the crap beat out of him! He whips Clawson into the ropes, GAY BOOT!! He signals for the leg drop!!, He goes against one rope..... against the other, NO!!! KOU PULLS THE ROPE DOWN AND SQUANCHO GOES OVER!!! CLAWSON WINS!! CLAWSON WINS!! Squancho can't believe it!! He looks at Kou in disbelief!! He attempts to chase Kou with his injured leg!! Clawson is trying to get up and doesn't know whats going on. ACCBiggz gets in the ring and announces the first ever EWBW World Champion, Clawson!! Clawson is helped up, in disbelief and celebrates with his new Title, as the show ends.

Winner & new EWBW World Champion: Clawson


1. NashWorkrateConundrum eliminated by Tristy

2. FutureShock eliminated by Tristy

3. GhostMachine eliminated by Stokerino

4. KRC eliminated by Clawson

5. GongunZan eliminated by Kou

6. Gabriel eliminated by Kou

7. LivingLegend eliminated by Kou

8. Ravey eliminated by Stokerino

9. Quom eliminated by Clawson

10. Tristy eliminated by Clawson

11. GoGoYubari eliminated by Skumfrog

12. Skumfrog eliminated by Clawson

13. KCC eliminated by Kaneanite

14. Troy Maskell eliminated by Kou

15. Kaneanite eliminated by Clawson

16. Stokerino eliminated by Kou

17. maddog eliminated by Clawson

18. Kou eliminated by Squnacho McFap Fap

19. Squancho McFap Fap eliminated by Kou

Overall Rating: 64%

Crowd Reaction: 73%

Match Quality: 72%

Overall Show Quality: 68%

TV Raating: 3.89

Attendance: 1751

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