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Are there any decent zombie-themed games out there for the PC? Preferably MMORPG, but I'm easy. Anything with zombies.

I want a game that feels like you're in a proper old-school zombie movie, cornered off from the world as the hoards advance on you, but such a game is hard to come by, because it doesn't fit traditional game conventions of progression. Oh well.

Any help would be vastly appreciated.

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The best I can offer to you is to get Half-Life and scrounge the Internet for the "They Hunger"-set of mods for it. It's a three-part scenario about a village being run over by zombies, and excellently done in my opinion.

There is a new zombie game coming out I believe, called the Land Of The Dead and developed by American McGee, supposed to be an X-Com style squad-based tactical combat game against hordes and hordes of zombies in the apocalyptic world of tomorrow. It has me drooling at least.

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there was a mod goign around for gta 3 on pc that based around hordes of zombies attacking the city. you can choose between several characters one being fat albert. the creators even hacked it so the zombies when close enough would begin to try to chew on you. If I remember the name I'll post it later

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Nothing graphically exciting here...but I enjoy it.


PM me if you have any questions.

Looks a good game. Holed up in a little place with some other folk which is useful considering I wasted my ammo shooting at one lonely zombie. :D Yeah I am impressed so far.

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