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PTC's Top Best and Worst This Year

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What the hell is "The Family Guy"? <_<

I like the way they can't find a 10th show to put on the best list,

And I don't live in the US, but how the heck is Family Guy packaged as a family show? Because it's a cartoon? Unless they market it differently over there or something. And no shit, CSI isn't for kids.

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Oh, shit. They've even got Two and a Half Men on there. Ain't nobody talking shit about my show, bitches.

Awesome show.

PTC's so shite. Honestly.. can't even find a 10th show for the best list, and they're just.. crap. :pinch:

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American Dad third??? Bloody hell, that show is so tame compared to Family Guy. They've had a couple of moments like Stan's slight racial tendency but it could easily pass off as a kids show with a bit of editing.

Also - Extreme Makeover is a fucking awful show that should die of leperosy. In England, we do our makeover shows by giving tips on how to make your house more beautiful. In this, it is psychological bullshit, where people who wollow in their own self-pity cry like babies while people fix up their house. Whoopee. Also, with James Bond connotations, video diaries and just the word "Extreme" in the title - it's stupid.

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The Ghost Whisperer is family entertainment? I've never seen it, but shouldn't that like the Harry Potter books to insane Christians? She talks to ghosts... WITCH! WITCH! WITCH!

Besides, the show is offensive to me because someone is trying to salvage Jennifer Love Hewitt's career.

Extreme Makeover, what a bunch of self-serving bullshit that is. "Oh they do such a good thing for those people." Please, if they were doing "such a good thing" they wouldn't need the cameras and the awesome timeslot to install a fucking wheelchair ramp.

Three Wishes? Unless Amy Grant can give me the ability to fly, make me a rockstar, and get Angelina Jolie and Shirley Manson to fight over who gets to suck my cock for eternity, then this show is bullshit.

American Idol plays the Devil's music.

PTC backing a show produced by Chris Rock? Goddamn, they really would support anything not called Smackdown in that timeslot. The PTC backing Chris Rock's show is like Woody Allen directing The Passion of the Christ.

Reba is still on?

Bernie Mac? See Chris Rock.

Dancing With The Stars - should be called Dancing On The Graves of Their Career.

7th Heaven is still on? Does anybody seriously watch that shit? I am convinced that the PTC just pays the WB to keep it on the air.

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The PTC will not stop until every network turns into Pax or TBN. Either that when the whole world watches TBN or Pax.

For those of you that don't know, TBN = Trinity Broadcasting Network = church programming

The PTC has a million members, some of which are even in my extended family: some aunts here and there. They eat up all this stuff. Some of their picks for best and worst are just retarded, much like their membership.

And also, since when has stuff put on at 10 pm been in the Family Hour?

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