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Games that aren't too hard

Your Mom

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Hey guys. Some of you may know from my posts here that I like to play games, but the fact is I am not the best at them and many times I find myself having a lot of fun with a game and it just suddenly gets way too complex or difficult and I cant play anymore :( So I know this is a weird question, but anyone got any games that arent crazily difficult? I want to play something I can finish.

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If you haven't, I again wholeheartedly recommend Ratchet & Clank. At least the series. Going Commando (the second one) is a good game to ease into with not much difficulty. Up Your Arsenal (the third) is almost straight up action taking away from the platforming roots of the series, and it is also fairly easy. The first is a mixed bag, and not even necessary to understand the whole thing since all the games are connected but not. Kind of like unreleated sequals that share similar one or two plot threads.

RPG wise... I haven't found anything in this generation of systems that truly caught my interest. Final Fantasy X was good in some ways but most every other game I couldn't get into. Xenosaga was shit in my opinion and the Suikoden games lost their charm. If you have a Gamecube Paper Mario would fit the bill. Much of the humour is even adult centric.

Or if you haven't played it, and aren't ashamed at the thought of Disney, Kingdom Hearts is a way to go to mix two worlds of action and RPG. Good easy fun, with some decidedly difficult side quests if you want. I'm not ashamed to admit it was cool to wander around Pooh's hundred acre woods.

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Devil May Cry - not that taxing, although you'll probably die a few times. Once you get the hang of things its fairly straight fordward... not to mention cool. :D

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