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Ultraviolet Trailer - Opening March 3rd (U.S.)

For those wondering, this is a project from the man responsible for Equilibrium himself, Kurt Wimmer. Still, it doesn't look hardly as sharp as the aforementioned feature and I'm not liking the RE vibe with Jovovich's character. But it could be fun.

Slither Trailer - Opening March 24th (U.S.)

Lots of Joss Whedon links here, including writer/director James Gunn and obviously lead Nathan Fillion. Here's hoping this hilarious-looking B-movie homage doesn't fall with the same fate that doomed Fillion's last lead role flick, that being Serenity.

I'll have some more trailers up at some point, just more a place to give opinions on movies to come without cluttering the board with loads of film topics and shit. So, take this how you will and feel free to post trailers in here.

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The TV spots for UltraViolet are giving off some horrible vibes. It has an Aeon Flux kind of feeling, which is not good. I don't really like stylized action movies too much, as the attempts at artistic shots and stuff detract from the most important feature of a action movie - the action. Also, the movie's commercials make me think of Kill Bill, but not in a good way.

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Ultraviolet looks pretty horrible to me, like a clone of Aeon Flux, which isn't a good thing. Slither on the other hand looks like it could be something good, but we'll see.

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Here's a few more trailers to...uhh...enjoy.

The Hills Have Eyes Trailer - Opening March 10th (U.S.)

So yes, this is another horror remake but this time around coming from High Tension's director Alexandre Aja. And to be honest, I like any horror film that also seems poised to make at least a minor socio-political point. I can't say I'm liking a few of the horror cliches, but it looks like one of the more fascinating projects in a solid looking month.

V for Vendetta Trailer - Opening March 17th (U.S.)

I don't think I have to say a thing here. It looks like the Matrix boys, Larry and Andy Wachowski, have set up a stellar take on the graphic novel written by Alan Moore (whose last graphic novel, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, didn't exactly get loved by audiences) and might finally take away that bittersweet twang that was The Matrix Revolutions.

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I'm really anticipating V for Vendetta, plus it has Natalie Portman in it which is extra points. But I'll also be reading the reviews, anything below 40% in Rotten Tomatoes is skeptical at best.

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V for Vendetta looks really good and I will certainly be checking it out The Hills have Eyes reminds me of the Texas Chainsaw Massacare remake, which I enjoyed, so I might give it a look when it comes to video, or maybe in the theaters if nothing interesting comes out .

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Guest slimlayzie

Pirates of the Carribean 2


Sequel to the surprise smash hit of a few years ago. Depp, Bloom, and Knightley all return along with the addition of Kieth Richards.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Pirates 2. I loved the first and the trailors for the second all look great too.

X-Men 3


The third installment of the successful X-Men film franchise. Jackman, Berry, Stweart, McKellan, Paquin, Romajn, Marsden all return. Plus Kelsey Grammer has Beast!

Adding Beast is an excellant move, I only wish Gambit had been included. I hear Juggernaut is in it thoough...so that's sweet. This is easily THE movie I'm most looking forward to seeing this year.

Those are just two. ComingSoon.net has hundreds of others, including the fact that there will apparently be a Basic Instinct two!? First I've actually heard of it. They have other teasers there on the top pages. including Da Vinci, Superman, and Cars.

Has anyone seen a decent Miami Vice trailor yet? All I've seen is a 40 second teasor, which atleast looks like they're making it a serious movie, and not some cheesy spoof like Hazzord or Strasky where.

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Now I'm gonna go a bit indie on you fellas, so you can feel free to ignore these unless you're Beatnik or Pepsi. >_>

Thank You for Smoking Trailer - Opening March 17th in Limited Release (U.S.)

I'll admit, Aaron Eckhart hasn't impressed me since say his Neil LaBute film days back in the late 90s, so it's nice to see he's back in the indie spirit of things. There are a lot of things I could nag about with this feature (Katie Holmes, kid from Godsend, etc.), but the rest of the cast and the humor look class enough. The last joke in the trailer is just priceless.

The Notorious Bettie Page Trailer - Opening April 14th in Limited Release (U.S.)

This flick is an effort from the two women (yes, women) who brought American Psycho to the screen forever ago in 2000, Mary Harron and Guinevere Turner. Now sure, Turner hasn't made the strongest writing efforts since that flick (she wrote BloodRayne, but I'll forgive her for that seeing that she was WAY out-of-genre there and Mr. Boll's Ed Wood Effect), but this looks to be a decent character drama. Actress Gretchen Mol plays Bettie Page.

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Other than the laughable idea of Justin Timberlake as a tattooed badass,

You know I'd have thought the same thing as you, but from early reviews it says that everyone is going to be surprised with Timberlake's work. I hope they're right.

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