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Getting into mashups...


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Not sure if this type of discussion is allowed. I remember a thread a while ago...

I've got about 150 mash-up's.... tell me what you are lookin for and maybe I am can hook you up. I've got everything from Beastie Boys/Beatles, Lou Reed/Pharrell, 50 Cent/Queen, Snoop Dogg/Michael Jackson, Clash/Gwen Stefani. Lots of shit.

and if you wanna find out yourself... I suggest Get Your Bootleg On.

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A few intruiging combinations I've found:

"Emerging Love for Mr Brightside" - Bjork/Fischerspooner/The Killers

Just about works!

"Da Funk/Song to the Siren" - Chemical Brothers/Daft Punk

Absolutely brilliant

"Planet of the Phatbird" - Leftfield/FatBoy Slim

Probably the best one I've got

Oh yeah, another classic:

Too Many DJs (Soulwax)'s mix of Prodigy vs Beck. (Smack my Bitch up vs Tea & Sympathy)

....oh I've also got a pretty decent combination of Underworld's "Born Slippy" with some Pink Floyd. It says it's done by Aphex Twin but I'm suspicious. Still, very good.

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Whoa - 50 Cent and QUEEN?! What is it?

Q-Unit. It probably has a C&D (cease and desist) placed on it. It is pretty decent; a lot of the tracks are low quality. Takes the best of Queen CD and mixes it with some 50 Cent and G-Unit songs. P.I.M.P with Crazy Little Thing Called Love is probably my favorite track. I' don't know what the board's policy on links is, so I'll PM the link to anyone who wants it.

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