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At the beginning of the year I wasn't expectng much musically from this year. However there's been some great releases thus far (eg. "St Elsewhere" by Gnarls Barkley (Well I've ehard most of the songs), "Come Clarity" by in Flames, "Electric President" by Electric President, "Whatever people Say...." Arctic Monkeys, "Louder Now" Taking Back Sunday, "Mr beast" Mogwai, "Meds" Placebo and "Keasbey Nights" by Streetlight Manifesto, which I think I love more than the original...lets put A&A up here to, as it was pretty good). And there's many an album I'm waiting eagerly for.

So yeah. What are you waiting for?

"The Sufferer & The Witness" by Rise Against. Not that big a fan of Siren Song, but I still love them. And I can't wait to see what they'll come up with for their 4th album. Is it wrong that I still see them as a 'new' band...and they have 4 albums. :( It's not as if I haven't been a fan for a long time either.

"Under The Iron Sea" by Keane...I heard "Is It Any Wonder?" today after it had been leaked. Christ...it's awesome. There's guitar!!! No piano... :( Hopefully the whole album wont be like this though. Still a really catchy song, and still sounds like Keane, even minus the token piano. The video for "Antlantic" premiers on C4 on Friday. Though "Is It Any Wonder?" will be th next single, supposadely...I can't wait.

There's "Stadium Arcadium" by The Chilli's. Dani California has grown on me. I still miss the good old days. But this song gives me hope that it will be at least an improvement on "By The Way". My favourite Chilli's song in a while.

Muse...enough said.

"Billy Talent II"...not sure if this is the actual name...I always had a soft spot for these guys. I'm hoping for some pretty good stuff.

"Kill Your Own" by Hundred Reasons....I believe it's out...but I haven't got my hands on it yet. The

The new NOFX release shows promise. I was never a big fan of NOFX, but the two songs I've heard were great. It got leaked, however the download was inactivated before I could get it......back to snooping. :(

I'm still hoping for new Break The Silence, Strung Out and Something Corporate. All of which have been 'confirmed' but not 'confirmed'. BTS and SC have all said they were working on new stuff, and it should be released this year...but I'm not really holding out. SO's bassist said they're hoping to get something new out by the end of the year...again, I'm not holding out. I'm more than happy with what I've got.

So yeah. What albums have you liked thus far this year? And what are you looking forwar to?

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"10,000 Days" by Tool

"Blood Mountain" by Mastodon

"Fallout From The War" by Shadows Fall

"Blood-Bath & Beyond" by GWAR

"Go To Hell" by GWAR

"Billy Talent II" by Billy Talent

"Come What May" by Stone Sour

"Delenda" by From A Second Story Window

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Enjoyed Thus Far:

Grand Unification - Fightstar

The Kooks - The Kooks

Broken Boy Soldiers - The Raconteurs

Mr. Beast - Mogwai

The leaked Brand New demos.

Looking Forward To:

10,000 Days - Tool (1st May)

Stadium Arcadium - RHCP (8th May)

tbc - Lost Prophets (2nd June)

Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam (1st May)

And anything else good that comes out. Always a surprise or three along the way.

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New Voltaire album, songs inspired by the work of Neil Gaiman...that's about it, really. Off the top of my head, anyway. I can't really afford to buy many albums, so I haven't been paying much attention to what albums are out when.

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What I've Enjoyed Thus Far:

"The Truth" by Bleeding Through

I'd never really put much thought into checking this band out until I saw their video for "Kill to Believe" on Headbanger's Ball. After that, I fell in love with them for awhile. It's worn off a bit now, but still a very solid release IMO.

"The Poison" by Bullet for My Valentine

Some may have assumed that I don't like this band because of Matt Tuck's comments he made while still on the Zombie tour, but I actually do enjoy the band. They're not the greatest thing in the world, but they're a solid band that you can't really complain about because at least they're trying. That being said, Matt Tuck made a stupid comment and the band has paid for it. I still would've enjoyed to have seen three bands at the concert instead of just Lacuna Coil and Rob Zombie. And for the record, that concert was awesome. Any Rob Zombie doubters need to see his live show as it is very good.

"Undying Darkness" by Caliban

Oh where or where do I start with one of my new favorite bands? Simply put, this album is one of the ones that I've been playing quite a bit since I first got it. Very, very solid effort.

"Monday Morning Apocalypse" by Evergrey

Another one of my new favorite bands whose album I've had basically on repeat since I acquired it. Never heard of them until I heard the track titled "Monday Morning Apocalypse"; was then hooked on the band and this album.

"Hail Horror" by Himsa

Yet another one of my new favorite bands. Seems to be some sort of pattern huh? Well, this album is just like the other two I described.

"Come Clarity" by In Flames

In Flames is one of my favorite bands ever so another release by the band would definitely make this list. Just a solid album by a band who many have said has lost it's touch, but I call those who say such a thing as close-minded metal elitists. That being said, I had been planning to see them shortly after this album was released, but those plans fell through sadly.

"Karmacode" by Lacuna Coil

A bit of a letdown, IMO actually, but still solid. It's hard to compare this album with Comalies because I believe that the album will go down as one of the better ones ever released by Century Media and is quite evident by the fact that it's sold the most copies of any album released through the label. It's not overly bad, but it's a solid album.

"Meds" by Placebo

A band that I just recently started getting into. A very solid record, IMO.

"Educated Horses" by Rob Zombie

Who didn't expect this to be on the list? Anyways, people have their doubts about this album, but it's a very good album, contrary to the reviews of some. It's an album that isn't just a normal hard rock album and shows versatility in that it's more than just the normal guitar, bass, drums, vocal. It also incorporates a lot of 70's style grooves in it, much like Rob Zombie has had a history of doing; a very good album.

What I'm Looking Forward To:

"10,000 Days" by Tool

"IV" by Godsmack

"True Self" by SOiL

"The Fallout from the War" by Shadows Fall

"Blood Mountain" by Mastodon

"Rebirth of the Temple" by Silent Civilian

"Rest Inside the Flames" by 36 Crazyfists

"What Have We Become" by Seemless

"Shot to Hell" by Black Label Society

"The Fall of Ideals" by All That Remains

"Beauty and the Breakdown" by Bury Your Dead

"Within the Grasp of Titans" by Full Blown Chaos

"Come What May" by Stone Sour

"III: The Eyes of Fire" by Unearth

"Cruel Melody" by Black Light Burns

"Supremecy" by Hatebreed

"The Crusade" by Trivium

"???" by Lamb of God

"???" by Kingdom of Sorrow

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New Cannibal Corpse, Raised Fist, Impaled Nazarene, Reverend Bizarre and Cult Of Luna were already released, so all I need to do now is to acquire them all. I heard some talk that there was going to be another new Agoraphobic Nosebleed release soon, but dunno if it's just going to be another volume of their Bestial Machinery compilations or some wholly new stuff. HOWEVER, some brutal new releases are on their way from Cattle Decapitation ("Karma.Bloody.Karma") and Goatwhore ("A Haunting New Curse"), and that makes me an extra happy man. Also on the horizon:

Zyklon - Disintegrate

Ministry - Rio Grande Blood

Carpathian Forest - Fuck You All!!!

Deicide - The Stench Of Redemption

Rotten Sound - Consume To Contaminate

Blut Aus Nord - MoRT

It looks like an allright metal year, though it'll be hard to top last year's offering of new Meshuggah, Marduk, Leng Tch'e, Cryptopsy, Naglfar, Dark Funeral, Pelican, Arch Enemy... Fuck, I didn't even realize what a great year for metal 2005 was.

And HEY, there's a new Marduk DVD on the horizon! Didn't even notice that :w00t:

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That's right. Somewhere in the blur of the last 12 weeks we recorded our fourth full length, "The Sufferer & The Witness" at the Blasting Room with Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore. After tracking in Colorado, we spent a coupla weeks in LA mixing and trying to survive in the weird, weird world of Hollywood. It's really no place for some humble midwest kids...

So I don't know how to give you an accurate verbal preview of our new record, but I do know we worked harder on this one than any of them yet and the chemistry, spontaneity, and chaos of our relationship with Bill and Jason really came through loud and clear on this recording, which is all we could ever ask for. We're pretty excited and can't wait for you to hear it. You won't find any acoustic guitar on this one, but perhaps a few other surprises and curveballs await your curious ears...look for an early summer release.

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