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Pulp Fiction Song Question


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What is the song playing while Vincent is in the bathroom questioning his date, and while Mia is dancing in the living room and eventually does heroin/cocaine?

It goes like, "the young kids had a wedding and the old folks wished them well" or something.

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Mia then demands that Vincent dance with her in the Jack Rabbit Slim's twist contest and they dance to Chuck Berry's "You Never Can Tell"
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"Stuck In The Middle" during the torture scene is obviously the best.

Pulp Fiction. Not Reservoir Dogs. Although K-Billys Super Sounds of the Seventies does have it's merits.

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Are you arguing about Pulp Fiction with me?

You said the one at her house, but posted the lyrics to the one at Jack Rabbit Slim's. <_<

Both great songs though. I adore Pulp Fiction. :wub:

The lyrics I posted I got from the song that played when Mia was dancing in the living room. I wasn't paying attention when they were at Jack Rabbit Slim's, bitch. :P

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