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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest


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I'm another Depp fanboy, and I adore pirates, so this is a no-brainer. I once watched Pirates Of The Caribbean every day for a week. Occassionally with commentary. This might be the first film I've ever been to the cinema to see more than once.

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Too bad the 3rd one will only come out next year. :( It was supposed to come out next month but Gore wanted to release the Dead Man's Chest DVD before the 3rd movie.

I'm curious to see how this guy will fit in


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Well I got back from the early midnight showing about half an hour ago and took some time to digest the movie to see if I thought it was orgasmic as it was when I was watching it. The wait did nothing and I still got a case of blue balls from Johnny Depp. :shifty:

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I thought it was awesome. On par with the first at times, and better at times. I loved the twists in the film, didn't see them coming at all, and Davy Jones looks amazing.

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That was awesome. As good as the first one? Hard to judge, I'd need to watch them both again. It felt as long as it was, but not in a bad way, it had an epic feel to it, like Lord of the Rings. Didn't see that twist at the end coming, now I don't wanna have to wait til next year :( Favourite bit had to be when the hermit crab guy's head was telling his body to follow his voice.

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