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Saint's Row demo.


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It's ok, I've noticed a lot of screen tearing but it's expected with the demo being an early build of the game (I think it's from like 4 or 6 months ago). The game world seems a little small from looking at the map, especially compared to San Andreas. It seems bigger than Vice City however. The mechanics are great and knocking people down is hella fun with the ragdoll pyschics.

The combat seems decent and being able to aim while driving is a welcome addition. The puncing etc. is great as well using both trigger buttons to land combos.

Graphics aren't up to standard of games like GRAW and Oblivion but they're still better than most, and probably better than any game in this genre. Graphics could have something to do with it being an early build though. Some of the interactions are great as well. I was playing as a fat hispanic with cornrows and this guy in a suit starts going on a rant 'You dirty spic, you're a disgrace to this country' etc so I pistol whipped him and pumped him full of lead whilst he was on the ground. There also seems to be a good number of different NPC's. It was quite a bit until I noticed two the same.

Overall, it seems like a very good game and it's me more pumped than I was before and will probably beat out GTA until the next GTA game comes out next year.

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Wow, its soundtrack is almost reason enough to buy the game

"100K" - The Loved Ones

"5,6 Kids" - Bear vs. Shark

"Addis Adaba Dub" - African Roots Act 1

"All I Can Say" - Love Joys

"Amped" - Freq Nasty

"Anthem (radio edit)" - Rock-N-Roll Soldiers

"Atmosphere" - The Oranges Band

"Audobun Ballroom" - Black Market Militia feat. Dead Prez

"Back For More" - Ratt

"Ball N Chain" - Roxx Gang

"Ballad Of Jayne" - L.A. Guns

"Bang Bang Rock And Roll" - Art Brut

"Bangers" - The Alchemist featuring Lloyd Banks

"Banned In DC" - Bad Brains

"Barrier Break" - Dieselboy & Kaos

"Beautiful Trainwreck" - Copywrite

"Black & White" - RA The Rugged Man

"Blood And Thunder" - Mastodon

"Bound For The Floor" - Local H

"Catherine Wheel" - Skynet

"Cauterise" - If I Were King

"Chippin'" - Quasimoto

"Conjure Me" - Afghan Whigs

"Could You Be The One" - Husker Du

"Crumbs" - Bisc One

"D.T.D." - Masta Killa featuring Ghostface & Raekwon

"Dancin' On Coals" - Bang Tango

"Danger" - Black Milk Feat. T3 & Phat Kat

"Digi Warfare" - Masta Killa

"Do The Robot" - Turf Talk

"Don't Move" - The Letters Organize

"Draw Your Brakes" - Scotty

"Easy Come Easy Go" - Winger

"Everything Is Alright" - Motion City Soundtrack

"Everything's A Go (The Flow)" - Bathgate

"F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X." - The Fall Of Troy

"Fast Cars" - Aesop Rock

"Fish Fillet" - Sa-Ra featuring Pharoahe Monch

"Flavor Of The Month" - Black Sheep

"For Guys' Eyes Only" - Hockey Night

"Friday Night Fist Fight" - Men Women & Children

"Gangsta Party" - Joe Budden ft. Nate Dog

"Get Shot Boy" - Grafh

"Get Well Soon" - Reggie & The Full Effect

"Girl" - Stereophonics

"Glow" - Camp Lo

"God Is Going To Get Sick Of Me" - Aberdeen City

"Golden Jin" - Crafty

"Good With The #'s" - AL

"Gotta Pay" - Wordsworth

"Grey Cell Green" - Ned's Atomic Dustbin

"Grindin" - Clipse

"Happiness Everyday (I Won't Let You Suffer)" - Huge Rocksocks

"Hiding Drugs In The Temple (Part 2)" - Kinski

"Holdin' Up" - Rich Medina

"Home to Hell" - Danko Jones

"Hood Lullabye" - Black Market Militia

"I Need A Co-Pilot" - Tempercalm

"Ill Logic" - ILS

"Informa (Watch It)" - Jah Batta

"Inside the Globe" - Airborn Audio

"International Herb" - Sugar Minott

"Jamaicanese" - Eek-A-Mouse

"John 3:16" - Mathematics featuring Method Man

"Keep Doin It" - Likwit Junkies

"Kiss Of Death" - Alec Empire

"Lay My Burden Down" - Seemless

"Live In The City" - Horace Andy

"Look At Me, I'm a Winner" - The Aquabats

"Love Injection" - Bang Tango

"Mad About You" - Slaughter

"Make Up Your Mind" - Orange Park

"Man Ah Warrior" - Tapper Zukie

"Meet Me In The Dark" - Jet By Day

"Milk 'Em" - MHE/Ghostface featuring Trife

"Money Folder" - Madvillain

"Mountain Song" - Janes Addiction

"Munich" - Editors

"My Little Pony" - Caro

"Nightlife" - M.E.D.

"No Easy Way Out" - Roxx Gang

"Of All The Gin Joints In All The World" - Fall Out Boy

"Oh My God" - Masta Ace

"Old Man" - Masta Killa featuring ODB & RZA

"Once Bitten Twice Shy" - Great White

"Overnight Celebrity" - Twista

"Paid In Full" - Eric B. & Rakim

"Panic" - Paint It Black

"Paper Thin" - MC Lyte

"Pickin' Boogers" - Biz Markie

"Put Up A Fight" - My Awesome Compilation

"Questo Y Sporco" - Koma & Bones

"Ready, Aim, Misfire" - New Years Day

"Real Nillaz" - Mathematics featuring Ghostface & Raekwon

"Rhythm Division" - UZI

"Riding Melody" - Jah Woosh

"Rock Co. Kane Flow" - De La Soul

"Roped And Tied" - Codeseven

"Round & Round" - Ratt

"Seventeen" - Winger

"Shake it" - Little Brother

"Silhouette Serenade (Rock mix)" - Vendetta Red

"Slow Down" - Beat Pharmacy

"Soda & Soap" - Masta Ace featuring Jean Grae

"Someone Like You" - Bang Tango

"Spend My Life" - Slaughter

"Spitamatic" - Vordul Mega

"Spot Lite" - Mathmatics featuring Wu Tang Clan

"Stick & Move" - Planet Asia feat Prodigy

"Stingray" - Skynet

"Stop The Fuss" - Horace Andy

"Subculture (Dieselboy & Kaos Remix)" - Styles of Beyond

"Take a Walk" - Masta Ace

"The Golden Boy" - Shelby

"Time Hard" - The Pioneers

"Time Has Come" - Exile featuring Slum Village

"Tiny Toy" - ILS

"To Be Quite Honest" - Cruiserweight

"Tongue Shall Tell Dub" - Prince Douglas

"Too Long Awake" - Idelwild

"Touch Me I'm Sick" - Mudhoney

"Trippin" - The KBC

"TV Riot" - The Adored

"Twisted" - PsychatronX

"Twisted Streets" - Koma & Bones

"Two Shots Of Henny" - Mathematics

"Up All Night" - Slaughter

"Way Cool Jr." - Ratt

"Way Down South" - U-Roy

"We Have The Energy" - Evil Nine

"We're The Young Offenders (clean version)" - Young Offenders Institute

"West Coast" - ILS

"What Up" - Kenn Starr

"Who I Is?" - Three 6 Mafia featuring Trillville & Lil Wyte

"Wild America" - Iggy Pop

"You And I" - Wayne Jarret

"You Must Follow" - Stratus

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My friend played the demo and said the game was a lot of fun. I can't wait until I can get myself an XBox 360 because this sounds like a good purchase to me. He did compare it to Grand Theft Auto, and honestly I think it'll be a nice change of pace from that series. I honestly got bored with San Andreas way too quickly.

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Mine runs pretty smoothly with no frame rate drops. The only thing that's slightly subject on mine as I said above is the bit of screen tearing during cut scenes. But this is a four month old build of the game and nowhere near the build of the game they'll have now.

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The game has a unique Respect system and characters will react differently to the player depending on what they have done in the past and your respect levels. The players will also have to be careful and think about what they are doing, as every player action and manner of attire affects their respect level, and would affect the difficulty of controlling the city (continuous violence, for example, increases the difficulty of controlling a neighborhood).

How unique.


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